It may have taken a couple extra days, but we have our first (of two) Mophie iPhone Juice Pack winner: Alicia Valdez. Congrats, Alicia!

We have one more Juice Pack (purple or yellow) to give away, and there’s still time for you to get it on the contest. All you have to do is tell us in the comments below why you need it. Easy enough, right?

While you’re at it, be sure to ‘Like’ Mophie and Laker Nation on Facebook. We’ve made it really simple for you right here:

If you’re just now hearing about this awesome product, the Juice Pack Plus is a rechargeable external battery and protective, shock-resistant case for the iPhone 4, all rolled into one. You can see all of their amazing products by visiting them online at, or following them on Twitter, @mophie

  • Justin Tooley

    My 3gs battery doesn’t quite hold up like it used to, and being from Miami, I’m on my phone a lot looking up the latest Laker news.

  • Abeortega21

    I need the Iphone4 because mines broke about a month and a half and the insurance no longer covets it. I had to do the claim within a month, so now I have no money and no phone, but I still have to pay monthly cause is contract, I will really appreciate it if you guys help me out..thanks…..

  • Mzuniga123

    I need it because I am away from home a lot. If I’m not in class, I’m at work. The iPhone battery is great but doesn’t last long enough to last a full day. Hook me up LakerNation!!

  • Zack

    Well, I need my phone cause I cant stop checking my twitter and facebook! Seriously, by the time i go to sleep at night my baterry is at like 5%, I need it because I love my iphone and I want to keep playing ninja fishing and doodle jump without my phone dying. You can help save my life…

  • Carlo Ortega

    The NBA Lockout has me watching replays of old games all day long.  It doesn’t leave me very much battery to use my phone as…well…a phone.  But still, if this adds 11 more hours of video like it says, then I can probably watch so much basketball that I might end up liking Lebron James…lol sike.

  • Josh Guth

    Hey lakernation, this pic right here is why i NEED the mophie juice pack! SMH how can I use my iPhone when i only have 16% battery and im not at home? Apple didnt give me enough battery power but Lakernation and Mophie can, help me out!