AK47 on guarding Kobe, “It’s… hell”

    This gave me a laugh. AK47 talked about guarding the best player in the game…

    DeseretNews: “I think he’s way more dangerous when he goes in, create those fouls and trying to finish-and-one rather than just shooting.”

    Kirilenko also guarded Houston’s Tracy McGrady, but staying with Bryant is harder. “It’s whole different story. It’s different type of guarding, and it’s … it’s … hell,” said Kirilenko. “Whole time you’re playing against him, you’re expecting something. You can’t really get close. You can’t really give him a space, so it’s a game.”

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    • GotAce

      I bet it is.
      We bout to raise HELL 2nite.


      Now I have to respect a guy who’s nickname is “AK47″!

    • Sopi

      GO TO HELL!

    • playdefense

      and this is banged up kobe.. imagine kobe at 100%.

    • west213

      ak if u want to get out of HELL just forfeit game 6……thats all….