It’s ironic after watching a 17-0 free throw discrepency in the 4th that Alston and Pietrus are complaining about the refs.

ESPN: Alston said that wasn’t the only case of superstar treatment afforded Bryant. “There were times he was out there cursing the refs out and they weren’t calling technical fouls,” Alston said of Kobe. “I would get ejected [for that], but they won’t eject Kobe.”

That’s not all, Pietrus complained as well

ESPN: That non-call against Kobe and another, when the Magic managed to get Bryant switched onto Howard for the final play of regulation but Bryant practically mugged Howard to keep him from breaking toward the basket, were two more of the myriad sub-chapters to the story of this incredible game — episodes that prompted all manner of questions that Pietrus repeatedly answered with three words: “He’s Kobe Bryant.”

  • Chris Manning

    The team had 0 FT attempts in all of the 4th quarter and all of the OT, except for the obvious hack on Gasol at the end.

    The FT discrepancy was Lakers (0) to Orlando (20) at one point – from 4th to the very last play in the OT.

    So if he gets away with cursing the refs, he (and the team) has earned that right. I don’t want to hear treatment for the Lakers. That’s absurd.

  • Lakers_the_Truth

    I hope Pietrus get punished for that flagrant foul on Gasol.
    Fu-ckin asshole!

  • 123kid

    I wouldn’t hear anything if theyveon the game! Quit your b*tchin


    Pietrus was the guy going up to the official and pointing a finger right in his face and following him around the court.

    I didn’t see him pick up a T…. plus how many superstar calls did Kobe get in the 4th while Orlando was knocking down it’s 17 Free Throws???

    That’s right …. ZERO

  • Zoom Kobe II

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    Great point. He was pointed his fingers in the refs face right after the call, and then a few moments later on the opposite side of the court. So, on two different occasions in a matter of seconds.

  • sketch

    Man Alston & Nelson should just STFU! Rafert should just skip his way back to streetball where he belongs! If he’s not allowed to carry or double dribble, then he can’t do $h!t! And Nelson should just go back to the bench and rehab, actually better yet, study film! Doesn’t he know who D Fish is? This bad boy hits big shots after big shots! And Fish once again proved it last night!

    Those 2 scrubs should stop whining and just be happy that they’re the Eastern Conference Champs! That’s a job well done… for them! They’ve already completed their goal for the season! The Lakers got one more victory on Sunday, then they would’ve completed theirs!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan Eusebio

    Lets win game 6, I want to win at home haha.

  • LakersFirst

    Rafer Alston slaps Eddie House in the head (no suspension)

    Pietrus basically punches Gasol in the back on a slap dunk attempt (no suspension)

    …and these two Orlando f*ggots are complaining???? WTF!!!

  • cg75

    orlando had 0 team fouls until the final 2 mins. we were in the penalty from about 6minute mark. he is complaining that ref sided with us? ridiculous.

  • Lakers 24 7

    lol The reffs were giving Orlando the game all night, they just couldn’t take it with the amount of free throws they missed. 15 missed free throws? Don’t blame the reffs, blame yourselves Orlando.

    Lakers won 5 vs. 8

    Pietrus is just butt hurt that he missed the game winning shot and that Gasol punked his ass after that hard foul.

  • kobe8

    these dudes b*tching when the Lakers only shot 2 free-throws in 16 minutes??

  • 242LakerFan

    Kobe is the least respected Superstar in NBA history as far as getting calls (or non-calls) his way. That’s why I was surprised that they swallowed their whistles when Jameer Nelson tried to break Kobe’s shooting elbow with his jaw!
    Superstar treatment? Hardly.

  • Al The Laker fan you should meet

    sounds like these dudes are ready to go home.

  • Lakezilla

    Say what? WHAT? I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the crying of these two babies. How did the NBA not suspend this french wannabe Kobe. Two double hand Hulk smashes to the back of Gasol back is not a suspendible offense? wtf. Give me a break. If any Laker had done that, they would’ve been suspended. How about Kobe’s inadvertent little slap to Ginobli’s face a couple years back and he got suspended. The NBA needs to do something about their officiating and rules over the summer because its a joke right now. No consistency whatsoever.

  • Lakergurl242

    I honestly agree with everyone on this post, both of dem need to stop talking crap! Alston should be pissed with his coach the master of panic for keeping him on the bench, and peitrus should be lucky the league didnt suspend his stupid hip! I just really cant stand stupid ppl and these two are definitely on that list right now!

  • Zoom Kobe II

    They need to tell Dwight and Hedo at practice to stop missing free throws, and start making free throws

  • Stephen

    They were just pissed that they lost but im seriously getting so pissed when all the laker haters who don’t know shit say we get a ton of calls. We didn’t just beat the Orlando Magic in game 4, we beat the referees as well. 17 FCUKING FREE THROWS IN THE 4TH QUARTER TO 0, WTF!!
    Anyways lets finish this off in game 5 in front of their fans!! GO LAKERS!!!!

  • sketch

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    LOL! Good 1!

  • let there be light

    Skip to my shut the fu*k up. 0 freethrows in the 4th quarter, magic had a 13 point lead. no 3 seconds in the key called in any of the 4 games on howard. Hedo Turkgulu has never been called for pushing off with his off arm. They tell us (Lakers) to play more physical but they keep calling fouls. Why do they have Jeff van gundy as the tv commentator, he hates the lakers and his brother is the coach of the magic. Like i said, THE ONLY WAY THE LAKERS CAN BE STOPPED IS BY THE REFS…..and we all saw what happened in game 4 (UNSTOPPABLE)

  • ALthelakerfanyoushouldmeet

    “let there be- Like i said, THE ONLY WAY THE LAKERS CAN BE STOPPED IS BY THE REFS…..and we all saw what happened in game 4 (UNSTOPPABLE)”…

    Great comnment all I hear are super haters number gripe for us laker fans is tht we whine about the refs but….Come on have u seen this S#!T ! Im for at a loss for words at some of the calls these refs call….Im completely dumbfounded by the decision making process a group of three refs decide to call a game….Think about it they all wear the same uniform who knows where they come from? I mean I heard one of them was a former FBI Agent..”COME ON!” None of the less we are sooooo close to closing this out and making this championship come true. That is the reality of this Laker fans I can hear it in Rafer ALstons voice and Mickeal Pietrus actions these fools are just grumpy because there ready to go home.

  • ATLakers

    Last time I checked, the free-throw line doesn’t give superstar treatment.

  • PauLAsol

    focking pietrus wants to take down of the self made pile of sht thone that king of cry “wheelchair” babies has, lando had 17 more ft than the lakers and hes complaining!!!!! unbelievable!!!

  • as1084

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    actually…..alston did get suspended for the slap. but orlando won anyway with anthony johnson.

  • pio2u

    My question for Pietrus & Alston: “Can I get a little cheese with that WHINE!” The only thing Alston can legitimately complain about is PLAYING TIME & that’s between him & Van Gundy. LA LAKERS 2009 WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!

  • HolyGuacamole

    I agree with everyone here. They’re acting like they’re losers already, which they will be if they have this kind of attitude. Where’s the professionalism? They’re supposed to be in the NBA!

    The refs in Game 4 just pissed me off. I was seriously at my wit’s end during 4th quarter and in all the stupid calls. Seriously.

    Bur hey, despite all of this, the Lakers showed that they cannot be stopped, no matter what happens, from reaching their ultimate goal.

    One win away!

  • KONG!

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    i lol’d