L.A. Times: It’s going to take all the Lakers, not just the point guards, to slow down ballhandlers who have given the Lakers trouble, Derek Fisher said after practice Thursday.

Fisher and Jordan Farmar must do their part, for sure, because they are the first line of defense. But they alone shouldn’t be accountable, Fisher said.

“The great defensive teams are not only the ones that are great on on-ball defense, but it’s really those four guys behind the guy guarding the ball that make the difference,” Fisher said. “We’re still improving in that area.”

So help needs to come from Kobe Bryant, Vladimir Radmanovic, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum.

After not giving up more than 100 points in any of their first seven games, the Lakers have allowed into triple digits in four of their last six games as point guards such as Jason Kidd, Devin Harris, T.J. Ford and Andre Miller have constantly been able to get into the teeth of the Lakers’ defense and disrupt.

“Screen-roll [defense] is one of our weaknesses as a team,” Coach Phil Jackson said.

The Lakers will avoid facing another top-notch point guard tonight because Washington Wizards All-Star Gilbert Arenas is still out after knee surgery.

“We’ve just been trying to key on stopping and containing dribble penetration with the ball,” Fisher said. “I think at times we’ve lost sight of that because some teams have better frontcourt players.”

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  • Freshh

    People want Hinrich

  • Freshh

    Oh yeah one more thing:
    The “great” defensive teams have had guys like Rajon Rondo, Ron Harper, and Chauncey Billups, while none are stoppers, none is a slouch defensively either.

    Now I challenge you to disprove this statement, “no team with Derek Fisher can be a great defensive team.”

  • xtro

    Perhaps, it’s time to make a trade for a defensive PG? Maybe trade Mihm and Luke and next year’s draft picks for Captain Kirk Heinrich?

  • Geloman

    Lakers need to pick up Joe Crawford. He’s blowing up in the D-League: http://www.nba.com/dleague/playerfile/index.jsp?player=joe_crawford

    Someone else will pick him up if the Lakers don’t.

  • LakersLiveFromDC

    I’ve been saying it all last summer..we’re too small at PG but it is too early.They should’ve done 2 things signed J.Crawford or got…YEP,MICHAEL PIETRUS!!!

  • e

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    on the money

  • e

    we need a taller pg like ron harper who can play defense and stick to strictly shooting (and not scoring like fisher)

  • LakersLiveFromDC

    Right now,the way they played tonight…they more than a PG.
    Wizards are my other squad but Lakers should’ve DESTROYED’EM but they didn’t,no why…NO DEFENSE and please don’t say AB wasn’t in the 4th…HE SUCKED ON DEFENSE TOO!!

    Andray Blatche for Vlad or Mihm.


    [Comment ID #56129 Will Be Quoted Here]
    tall PGs include sasha, sun and lamar

  • Logic Guy

    LOCK DOWN DEFENSE In the final minutes of the game Bynum hould be in the game. When you are protecting a lead during the last six minutes of a game your five best defensve players should be putting Fisher and Farmar on the bench. KOBE AND ARIZA AT GUARD with Lamar at the three. This solves a number of the internal problems they are strugling with plus gets the the best defensive team on the floor during crunch time.

  • LakersLiveFromDC

    Pat Riley owes us one…be our Mchale and help your ol’ friends at LAKERNATION…the “PERFECT” trade,