I find it funny anytime an NBA asks to be traded or theirs a free-agent roaming around, someone always brings up the Lakers as one of the possible destinations for a team. Nevertheless, let us know who would you give up to get AK47, is he worth trading for Lamar Odom? Sound-off in the comments!

True Hoop: Just about every max-player trade involves smaller parts being thrown in on both sides, and I see no reason why either team should add to this deal. No need for Sasha Vujacic to head to the Jazz, or for Utah to needlessly throw in a stud like Paul Millsap or Ronnie Brewer. In the Triangle, the holes in Luke Walton’s head can be filled with the bumps in Kirilenko’s; both can work at the apex, finding cutters and seeing the floor, and we know Tex Winter thinks the world of AK.

Problem is, Mitch Kupchak has never shown much interest in acquiring players fit for the offense that the Lakers have run since 1999. Odom can ably play small forward for the Jazz, and he shouldn’t have any problem with the usual silly Salt Lake City-stereotypes once he’s winning 60 games and on the road for half the year.

  • http://www.myspace.com/regg66 rpouncy14

    Not gonna happen

  • nyla

    I looking forward to seeing how Lamar’s going to respond after being the center of all the off season trade rumors.

  • MacBSlick

    I think AK is a much better defender than Lamar, though Lamars a better rebounder. Lamar also has some very serious health problems, one good hit on his shoulder and hes gone the rest of the year. AK has been very durable and hes an allstar which Lamar is not. I think the Lakers should seriously consider this trade. Though with Mitchs track record Im not sure at all it will happen.

  • http://myspace.com/awkman einyo

    I don’t like it…

  • daboss1848

    no, thank you.

  • Shaq786

    kwame, cook, sasha/mo, and ’08 first round pick… for AK

    Why?….if Utah gets a back up for pf… than milsapp can play more minutes at sf… also they need some more post defense that KWAME adds, and they couls use some help at their weakest position (sg)


    do it now. kobe and lamar are to similiar of a player they dont compliment eachother. ak47 would thrive with the lakers…

  • fatty

    Let’s Make a Deal

    Utah – AK = Kwame, Cookie, MO

    And yet there’s more …..

    Indy – JO = LO, AB, Vladimir

    Lakers Roster

    Center Mihm, Turner (Weber?)
    PF JO, Ronny (Elton Brown)
    SF AK, Luke
    SG Kobe, Sasha {Sun Yue)(Coby Karl)
    PG Fisher, Farmar, Critt

    Why Utah will do it? Because ESPN Isider says they will and will make them a better team. Inside D much improved to compete against Spurs. Mo will offset some of AK’s D and Cookie will improve outside shooting for their pik n’ roll offense. Utah will join the elite in WC.

    Why Indy will do it? Because there demand is for LO AB (Must take Vladimir’s contract to get those two) This is a steal for Indy and makes them more solid for future.

    Why the Lakers will do it? Makes Lakers into a superior defensive team. Gives the Lakers a better #2 scoring option with JO. A #3 option with AK. Reduces cap for Lakers by 2.5 mil

    PROs – Incredible defensive set, many players are interchangeable. Probally best in NBA. More balanced scoring options

    Cons – Weaker outside shooting, Center position risky, but JO can play center in some situations. New rookies may have increased role with injuries

    Likelihood of happening – low to moderate. High if ESPN story is true.

    Prognosis – Will not make Lakers instant contenders. System is complicated to learn. Would expect the Lakers to peak mid season(typical PJ team) and strongly compete in playoffs.

  • http://theworldvoice.com LUUUUKE

    fatty thats beautiful go call the front office and tell them to do this. the only thing is i doubt utah will give up ak for that but it’d be awesome if they would.

  • kingkb24

    i like fattys deal but how bout we replace ak wit lamar in the jo trade??

  • Shaq786

    i like fattys deal too… hmm its kind of similar to mine

  • lakerfan81

    AK is not going to be traded right now. And I think Utah can do better than that Kwame, mo and cook. What about a AK for Jefferson traded with NJ. Helps both teams dramatically. AK can play PF for NJ where he creates matchup problems with his quickness (which he does not do playing on the perimeter). He could get great passes from Kidd for dunks all game long. Jefferson also fits the Utah style better mainly because he is more of a perimeter player whereas AK is a interior player. Actually that would make NJ one of the best teams in the east along side Chicago, detroit and Boston.

  • MacBSlick


    That trade seriously thins us out at center and SG. Sun Yue and Karl are both very unproven players each having never played in the NBA and Sasha is crap already we no that after 3 seasons. Center is even worse with Mimh coming off a year long injury, who knows how hesitant he’ll be, Turner is very unproven having never played against proven NBA centers and Weber is just plain old and who knows where he’ll eventually sign. Lamar for J.O. or AK no problem. But 6 for 2 I think will seriously hurt us in the long run.

  • Shaq786


    3-way trade(LAL/IND/UTAH):

    LAL trades: Odom, Bynum, V.Rad, and Aaron Mckie (S&T), Brian Cook, Mo evans, and sasha
    LAL Receives: Ak47 and Jermaine O’neal

    IND trades: Jermaine O’nea and Marquis Daniels,
    IND Recieves: Odom, Bynum, V.Rad, and Aaron Mckie (S&T)

    Utah Trades: Ak47
    Utah Recives: Marquis Daniels, Mo evans, Brian Cook, and Sasha

    Our line up:

    Kobe/Coby/(Sun Yue)
    Jermaine/Turaif (e.brown)
    Kwame/Mihm (webber)

  • MacBSlick


    No way you can put the ups and downs of an 82 game schedule on the backs of unproven rookies. We have no way to know how theyll respond to the many types of adversity a full season holds. Not unless you want Kobe to have to average 50 this season! Because I guarantee you thats whats going to have to happen for us to compete.

  • Shaq786

    alot of you guys might disagree with me on this but, I say we just take our chance with K-MART, while giving up players who havent really come through for us as expected (cook, v.rad, kwame, and sasha)

    Los Angeles Lakers

    Incoming Players
    Kenyon Martin
    J.R. Smith
    Linas Kleiza

    Outgoing Players: Vladimir Radmanovic, Sasha Vujacic, Brian Cook, Kwame Brown (Denver Nuggets)

    Line up:

    Kobe/J.R. Smith/Coby (sun yue)
    K-MART/Turaif/ Linas Kleiza
    Bynum/Mihm (webber)

    ~we are letting go of players that are not that valuable to us… except for kwame, but bynum needs playing time… so bye KWAME… and if K-MART doesnt come through its aight.. bcuz we have turaif read for some more minutes, and odom can also assist with some time in the position… SO WHAT CAN WE REALLY LOSE???… THERE IS A MAJOR UPSIDE FOR US IN THIS TRADE… our bench gets deep right away with some young talent, who can actually light it up off the bench and if K-mart does come through, we have an amazing team!

  • http://thelakersnation.com/blog Lakers2410

    I’m 1,000% sure when Isay that Odom for Kirilenko will help boost the Lakers rating, but it really doesn’t do that much, maybe like 5% diff. or something like that. I say we trade do the trade fatty said in the article “AK to the Los Angeles, for Lamar Odom”!

  • gugy

    stop dreaming guys, we are dealing with the Lakers FO. Nothing substantial will happen.
    Now is time for us to pray that this team will be healthy and Kobe will play 100%.
    Maybe we will make the 2nd round finally. Not much more than that.

  • E-ROC

    I would trade Kwame, Vlad, Farmar and #1 pick for AK-47. That is what I would do. AK-47’s stock is down and the Jazz don’t have leverage at all, really. Kwame is a good one-on-one post defender, but that’s as far as it goes. He defensive rotations are horrible and he can’t even average double figures in rebounds with that body. That’s sad. I would rather have Drew Gooden than Kwame. Mitch isn’t going to make it happen because of his track record. Watch as it falls by the waste and we’re stuck commenting how much of a mental midget he is.


    all i know is something needs to be done

  • Billy Kupchak

    STOP blaming my dad!

  • sctrojan22

    Hell no!!!!

    the only way i would of wanted Lamar to be traded was if it was in a package for KG. Ive liked LO’s play since he was with the Clips.