The greatest of all compliments comes from Alvin Gentry. Good to see Kobe getting the respect he deserves.

AZ Central: How much respect does Suns coach Alvin Gentry have for Lakers star Kobe Bryant?

At his team’s morning shootaround, Gentry said that if Friday night’s game at US Airways Center came down to a final possession for the Lakers, Bryant would have to shoot “over three guys.”

But by about an hour before tipoff, Gentry had upgraded, saying Bryant “will have to make a shot over four guys.”

“He’s the best closer in the history of the game if you ask me,” Gentry said. “Yeah, that is including Michael Jordan. I just think what he’s done this year, to have six game-winning shots that come on the last possession of the game, I don’t know if anybody has ever done that.

“If that’s the case, we have to try to make somebody else be that closer. That’s not to say that he’ll give it up. I’ve seen him make it over three guys, too. But as far as we’re concerned, we have to try to get the ball out of his hands some kind of way.”

Gentry noted that Bryant was on the floor at 4:45 p.m. putting up shots – and it turned out he actually had gotten out there about a half-hour earlier.

“I tell our guys, ‘You want to be great?’ That’s how you become great,” Gentry said.

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  • TheLAKERSwon09

    Kobe is by far the best.

  • lakerbunny


  • Chris Manning

    Wasn’t expecting that from Alvin Gentry. Still debating what I’m more surprised by — these comments, or his near assault on an NBA official last night. (LOL), In all seriousness, Gentry had a gripe. Phx. is playing some very good basketball right now.

    • Alvin Gentry

      They gave me some herb to calm me down after i got ejected. High blood pressure, drank on pregame = no good. Anyways, Kobe? Yeah great player blah blah same league as Michael Jordan blah blah 4 rings blah blah puppets o_O

  • yash

    lmao ahaha idk what to say. This statement is pretty funny. kobe doesnt even come close to agreeing with this statement lol. hes prolly thinking like “Alvin Gentry must on pcp and crack”

  • Robert

    Thanks Alvin! You’re telling the world what everyone should know, unlike the media who seems to want to minimize Kobe’s greatness.
    Exception might be Marc Stein’s Weekend Dime:
    which mentions that (although buried in the text):
    61.5: Kobe Bryant is shooting 61.5 percent from the field (8-for-13) in the final 24 seconds of one-possession games this season. In the preceding seven seasons, Bryant shot just 28.4 percent from the field (19-for-67) in those situations.
    Other than than, they seem to be trying to ‘stack up statistics’ against Kobe. They’ve been comparing his statistic with other players, over the past decade, and also with MJ. They are trying to put it in an odd perspective, to try to minimize his greatness.
    Also, the ‘former West coast reporters like Platschke, Adande, and Stein are requested by the ‘East Coast based’ ESPN to not build up the Lakers too much. This is probably because they’re banking on Kobe’s injury to ‘technically’ keep him from the Championship. They are so eager to ‘get it right’, and equally eager at ‘handing the crown to LeBron’, that they have to put down Kobe and the Lakers, and build up the Cavs as being the next champions. If that were to happen, then it gives them ‘job security’. It becomes “See, We The Media got it right – we knew that LeBron was gonna win it all”.
    I hope they promote LeBron EVEN MORE in the next few weeks, and for the playoffs. This will give Kobe the juice to win, just like last year’s ‘comment’ was “Can Kobe win it without Shaq?” F*** Yeah! I’m looking forward to the Kobe scowl. Then, when the Lakers win, the ‘media’ can be the ‘sixth man’ (just like the ‘refs’ were the ‘sixth man’ in the Boston/Lakers 2008 Finals). I want to see the media eat a big portion of crow this summer.

  • Sportzguy

    Only way they would give Kobe his props is if he was Michael Jordan’s son .PERIOD.
    Why don’t TNT,ESPN,SPORTS ILl, somebody ask Michael Jordan what his take is on KOBE/himself??????

  • ampatuan

    yeah what ever. manny pacman vs joshua clottey. hep hep hurray!!

  • SliqRiq

    Not only is he the greatest closer but the greatest all time period!!!! Kobe 24 Second to none!!!!

  • mrcp248

    REALITY!! how do you find the time to come on here a lakers fan blog site and criticize Kobe?Does he really bother you that much, i bet you think about it in your sleep…get a life.. better yet start a lebron james and teammates blog! and by the way it has come down to a last second shot for cleaveland remember the bobcats game james just couldn’t knock it down..haha get a life!

  • Jack Y.


  • Popcorn

    you know how the Jordan COPIED ALL ELGIN BAYLOR AND DR. J MOVES. THE JORDAN even talks about how he studied and copied their moves.

  • lakershow2010

    lol…more like the following:

    lbj – ford mustang..nice big engine for a while, breaks down quickly

    kb – aston martin dbs

    • Green Flannel


  • Robert

    But Wilt copied ‘nobody’ – Wilt is the greatest player in the history of basketball (soon to be surpassed by Kobe) …. anyone here remember Wilt?