Mind you, this is all rumors. But this deal had us thinking. Is this a deal you would actually consider? Sound-off in the comments and tell us what you think!

zero1.jpgChicago Tribune: One general manager on the periphery of the Bryant talks says he believes the “dark horse” to make a deal with the Lakers is the Washington Wizards. The consensus is the Wizards have hit a plateau, but have the star power in Gilbert Arenas to make a deal.

Arenas is talking about opting out of his contract after this season. He’s from Los Angeles and has become a star, one of the league’s highest-scoring players and an engaging personality who would embrace the Hollywood scene. He would meet the Lakers’ demands for an All-Star player if they trade Bryant.

“Watch out for them,” the general manager said, meaning the Wizards.

The Lakers probably would want a power forward, which the Wizards don’t have. The biggest obstacle, though, may be Bryant’s no-trade clause, along with the fact he hasn’t indicated any interest in Washington. Still, with Bryant, Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler, the Wizards would have a three-star set that could match up in the East.

‘LG.net: ESPN Stein Chat: Kobe / Wizards talk’

  • ab4sure

    Not happening. End of story.

  • Tim-4-Show

    If Agent 0 is to be part of the trade, it would have to be a three way deal, and who knows, perhaps the Lakers are thinking three way deal with the Bulls & Wizards, because I seriously doubt Kobe would go to Washington, even though he would reunite with Butler.
    The Wizards have bad management, end of story. I cannot forgive them for what they did to MJ, it was just wrong. If I were Agent 0, Kobe, or whoever, I would shun this organization.

  • lakerfan81

    A number of reasons I do not think this will happen.

    1. I don’t think Kobe will agree to it, but if Kobe wants to be traded then he might have to remove his no-trade clause. I don’t think Buss is just going to give him away, I think he would rather just wait and get his 20M off the books. His no trade-clause makes it almost impossible to trade him.
    2. I can see why the Lakers would want to do this, Gil will fill seats, but what about washington. Kobe is better than arenas, but this trade does not make them contenders.

  • LAnative4life

    i am so tired of kobe trade talk. i used to love to say the kobe played for the lakers but at the end of the day i am a lakers fan. just ship him out. he has turned in a T.O. of los angeles.

  • kyler_hay

    Kobe Aint going no where

  • fatty

    I like agent 0, but not at that cost. Why would Kobe agree to Washington?
    I don’t see it happening either.

    Kobe is not a TO person yet. But he surely gets the publicity like TO, even if he is quiet and not talking anymore about a trade. Kobe has kept his part of the deal as PJ said Saturday, not talking, even if Dr. Buss did not.

  • kyler_hay

    Gilbert would be the only person that I will be happy with but idk think its going happen when the smokes clears Kobe will be a Lakers till he retires :)

  • http://www.mr47.com mr47

    As much as Kobe pissed me off this off-season, I’m still a huge fan. Who can’t have love for Kobe after what he’s done? If it was up to me, the Mamba doesn’t get traded for anyone.

    If it must be done, Gilbert Arenas and MORE wouldn’t be a bad trade.

  • Shaq786

    the best trade we can get for kobe is…. kobe, ’08 first, and v.rad …. for caron butler and antwan jamison

    jamison has a gigantic expiring contract… gilbert is opting out to get a bigger contract, so if we want him we can get him in the offseason…we will have more than 28 million in expiring contracts

    i think what would be better for us is if we got baron davis in the offseason… sign and trade gilbert arenas for Baron davis and Bellini

    ’08 line up:
    baron davis/d-fish/Farmar

  • Shaq786

    kobe would consider this because, which team cn stop agent 0 and kobe?????


  • http://www.lakers.com Ed

    Kobe is not going anywhere!!!!! No doubt about it.

  • lakerfan81

    This is off topic but they have predictions for awards at Hoopsworld.com there are some interesting picks.

    Dallas and SA got the most picks for Champions with PHX up there as well. One person had Denver coming out of the West (I don’t think that person ever watched them play defense).

    Most people seem think James in going to be crowned this year as MVP. But I’d put my money on KG. He will have another season with 20, 10 and 5 making it 10 in row. Bird and Wilt only did it 6.

    ROY was varied with most people going for Horford or Durant, though a few people picked Thornton; he was pretty impressive in the preseason.

  • fatty


    I know they have crowned James already, but his team may slide. If they don’t get the wins, it may go to somebody else.
    Durant looks good to me because he will be showcased on a lousy team and has a lot of PR already.

    Its still early……

  • http://letsgolakers.com Mr.81

    Kobe has been trouble for this organization since day one. I would love to get Arenas in a Lakers jersey; not only does he work hard, play at a very high level and have a real leadership value on the floor, but he’d also please Jerry Buss as Agent 0 merchendice is hot stuff.

    Kobe, Caron and Jamison is a pretty nice Big 3, and in the East they could do some damage.

  • Davey

    I don’t understand this Kobe, Caron, Jamison idea. The numbers don’t work out. Arenas’ contract is too small. The wiz would have to include lots more.

  • Just_A_Laker_Fan

    Just wait for Gilbert to opt out and get him at the free agentcy market, then we have Kobe and Gilbert playing together and might make Kobe change his tune of leaving LA…..

  • http://letsgolakers.com Mr.81

    You’d need to send Antoino Daniels back too.

  • TonyStarks79

    I like it…Let’s get Agent O..I’m tired of Kobe’s drama…Everyday I tend to lose a little more respect from this guy…Quit bitching Kobe..You wanted your own team..you got it.. and now you can’t handle it, so you sell out your teammates..Obviously you are not the leader we need…Let’s trade him and get this shiet over with..and I’m not a Kobe hater..Just a diehard Laker fan tired of the madness.

  • sincebirth1

    Agent 0 for kobe… how tragic


    I can definetly see a 3 team trade with chicago and washington.


    If washington knows they are losing arenas at the end of the year they might want to get something for him now.

  • http://letsgolakers.com Mr.81
  • kgmvp

    Well the fact that ESPN NBA source Marc Stein said this “Real enough that I wouldn’t call it a rumor. ” makes me think that this might be real look at it guys this may be the deal for us. Atleast we don´t rebuild
    Market wise
    Lakers should get the arenas deal but
    Rebuild wise
    Lakers should get the bulls deal
    I say go for the arenas deal with this deal we could still compete.
    It´s all up to KOBE now!!!!!


    what about a 4 way trade wiyh indiana too.



    now were competing…

  • TheLAunit

    I will except this trade but its not going to happen. Zero is a hooper no question about that he would be great for LA.

  • Tim-4-Show

    Agent 0 is no Kobe. He’s a poor man’s Kobe.

    If the Dr. is so much like humpty dumpty that he cannot put our team back together again, AND we’re going to lose no matter what, then I’d welcome Agent 0. I’d still feel like they’re pawning off a poor man’s Kobe on us and that’s an insult to my intelligence. I do like him, I do, but this whole situation has left me with a sour taste in my mouth. Why can’t management just manage? I just wish they could do their job and actually manage a championship franchise. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go worship the porcelain god.

  • http://myspace.com/awkman einyo


  • EastCoastJessie

    This is probably the most ridiculous rumor I’ve heard yet. The Lakers supporting cast is much better than that of the Washington Wizards. Kobe would never agree to go into a worse situation.

    The Lakers are looking for a play maker, a passer…Arenas gives you neither…he promises to drop 50 or 60 on a team and could care less if they win or lose as long as he makes good on his promise. He’s the Kanye West on the NBA and would ruin the Lakers.

  • http://letsgolakers.com Mr.81


    Any thoughts on that guys? Either say there or here :)

  • mplakers

    i’m a little peeved i didn’t get credit for sending this article in. also, if you guys check back on previous trade articles i’ve been suggesting this trade for about 3 weeks now. i am so glad that the wizards are considering this trade. kobe just needs to get convinced that a trio of caron butler, antawn jamison and the mamba is sufficient enough to contend in the east.

    laker fan for life! no individual is greater than the team. good riddance kobe when they trade you. you’re no jordan and you certainly don’t come close to magic johnson.

  • laker4life23

    The 3 way trade looks nice but is a no-go. Kobe wants deng and wallace to remain in chicago, so no deal will be OK’d if any of them leave the team. ALSO kobe will not go to the wizards because they are absoultely bad without arenas and with their current setup they just need a little more, kobe knows hes better than arenas, but he also knows with no real proven fighting VETS on the team, the wizards leave him in the same place he is in with the Lakers. A new solution needs to be found. My solutiion, fight this season and see how lakers can do with bynum starting at center and lets see if he really has developed. If lakers do well, try to give kobe an extension next off season, if he says no, THEN do a straight up sign-and trade with Wizards and hopefully the wizards can try to build around him next off season while the lakers get to have another great season with kobe and receive a young superstar in arenas.

  • lalakerfan

    i hate to say this…but kobe is bad for this team. i loved him. loved his game, his hunger, his passion. not anymore. he doesn’t want to be here, he says it with his game. ship his ass out

  • nyla

    I’ll be left confused and irate if the Lakers do a Gilbert for Kobe trade. Or for that matter any trade that involves a superstar for Kobe.

    Yes, getting a “superstar” for Kobe is closer to equal value than a bunch of guys and draft picks. But if the Buss’ and their scapegoat Mitch can’t build around the best player in the NBA, then how the *** are they going to build around Gilbert Arenas??? Someone please answer me that and please tell me how that makes any sense at all.

    And I’m beyond sick of hearing this “no individual is greater than the team” Yea really?? Well, lets take a quick look at the situation we’re in here. The Lakers have the best player in the NBA on their roster. He’s 29 years old. Anyone with a brain would see that you should be building a team around him now so you can win a championship when he’d still able to ball at his highest level. ie..Spurs with Ducan, Suns with Nash, Heat with Shaq (at least they’re trying), Celtics with Pierce, Mavs with Dirk, and so on.

    So back to my point about “no individual is greater than the team”. The Lakers have had numerous chances to make this team better and to take steps into seriously building around Kobe. What has stopped them every time? …or I guess I should say who. The person is the guy that they are really holding above the team and the franchise. And thats ANDREW BYNUM, not Kobe.

  • lakers4life

    wat did the wizards management do to mj?

  • ab4sure

    Nyla, your right it doesn’t make sense, that is why is won’t happen. By the way, I predict you will fall in love with Bynum sooner or later. Don’t fight it. Did you like Andrew Friday???

  • laker4life23

    Nyla, my answer to your question is that lakers want TIME. TIME that kobe is unwilling to give which is completely understandable. The lakers are developing good players but they arent at the championship level yet. Bynum can be a 10 time all-star in this league, Farmar is shaping up nicely, Odom and Walton are growing older and wiser. With the kobe-for-arenas trade, it gives the lakers a happy superstar, who is 3 and a half years younger than bryant not to mention has 6 NBA seasons less on his body, and at the rate arenas is going, he producing more than kobe at his age, Then again kobe had shaq at that age. I’m not saying Arenas is better than kobe because he is not, kobe is the greatest of his era, but Arenas answers the lakers wish for Time of development for the team and gives the lakers a happy superstar. This trade should happen at the earliest NEXT off season and should be looked at as a last result.

  • mplakers

    exactly what i was going to say lakerforlife23. oh by the way NYLA, have you heard that KOBE WANTS OUT? are you one of those wussy guys who won’t break up with a girlfriend or wife who cheats on you? I mean what does Kobe have to do for you to realize he doesn’t want to be here. Does he have to sleep with your girl so that you can finally realize he’s not a guy worth keeping around you? Unfortunately, the Lakers and, guiltily, myself included, have taken a while to figure it out. We decided to give him a chance after the Denver rape and Shaq fiasco. It’s time you, NYLA, came to the same conclusion. SAY YOUR GOODBYES YOU WUSS.

    basketball is a team sport. no invidual is greater than the team. you think magic, jordan, tim duncan, shaq, kobe, etc. etc. etc. would have won any championships without great supporting players. you think they would have been able to have success all by themselves. you might want to have a talk with the frustrated lebron james who got swept out of the finals. ’nuff said.


  • steve

    So Kobe gets ripped by sir charles again

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #15602 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I like you’re take on all this mess!!!!!!

  • nyla

    You know what? I hope you two are right for both my mind and my eyes. Because I don’t look at that mess that the front office chooses to put on the floor every game as any more than a lottery team. We have talent, but its nothing close to other teams in the western conference. And that goes for up and coming young teams, too.

    mp, Kobe wouldn’t be asking to be traded if they would put a quality supporting cast around him, but they haven’t. Yes, Kobe hated Shaq, but he didn’t say nor mean go get me guys like Kwame Brown. And you can’t say Kobe didn’t say anything that most fans haven’t been saying. Its only common sense that you build around someone like him. Players like him don’t come a dime a dozen.

    I like Arenas and would take him if it was the best deal, but he does everything Lakers fans criticize Kobe for doing.

  • DCLaker

    I’ve been a Laker fan since ’81(diehard) and to my memory we’ve always built,say this with me now,’CONTENDERS’.Kobe was promised by FO that they would build around him.To be honest with you that is what you must do for your best player,period(unlike what Mckhale did for garnett).This whole thing started with Caron going to the Wizards for Kwame then getting a very young prospect(or project,thanx Jimmy B) Andrew Bynum then not trading him the following year to get Jason (I DON”T CARE HOW OLD HE IS)Kidd.Think in this sense if your the best employee on your job and doing almost everything by yourself eventually your going to need alot of help,which is what the lakers need NOW!!

  • ricky

    i know both players want to win badly and both are two of the top guards in the league today. so here’s an idea, why doesnt arenas opt out like he said he would after this season and join the lakers so he can play alongside kobe.

    imagine this

    pg: arenas
    sg: kobe
    sf: odom (walton)
    pf:turiaf (odom)
    c: bynum

    what a starting lineup!

  • laker4life23

    The reason why arenas and kobe cant play together is simple. Arenas is opting out from the wizards because he doesn’t like his 12million dollar a year salary and thinks he deserves more. He wants a kobe salary which is about 20 mil a year, and the lakers simply cant afford that unless they get someone like lamar’s 13mil off the books.

  • speyerd

    I can’t believe anyone would even consider this trade. If there’s one person’s mouth I don’t want to hear running non-stop it’s Gilbert’s. I can’t stand him with the little exposure he gets now, it would be unbearable if he came to us.

  • ab4sure

    Agent Zero is a cheap kobe. No thanks. It would be a bad trade and kobe is worth much much more than that.

  • mplakers

    hey nyla, kobe gets criticized for being unable to bring up his teammates level of play(lack of leadership), egotistical, and a whining brat diva. i don’t remember arenas ever being on the headlines for that type of behavior.

    he gets 28 points a game with the occasional 40,50,60 but, butler and antawn still manage to each average 19 points a game with arenas playing the 1 position often.

    arenas can be that star for the lakers who can help bynum, odom, farmar, and critt grow and elevate into the next laker champion team

  • laker4life23

    no mplakers, no. Kobe is a leader out there, kobe is talked about so much because he is the greatest basketball player alive right now and people love to hate him. Kobe’s behavior is a fighter that just wants to win, the lakers NEED that. Arenas is only a solution if all fails, and that is if next off season kobe declines an extension because lakers didnt acquire any new pieces that can help him win a championship. If you remember, kobe requested a trade then backed off it the same day, if lakers would stop searching to mvoe kobe and tried to build around him, he wouldn’t choose to be moved and we would all witness the greatest nba player alive right now reach the success that he deserves.

  • foxxy

    [Comment ID #15585 Will Be Quoted Here]GILBERT IS A KOBE WANNA BE!!

  • foxxy


  • steve

    The lakers have picked up the option on both famar and BYNUMS CONTRACTS….

  • mplakers

    laker4life23, no no no no, lol, don’t tell me to remember anything. YOU remember that kobe wanted his own team and he damn well got it. we all wanted to see him succeed with a new team ala michael jordan but, it is clear now that he can’t do it. you are right. the lakers can rebuild around him but, it’s clear he wants out and i’m saying arenas is the best replacement. not equal mind you but, a replacement. it is evident as we saw during this summer, that the lakers don’t have tradeable pieces that other teams want in order to build around kobe. so what’s best for the lakers is to move a malcontent piece. i am a lakers fan….A LAKERS FAN…not an individual player fan. Kobe is the greatest player now and could have been the greatest player of all time but, he has a major flaw….shall i name it…nah i don’t have to. anyone who read that came up with their own idea in their own heads and all of it is true.

    ask yourselves on this site. are you a kobe fan? or are you a laker fan? kobe himself drew the line. which side do you all stand on?

  • laker4life23

    You’re actually reiterating what I said if you read in one of my previous posts about the arenas bryant trade. What I was stating is Kobe should be held on to and lakers need to make a valiant effort this season to try to put some more pieces around him by trading bynum and/or odom if they need to. My reaction to you was you said that kobe is gets knocked for so many things and that is because people LOVE to HATE him because he is the best and everyone knows that. AS FOR EGO, yes he has one, AND SO DOES ARENAS lol, so dont think your bringing a “Nash-Like” player who is going to make everyone better around him, arenas does exactly what kobe does, just not as good. Also you say kobe is diva like which is true but he is that way because he dies to win, is that really a bad thing?

  • mplakers

    lakerforlife23 so your more a kobe fan and less a laker fan. that’s fine. how can i be reiterating what your saying if i’m saying to let him go and your saying to keep him. let me tell you that i was a big time fan of the kobester but, his behavior is just the final straw for me and many others. i’ve stuck by him during the shaq/kobe era. i’ve stuck by him during the allegations. i’ve stuck by him after the shaq era. now he says he wants to leave.

    he doesn’t care about us fans. he could give a damn. and that my friend is the deal breaker.

    and stop fooling yourself. all sports stars have egos. however, magic’s ego is on a different plane than kobes ego…get the difference? just as it is with arenas’ego. magic won, tom brady wins, peyton manning wins…are they diva-like? do they have kobe’s unbelievable whining behavior?

    this guy initiates this whole drama..and now he wants to play the victim…common we are ALL smarter than that

  • Left

    I certainly never want Kobe to leave the Lakers, but as it becomes more and more obvious that he probably will, I think I like this idea. I could enjoy Arenas on the Lakers. He’ll never be Kobe, but he’s better than some Bulls scrubs, he’s at least excitement, match that with some young skill like Bynum, Farmar, Luke, etc. and I think we could have a winning ballclub.

    My $0.02.

  • mplakers

    thank you LEFT, someone who sees my point…arenas is better than a bunch of bulls(hit) potentials.

  • steve

    Mplakers…you made some very valid points about egos…certain stars handle there egos differently..and some fans take that into acount…well said

  • laker4life23

    [Comment ID #15607 Will Be Quoted Here]


    I said here that lakers should move kobe for arenas as a last result and the earliest to do that is after this season. AND what ALL THOSE players you just mentioned ALL had champions around them, and the difference between kobe and them is he wants to win more than them. Im more a laker fan than a kobe fan, but I’d rather try to change kobe’s mind by pulling an all star over to the lakers then getting rid of him for arenas.

  • http://none lakers4lyfe

    MPLAKERS, i see what youre saying about how kobe should not be whining and asking for a trade. but put yourself in his situation. what would you do? i mean, would u really stay on a team that is going nowhere just to please the fans? common man, we all know how that turned out for KG. true, he did not go out on a tantrum. but look where that got him, year after year without even a playoff appearance. why? becuase he stayed loyal, not only to his fans but to his team as well. and now youre asking why cant kobe be loyal to the lakers org and his fans? and my answer is why should he be loyal to the team? this is the same organization that used him as a scapegoat to justify a mistake THEY made, that used him to sell seats and make money. so why would he be loyal to them.

    now back to KG…in the end he still had to leave, but that was after years and years of talent that was wasted. so what kobe is doing is the right thing. i admit at first i was pissed off when i heard he wanted a trade, but if you really think about it, its the only logical thing for kobe to do. so if youre a loyal KOBE fan you stick by him and forget about the lakers, you understand why he is doing what hes doing. if youre a lakers fan than you stick to the lakers and see where buss leads them without kobe. no offense but those that say that kobe is beign disloyal to the fans and the lakers org are just plain selfish. KOBE has been loyal to this team for three years, he played his heart out to entertain us fans and to sell tickets for dr. buss. and in return he got NOTHING. he got criticized for not being able to lead a young team with NO talent to the championship. now is that selfish? he stuck by them for three years, he showed his loyalty to the lakesr org and they showed him that he was nothign more than a money making machine for them, so again, why should kobe be loyal to them?

    as for the fans, if you were really a kobe fan not a lakers fan, im talking about kobe the individual, not kobe the laker, than you would still be with kobe no matter what. and in return, he is still going to play his heart out to entertain the fans, its not like hes not gonna give his best on another team. we as fans cannot expect him to stay on the lakers team just because we LOVE the lakers, how many clippers fan or sacramento fans out there love kobe? im sure plenty, but they are not complaining that kobe is not loyal to the fans because he is not demanding a trade to the team that they love. you get where im going with this? so we as lakers fans need to understand the fact that kobe being loyal to teh lakers org is one thing, but beign loyal to the FANS is antoher thing.

    and one more thing, you say that youve stuck by him through all the drama. is this because you are a kobe fan or a lakers fan? because if you were a real die hard kobe fan you would stick by him through this too. dont get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being a lakers fan and putting them in front of kobe, but dotn say that kobe doesnt give a damn about the fans, because the fact of the matter in the current situation is; if youre a lakers fan, youre pissed off at kobe right now, but if youre a reall kobe fan than youre pissed off at teh lakers org right now.

  • laker4life23

    lol what kind of fan am I if I’m pissed at the lakers org and kobe?

  • mplakers

    lakersforlife23…this is my last reply because we’re not going to see eye to eye…and that’s cool everyone has an opinion. you’re “not getting rid of him” he WANTS OUT. you can see it in his avoiding questions like “do you still want to be traded?” with answers like “i don’t want to get into it.” go and check out the lakers.com site and see for yourself. kobe has the demeanor and the ghost whispering answers of someone who doesn’t want to be here.

    ARENAS IS THE BEST OPTION BECAUSE KOBE WANTS WANTS WANTS WANTS OUT. i say give it to him.obviously he didn’t learn anything from the shaq days when he WANTED his own team. KHARMA is a B I T C …lol…finish the sentence

  • mplakers

    how can you say kobe wants to win more than those guys?…lol..now i know you’re definitely a KOBE FAN and NOT A LAKER FAN…i have never known any laker that WANTS to WIN more than magic….the guy deffered to an aging, balding kareem for pete’s sakes…now THAT IS WANTING TO WIN!!!!

  • laker4life23

    I agree with you there, we’re definitely not going to see eye to eye. I don’t like how the lakers org see’s kobe as just a money pit and feel they need to put the pieces around him that gives him a shot at a title, and they clearly know they haven’t done that. As for arenas to L.A., puts Arenas in the same place as kobe, but arenas will not accomplish the same things kobe has, and arenas is no where near as good of a defender as kobe is.

  • foxxy


  • foxxy


  • fatty

    I don’t normally comment on rumors but there is no truth to this rumor,” Grunfeld said when reached by phone last evening. “We’ve never had any conversations with the Lakers or with anyone else about Gilbert

    – Washington Post

  • DCLaker

    If I was owner of the Lakers and I had the best player on the planet on my team,let me see…..Boozer(playing the 4),B.Davis or J.Kidd(playing the 1),Jermaine O’neal(playing the 4 or 5),but wait,they’re no longer availble.I guess the customers are always right.