Two weeks ago we posted an article where Bynum said he just wants to be Laker, money isn’t any factor him, and he just wants to take care of his family. So what happened in those two weeks? Who knows. Sound off… *sigh*

Press Enterprise: While the Lakers were making an announcement about their intentions to keep restricted free agents Sasha Vujacic and Ronny Turiaf, Andrew Bynum’s agent announced his client’s intentions.

Bynum can get a contract extension this summer from the Lakers. When his agent was told that Bynum suggested he would be willing to take less than the maximum of five years, $80 million, David Lee said they would be seeking the maximum.

“He was talking as a 20-year-old,” Lee said in a telephone interview Monday. “He had not consulted with his representatives. I think the Lakers know how we feel about this.”

The Lakers could have a potential dilemma with Bynum.

He missed the final 46 regular-season games after he suffered a knee injury. He had arthroscopic surgery May 21 to remove some cartilage debris and smoothing some rough spots on the underside of the knee.

Bynum, a 7-foot, 285-pound center, has said he should be ready to start training by the second or third week of July.

“The ball is in their court,” Lee said. “They’ve got a decision to make. The question is whether they believe in him the way I believe in him. It’s their decision to make if they want him there for the future.”

Bynum averaged career highs in points (13.1) and rebounds (10.2) last season. But he has played in just 163 games in three seasons.

“I don’t think the Lakers have anything to worry about with Andrew’s physical condition,” Lee said. “The only thing is he wants to stay in the purple and gold. It’s in their court.”

  • e

    well thats just lovely…

  • kb24 4life

    drew doesnt deserve 16 mil per yearr..
    he is to young for a 5 year/80 mil contract..
    i agree we need him, but not at that cost…

  • ricky

    im sure the lakers will be more than happy to give him that type of contract, if he can return to his form pre-injury, but this will be taken care of towards the end of next season im sure.

    right now, the lakers biggest concerns are to retain sasha and ronny.

    i think the lakers need to make 2 off-season acquisitions this summer in order to make the team even better.

    1. sign mickael pietrus or even consider bringing back mo evans.
    2. get a veteran big man, kwame???

  • LakersNo1

    oh great. all the hype about him coming back healthy joining the team and willing to play for less $$. wut a bs! just typical money goer player. Give him Luke’s + Vlad’s contracts.

  • yellowpurplefever

    All these agents are scumbags. These young guys are making multi millions then they push for more. Andrew has not proving anything yet, missing half a season with arthroscopic knee surgery and not yet to make the All-Star. If it was not for Kobe’s rant his progress would not be this fast. Kobe should get a % of that $ than the scumbag agent Lee. He’s good and blossoming but not for the max. Save $ for a good Defensive SF. And don’t say its not enough to feed my family! pls, look at Latrell. Greed = 0 chips

  • dawg09

    david lee wants some moneyyyy

  • Sopi

    suck my dick

  • NBAchamps2008

    Bye Bynum….No way you are worth 16 million per year. Lakers need to ship his A$$ out of L.A.

  • GT

    greedy bastard…..

  • Anonymous.

    Ship his ass out.

  • Lakerboi

    He has not proven anything yet. I guess we will see how he plays this year. If he comes back 17/10 then I say maybe. If not, then we sign and trade next year and get some prospects. im sure some team will want to take the risk.

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    David Lee wants a bigger cut. He must have convinced Bynum to ask for more. This is ridiculous! I wonder how Buss is going to feel having to overpay on luxury tax. The only way Lakers are going to keep the team together is for the BIG FOUR (Lamar, Kobe, Gasol, Bynum) to take a few million cuts per year when they get their contract extension.

  • Mr.81

    This why NBA players shouldn’t have agents…


    I told yall month ago…..


  • Kobe8>24

    agents, what a bunch of stupid muthaf**kers..

  • awaker85

    I’d give Bynum 16 million a year before I’d give that to Odom… you guys are crazy. Of course his agent wants max money. He has the potential to be the best center in the league with-in the next 2 years. You don’t let a guy like that walk.

  • peter

    That silly agent is getting into that kids head and he’s going to ruin a good thing! Let Andrew continue to heal on company time, continue to rehab on company time and hopefully he can pick up where he left off! For him to ask for max now is wrong! There is no guarantee that Andrew will become that player worthy of that kind of contract! Come on Andrew, use your head!


    This guy hasn’t proved a thing yet. I think the Lakers should talk to him and let him know that we will pay up IF he mans up and go 19+/13+/2+.

    If you want major PAPER then bring the drama/flurry when you step on the court. Intimidate your opponent, MONSTER DUNK every opportunity, pick up your legs, scream when you block a shot and BANG BODIES AROUND. Then I guarantee a max deal. Hell they gave FLUKE a 30 mil contract….to FLUKE…for what?

    Wise man once said…”If you BRING IT, money will come”….

  • getgasol

    If we have to, I say pay it. Let go of Walton and Radmonovich if we have to.

  • DieHardFan

    This is probably going to be the Lakers’ toughest call to make. His agent is just doing his job and trying to get the most money for his client. Besides, if we learned something from the Shaq situation, we can’t expect for players to be loyal because this is a business. The problem that I have is that when Bynum was hurt he didn’t heal as fast. It kind of makes you wonder, is he worth it. If I were Jerry Buss, would I be willing to committ 80 million for the next 5 years? There are several other players out there worth that money. Bynum has not proven himself but it is a HUGE gamble.

  • Diehardfan


    I just read your post. Excellent point!

  • mr.laker19

    This is his agents greedy azz fault. Bynum wanted to do what was best for the team but his agents wants to get paid. Well, I guess we can’t skoop Baron Davis now… sigh, oh well

  • T.A.

    PAY THE MAN!!!

    and if you have forgotten take a look at this


    Dont blame drew, its problem his low life scumbag agent planning this. SHIP THE AGENT’s ASS OUT


    if we give andrew $16mil a year and he pulls a luke we’re fulked. I mean we were talking about sasha pulling a luke but that was like 5 mil. THIS IS 16 MIL A YEAR WE’RE LOOSING

  • lakaluva

    Im glad his agent was stupid enough to speak out like this. Time to ship his azz out!!! You dont get max money for the type of career he has had. Mitch, dont be stupid again, and again, and again. Brand would love to take 80mil, for five years.

  • Daryl Imhoff

    Lakers have all summer up through Oct. to determine the fitness of Bynum. His agent is posturing for his client. Other priorities on the front burners. One player at a time. Sasha and Ronny are today’s concern. If healthy and if he fits in with the team as expected then he deserves the money. The whole NBA wants the Lakers to drop the ball on Bynum. It’s not going to happen. However, he is not today’s issue.

  • xtro

    hope drew will not be another greedy shaq

  • eIvis

    so when do we kill lee???


    Bynum, if you can read this, think about this….

    If you max out and get paid, you will have tremendous pressure to perform at an allstar caliber. Now if you go ahead sign a smaller deal for 2 years let say and you shine and your numbers reflect your enthusiasm then by all means max out. If not the lakers then i’m sure some team will give you allmost what you ask for.

    Curious about pressure then ask Kwame, Odom, Radmonovich. For us normal payed folks then HELL YEAH it’s worth it but for you guys?

  • lakerfan

    Yup. Agent just doing his job.

    Once the Lakers loss in the Finals and started talking about “if we had Bynum”, or “Bynum would have made difference” or “Bynum would have been the shot blocker we needed”, blah blah blah. With the public and his teammates ( especially Kobe) saying that Bynum would have made a difference, David Lee must have been shopping for a new home, boat, and woman.

    Elton Brand? Yeah, he would love the money, but I think the there are only 3 or 4 teams that are under the cap and can get him. The Lakers are not one of those teams.

    Also, everyone keeps saying to let Luke and Radman go. Tou can’t just let them go like in the NFL. The contracts are guaranteed deals.

    Again, the agent is doing exactly what he is paid to do, but Bynum still has the last word on any deal.

    What would Jerry West Do?

  • hows this

    shit…bring back KWAME!

  • hows this

    EDIT: doo doo…bring back KWAME!

  • Sako

    Agents get 10% of what the athletes make, so don’t blame Andy for this. And for bringing back Kwame, I think you’ve lost all hope of winning a championship in the next 5 years.

  • ab4sure

    Anyone who said ship his ass out is an idiot. Bynum pull a Luke?? wtf are u guys thinking. Greedy??? NO it is called business… Let me spell it out to you… NEGOTIATING… Like you would do with your own employer.. if your smart. Bynum is the same guy, is agent is doing the “dirty” work. This is how it is going to go down… Lakers are in the driving seat. Calm down peoples. Lakers come to the agent after Bynum shows he is healthy and Mitch says “we offer you 5yr 65 million or you can risk Bynum getting injured … maybe a career ending injury this yr and get nothing”. Bynum says to agent… “Hey Lee i want to get my ext. before the season starts” Lee says to Mitch “Ok how bout 5 yr. 75 million” Mitch says “I will meet you half way, 5 yr 70 million”…. Lee says.. “Deal done”…

    Good for both sides… Lakers secure their frachise center for the future and Bynum gets the security of a big contract.

    Lakers have leverage becuz they can always max out Bynum next year … why do it this yr???

    The 10 million discount basically is insurance cost to Bynum.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #42879 Will Be Quoted Here]

    First of all Bynum has proven alot already. If their was any team with cap space and able to sign Bynum for the max EVERY TEAM IN THE LEAGUE would give it to him. Also, Kobe’s rant did NOTHING. Listen to Bynum’s exit interview after last season which was b4 your boy kobe’s rant.

  • daboss1849

    Good for you Drew. Buss will have to give up a few things tho. Expensive booze and hookers!!!!

  • lakerschamps08

    now i see why all of my teachers say they rather watch the NCAA BASKETBALL than the NBA.. CUZ all the players care bout is one thing and thats money besides kobe and soe other superstars… but its money first and then watever comes after that.. MAN WHEN WE THEY FUKING LEARN THE THEM MONEY WILL COME IF U WIN NOT JUST CUZ U WANT THE MONEY… AND THIS IS WHY AGENTS ARE BITCHES THEY JUST WANNA GET THE MOST MOEY POSSIBLE SO THEY CAN GET MORE MONEY…WTF… still we need to sign bynum

  • gugy

    Money baby. That’s what rule the world.

    Of course Bynum wants maximum. If the Lakers will offer that’s a different story. I agreed, he is too young for that kind of money. Plus he still need to prove the is indeed the hot sh•t.

  • Michael_23

    Bynum is not a top 10 player … not right now. Age 20 with a max contract … I don’t think so. Not even Lebron or Wade got one at 21 …

  • S-quire

    [Comment ID #42877 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Kwame? Oh no you didn’t. What’s Smush’s availability? Maybe we can resurrect Slava or Travis Knight.

    It’s scary to give a guy that much money, sometimes they get lazy / crappy after pay day (hello Luke Walton or even worse, Eric Dampier!). On the other hand, he’s young, and even if it doesn’t work out teams will sometimes gamble on a big guy improving his game with a change of scenery. I think LO will be gone after next season, possibly even if we win…

  • daboss1848

    As I stated before, and will continue to state: nothing is legit until the signature on the dotted line – words are wonderful and everyone uses them to make themselves look good.

    If hes not giving a discount this year, then dont sign him!!! Let him play out this year, give him a qualifying offer next year, and match (if hes still worth it!) – whats the worst that can happen? (he would still get max).

    P.S. the definition of agent is a person who is acting on behalf and for the benefit of another and at that person’s instruction/direction – – so dont hate the puppet, hate the puppetmaster.

  • kelvlam

    this is totally playing for the $, not playing ball with the fire/heart/desire to win a championship!

    sorry to say, “Bye Andrew”.

  • PeanutButterSpread

    I’m not going to start making judgments about Andrew, but I think if he keeps playing well, he probably deserves that much.

    Can we ask Luke and Vlad to give up some of their dough? Seriously, they’re the ones I feel are getting waaaay over paid for the results we were getting from them.

    Besides, there’s still a whole year until any decision has to be made, we’ll see until then. This is for now, just another hearsay.

  • kPoAbUe

    A BYMUN U ONLY proved us till January prove us again next year than we pay. this isnt like the NFL when rookies get 50 more mill than verterans.

  • kPoAbUe

    even though his not a rookie but he is young

  • lakerfan81

    Of course his agent said that they will be seeking a max contract. Thats what agents do. No surprise. I’d say the Lakers seek to extend his contract early in the year. May 4 yrs 50 million with an opt out clause for the 4th year. That gives Bynum flexibility and in 3 years he can opt out and seek a max contract if he deserves one.

  • LD2k

    Not surprising – we already heard what Bynum TRULY wants. I say, if he helps lead us to a championship and improves on what he did last year. Absolutely consider him for that type of contract.

    Agents jobs are out to give them the most money as possible. Bynum wants to hoop. We have heard from both sides now.

  • Thuggishdeer

    average players make average money!

  • RC

    No Way!!!

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #42930 Will Be Quoted Here]

    sometimes it may be hard to decide who is which esp. when one of them is 20yrs. old and who no doubt has many voices to listen to.

  • kb24bestever
  • daboss1848

    ab, point well taken . . . however, after all the voices have been heard, there is only one voice that matters – the one signing.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #42930 Will Be Quoted Here]

    “If hes not giving a discount this year, then dont sign him!!! Let him play out this year, give him a qualifying offer next year, and match (if hes still worth it!) – whats the worst that can happen? (he would still get max).”

    WELL SAID!!!

    People forget, the Lakers do not need to sign him to an extension this year. The Lakers should wait and see how he performs next season. If he has a great year, then give him the qualifying offer next summer and then match.

    Don’t forget people, next year, LO’s $14M is off the books.

  • e

    his stats this season were 13 ppg and 10 rpg…i know those stats dont say it all because he started playing extremely well a month into the season, however, there is no way id pay him max right now…do a deal with the punk lee and then see how bynum performs this season..if bynum doesnt want that (because at the end of the day, he makes the final decision) its too bad, he’s gonna have to leave

  • Freshh

    If he really seeking the max

    i know he’s still coming off the injury
    but i’d rather bite the bullet then lose bynum….


    Bynum ain’t goin’ knowhere.

  • Sopi

    40 mil max

  • Lakers Galore

    bynum’s agent is a GREEDY B@STARD! he just wants as much money as he can get so HE! not bynum can “feed his family” that f@g. but bynum is the one that can sign a contract for whatever money he thinks is enough for him and his family to live comfortably. i remember this happened last year with al jefferson he took less money cuz 60 mil was already a lot of money when ppl said he could gotten like 75 mil for like 6 years but took 5 years 60 mil. something like that but yeah al jefferson plays ball for the love of the game not necessarily for the money. so hopefully bynum will do the same and take less money and do it for the love of the game not necessarily for money. cuz 80 mil is a lot of money for a guy who hasnt established himself as an all star player, cuz once he can prove to the fo that he’s a consistent double double machine around 17/10 and make the all star team more than once then i’ll give him that 5 year 80 mil contract but right now bynum is probably like worth 5 years 45 mil. something like that. cuz 45 mil is STILL A LOT OF MONEY! DAMN.

  • Jordan

    This is the right move by his agent and Bynum. In life you get paid when you can get paid. It’s business, Jerry Buss, makes more money than all of the players combined. I don’t follow the Lakers for Buss. I go to watch ‘em play. Anyone who thinks Bynum should take less, you take what the market offers. On the open market, almost any team in the league would pay him that, why shouldn’t the lakers? Sports is business, has been forever.

    Good for you Andrew. Get yourself paid. Lakers loss if they lose him.

  • kobe4ever

    if thats the case sign and ship his @$$ out (trade) and get a great player in return.

  • MILO

    ship out vlady and fluke 4 future 1st rounders in order to pay Bynum…salary cap isues oh nooooooooooooooooooo!

  • Gus

    Trade him for Kaman. Much better, underrated, and cheaper.
    The guy´s proven nothing!