Well it makes it official… right? He has already ruled out Cleveland according to other reports and now, this report claims he wants out to the West. Time for the Lakers to prepare some deals…

Yahoo Sports: It is unknown whether Jason Kidd’s agent has had contact with New Jersey Nets team president Rod Thorn since being denied an extension three weeks ago.

A league official, who declined to be identified, said Wednesday night that there is rampant speculation around the league that Kidd’s agent, Jeff Schwartz, has requested that his client be moved to a Western Conference team. Source: The Record of Hackensack

Also, according to a fan poll over at realGM, over 51% of the voters believe Kidd will be traded to the Lakers! As of 3:15 (Pacific time).

UPDATE: There is a new report out of the New Jersey Media group that claims Kidd is not the only unhappy player (R.J.) but that Kidd is indeed the “most likely to go”…

NJMG: Right now it would seem Kidd is the most likely to go. According to sources close to the team, owner Bruce Ratner doesn’t want to trade Kidd, though, and is willing to give him a $10 million extension. Kidd is said to be looking for closer to $13 million.

But other sources said Kidd’s agent, Jeff Schwartz, has been talking to Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban to help facilitate a trade to Dallas. Schwartz did not return phone calls.

  • Mark

    Do really need another PG now? D-Fish is doing just fine i dont know if its a good idea

  • double

    Do we have a chance at getting Kidd for a package that includes Farmar, Brown, Vlad, and future picks…?

    If there is a way to get him while retaining Lamar AND Bynum, we’ll be in good shape.

  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    If you can get Kidd without giving up Kobe, Odom or Bynum, you ABSOLUTELY do it. The Nets will get a young PG, draft picks, and expiring k for kidd. Lakers have the right mix.

  • nyla

    Players need to stop signing long contracts or shut up and play.

  • GetBisonDele

    if we COULD hang on to odom it would put us as legit contendors

    but we’ll probably have to give up odom or bynum (dont do it!) and farmar or critt

    you guys are fooling yourselves thinking we can give up our scrubs lol what are you guy’s like 12?

  • MILO

    Id be willing to give up Lame (LO) what is wrong with you people you guy’s rather give up Farmar???WTF

  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    The package that I’ve heard it would be is:

    Farmar+Radman+Kwame for Kidd.

  • http://nba.com IMmichael

    holy sh’it i think it’s really gonna happen this time

  • GetBisonDele

    who did you hear that from??

    Why would anyone in the world take 9 million dollars, an underachieving SF and a decent PG

  • http://nba.com IMmichael

    [Comment ID #19052 Will Be Quoted Here]

  • MILO

    Farmar is going to be our answer for Monte Ellis for tonight and Devon from Dallas later.He can drive and draw fouls Fish is getting old doesn’t drive that much.We can always give up Javaris or Sasha…double esta pendejo

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #19052 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Id replace Farmar with Javaris loosing either of the 2 is something i dont like but that’s the way it goes…

  • Lakers

    oh man honestly idk about this one lakers shouldnt give up kwame because if we do then whose gonna be our strong body down low on defence and we cant give up Farmar Bynum and odom we already have good point guards

    Honestly Id wait tll jasons contract expires then sign him to the lakers because we are not lacking a true pg

  • Jrich

    Don’t do it no matter what. There’s nothing to worry about anyways. This FO doesn’t know how to make big time deals.

  • Edward

    Haha kid would make our 4th pg type. If we can get rid of vujabiatch, walton, kwame, or anyone that’d be good. But the lakers roster would be gone, we’d have to sign free agents, we already empty roster space. We already have point guards… so… I really don’t see a point in getting Kidd. Even if we get Kidd, it won’t matter how good his passes are if the people he passes to can’t make the shot.

  • magicbalala245

    one report after another it’s not looking good for nets time for lakers to step in and bring in jason kidd i think this deal will do the trick

  • Tim

    Kwame, Rad, and Farmar for Kidd is alright with me, IMO, i think Javaris will be better than Farmar anyway

  • SILO

    [Comment ID #19057 Will Be Quoted Here]

    This trade is a steal for the Lakers. The only flaw i see in this trade though, is that the Lakers are losing alot of size and depth. I would ask for Kristic also from the nets. Doing this also could be the reel in bate for Chris Webber.

    Nah, they want Farmar because he is a already proven future star and already has developed pretty well.

    Vlade has been playing really well and loosing him really cuts out that 3pt threat which can spread out the offense.

  • GetBisonDele

    get JC more playing time

  • klao

    vlad needs to stay, he’s getting good at making 3s and he’s really the only 3 point shooter ‘specialist’

    also farmar is really good, maybe javaris is better but when is he going to be better

    i don’t know it’s really tough, maybe kwame, sasha and trevor or even luke. ‘

    i really think that the current roster all of the players contribute something during games.

    i wouldn’t mind letting kwame go even LO IF the lakers can get JO later on, but i’m dreaming here.

  • Rpoc

    [Comment ID #19052 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Thats’ a fire sale price and I would take it.


    1. Big man depth goes down. Kwame sucks but Mihm sucks more.

    2. Lack of 3-point shooting. Vlad and Farmar are gone. Walton and Sasha are streaky. Fisher is more reliable but he’s not a sharpshooter like Vlad.

    3. Kidd can’t shoot for his life most of the time. Sometimes he’ll have clutch shooting moments. He is a future HOF after all.


    1. If Phil gave Farmar more freedom from the triangle this year to do his thing, he should do the same for Kidd. It’s been a loooooong time since we had a true flashy PG. He’ll get the ball to players in their sweet spots.

    2. Defense. Chris Paul, Deron Williams, and AI among other PGs like to make our point guard rotation their biatches.

    3. Kobe gets to play with a HOF player. Placates him.

  • lakerfan81

    You have to look at this from NJs perspective. Why would they trade Kidd for Farmar, Vlad and Brown. thats a ridiculously stupid trade for them. I mean come on. They get a expiring contract in brown which is good but they get little else. Farmar will be a solid PG but nowhere near Kidd and I would argue that Marcus Williams is better and will throughout his career. Then they get Vlad and the 25+ million left on his contract which almost offests any salary relief they get from Brown. NO WAY NJ MAKES THAT TRADE.

  • steve

    Another player would need to added…If its 3 for 1 that leaves us with 12 players ……magloir

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #19068 Will Be Quoted Here]

    [Comment ID #19054 Will Be Quoted Here]

    he is a 35 year old point guard(probably only 1-2 good years left) who is being paid 20 mil per year so yes the nets would make that trade

  • Eric Thai

    I’d rather keep Farmar and Rad, and give up Sasha and Luke. We’ll be losing a very good passer but gaining a better one.

  • Rpoc

    That’s why it’s a fire sale type of deal.

    Marcus Williams has been unimpressive last year. He broke his foot this year. We’ll need to wait and see what he can do.

    Vlad, point taken but with the ever ridiculous market for what MLE players are now worth, he isn’t so bad.

    Kwame > Collins who is the most utterly useless piece of ish NBA player in this league.

    Again, fire sale type of deal. The chances increase because he is passed his prime, gets paid a ton, and is disgruntled. Not guaranteed still. But he doesn’t rely on that much athleticism so that’s why he still is good.

    It’s like why did Philly trade AI for what they did.

    This is why you don’t trade Kobe. You try to get someone else’s HOF player when the opportunity arises. Every fan has this mentality. You want to screw someone else but not screw yourself.

    So I don’t need to hear outside fans (not Lakers usually) who are hypocrites coming in here biatching and whining why would teams give their player away when they want the same fraking thing for theirs.

  • Jrich

    Like somebody said above, what’s the point if the guy Kidd passes the ball to can’t score? Kidd to a wide open Lamar–BRICK. Kidd to a wide open Luke—CLANK. Kidd to a wide open Vujacic—AIRBALL.

    Trade Lamar and get a better PF. We don’t need Kidd.

  • http://yahoo maadtechlaker

    trade lo sash luke critt then save kwames expiring contract for next year starting five brown vlad kobe fish kidd second unit bynum ariza turiaf farmar kobe

  • http://thelakersnation.com Roko

    MY god guys.. we don’t need a playmaker .. we need low post so… why the hell would we trade for Kidd

  • gugy

    Like I said many times, if we can get Kidd giving up our scrubs, Sasha, Rad, Kwame and maybe 1 pick then go for it.
    The problem is, Fisher and Farmar are doing great. We really do not need another PG, but if bringing Kidd will apease Kobe and stop his trade talk, then go for it.

  • sportsphanatic

    I just don’t see how we could make a trade for Kidd when Farmar is the only guard we’re giving up. There’s not enough minutes for Kidd, Fisher, and Crittenton to share. I like Kidd, but I don’t think it would work out unless we traded Fish to another team.

  • as1084

    dont do it!!! the guy is 35! yea 35! lakers are playing well, especially at the point guard position. why give up one of the lakers furture pgs for an aging guard that cant shoot. kidd has 1 good year left in him, maybe two. i like fish better cause he can score and shoot too which helps out kobe in the scoring load department. kidd only averages 10 points a game. fish can top that with his eyes closed! radman is having a great year also, as long as he is just spotting up. it seems just stupid to me. and adding kidd doesnt make the lakers an instant title contender, especially cause the lakers will have to give up some of their key players. we have enough skill and depth at the pg position. DONT DO IT!

  • Nabil

    [Comment ID #19079 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Hold your horses. Fish is a real Laker and that’s that! He ain’t going nowhere. Critt might get some garbage time, move to Kobe’s backup, and pg time when the inevitable minor injury happens to Kidd or Fish.

  • blackmamba

    we don’t need a playmaking point guard, we need a strong low post player. we should look at this kidd fire sale as a foreshadowing of things to come. jermaine o’neal could be the next one to request a trade. as of right now, o’neal would be worth either bynum or odom. but if we want to make a real contender we need to keep our starting line up of fisher/bryant/odom/bryant together AND THEN get a strong pf.

    Lakers Receive: Jermaine O’Neal
    Pacers Receive: Kwame Brown, Javaris Crittenton, Luke Walton, Vladimir Radmanovic
    + Future 1st Round Draft Pick

    this has a really low possibility right now, but perhaps if o’neal demands a trade like kidd, then we can get him for cheap. it’s actually not that bad of a deal. brown would be a huge expiring contract and temporary fill in big man. crittenton would be the future pg the pacers need. walton would be a talented facilitator. and radmanovic with his 3 point shooting would fit perfectly in with the new offense under coach o’brien.

    imagine a starting line up.
    1) Derek Fisher
    2) Kobe Bryant
    3) Lamar Odom
    4) Jermaine O’Neal
    5) Andrew Bynum

    sign a few veteran players for cheap like pj brown, chris webber, and maybe earl boykins and lakers can make a serious case for the 2008 championship.

  • blackmamba

    [Comment ID #19083 Will Be Quoted Here]

    oops sorry i meant keep our starting lineup of fisher/bryant/odom/BYNUM… not bryant twice.

  • ricky

    as much as i like jason kidd, what he can bring to the lakers, and how he can potentially help us become instant title contenders i dont think its a good idea at this point in time to trade for him. the lakers are doing fine thus far and they are becoming better as a team and everyone has been contributing to the victories. i just dont think its the right time. plus, i dont want to see the team give up 2 promising young pg’s in farmar and javaris.

  • double

    I wonder how Kobe is reacting to our second chance at Kidd.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    no, we cant lose vlad
    he is the only 1 (besides kobe) that can shoot 3 and win a game doing that…
    otherwise kidd just assist people that are going to brick anyway wide open!
    farmar-luke kwame we should go 4 that
    and sign web or pjbrown, since we would be left wout enough depth inside

    if we pull that we have a 2 years contender chance!
    only team who can seriously beat us is spurs!!!!
    otherwise…go for artest!!!!

  • Flush Odumb

    I like Jason Kidd, but he’s nearing the end of the linr. Let’s not gut the team just to get him.

    In order to improve we must restrict our tradable players to Odumb, Brown Stain, Sasha, Luke, Mihm, and draft picks. We can NOT trade Kobe, Bynum, Farmar, J Crit, Ronny, Ariza. Maybe Vlad Rad and Fisher for only the right deal. I can’t believe the people wanting to keep Lame-ar. WAKE UP – WE ARE GOING NOWHERE WITH THIS DUMMY. every year it is the same crap from this loser. Getting rid of Cook was a good start, now let’s get rid of the rest of the garbage. The Lakers are the second most valuable team in the league. We need to start acquiring some better free agents and if a little luxury tax has to be paid then so be it. There are no excuses.


    AGAIN,WE DON’T NEED POINT GUARDS(that’s what D.Fish is for).Small/Power Forwards are needed here(INSERT NAME).

  • DeepFrost

    [Comment ID #19052 Will Be Quoted Here]
    hmmm interesting :) where d’you get that from?

  • foxxy

    [Comment ID #19062 Will Be Quoted Here]FO SHO!!!

  • 24KB

    if we can keep kobe bynum n maybe even odom while getting kidd what free agents next offseason wouldnt want to come LA

  • GetBisonDele

    [Comment ID #19071 Will Be Quoted Here]

    he’s a HOF who would be only second behind kobe on the squad only because of kobe’s immense scoring ability

    they’re not gonna give you something big for your team and they get something little for their team

    dont you ever play monopoloy or somethin B?

  • lakersfan17

    I would trade Kwame, Farmar and odom for Kidd.

    Then this could be our starting line-up


    thats the best offer they will get.

  • wrong

    I would do the deal I rather keep Crit because he knows how to give bynum the ball farmar never played with a dominate big man Crit did he played with Dwight Howard in high school plus him and Bynum kicked it this summer look at that golden state preseason game and look at that lob crit threw to him he knows how to get him the ball because he played with a dominate Big man before. Bynum is our future we need a guard who can get him the f—– ball. We also need Kidd who will also be a great teacher for Crit. Plus Kidd is one hell of a defender imagine him teaching Crit some defensive tips? Plus Crit is a better scorer than Farmar he can score in bunches and is hella fast. I like the fact he gets the big man in the game unlike farmar and fish the lakers have lost games this year they should have won because they go away from bynum but I bet kidd and crit won’t.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #20062 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Hey Wrong, Your Right.