afterL.A. Times: So where will the Lakers turn to now that they have pulled the deals they offered to Lamar Odom off the table?

The pickings left on the free-agent heap are slim, and were made even more difficult for the Lakers because they have exhausted their best spending tools.

They used the mid-level exception of $5.8 million on Ron Artest and the “bi-annual exception” of $1.99 million on Shannon Brown. All they have left at their disposal to sign a player is the veteran’s minimum annual salary because they are over the salary cap.

The veteran’s minimum is a sliding scale, starting at $457,588 for a rookie and going up to as much as $1.306 million for a veteran with 10 or more years of experience.

Then the issue becomes whether an unrestricted free agent will take less money from the Lakers because they are the NBA champions who have a chance to repeat and they play in Los Angeles.

The Lakers could do a sign-and-trade for Odom, or trade another player to get a quality player.

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  • MG32

    We need LO!!! Come back Lamar, forget the money!!

  • Portman

    damn right. lamar has one of the rarest talents in the NBA. you can’t replace what he does.

  • laker fan who hates flukes

    money whore can be replaced.

  • Jive Talking Turkey

    Hate to see Odom leave. I’ll be devils advocate and state that his best series was the Denver series. He did come thru for the Lakers in game 5 as well.

    Other than that, the man was inconsistent throughout his entire career. He was a no show in the lost to Boston last year. Maybe all that candy he’s been consuming has affected his play?

    Lastly, thank you Lamar for helping us win this year. Hate to see you go to another team. With his $9M salary, the Lakers can get Carlos Boozer. Then they will solidify their chances of repeating in 2010.

  • Jive Talking Turkey

    Rumor has it Odom wants to stay in LA. His 2nd choice is Miami. Didn’t he come from Miami in the Shaq trade? Why would he go back to a team that has no shot at the title. Dwayne Wade is no Kobe Bryant. And Lakers have Pau Gasol.

    Again, Lamar…please come to your senses. You are 3rd banana on the Lakers team. You should get down on your knees that Jerry Buss offered you $9M/year for 3 years. He’s overpaying for your services.

  • Jive Talking Turkey

    So many posters have said “Odom is a Unique player at 6’10” and dribbling the ball”.

    The problem with this quote is that he doesn’t bring his game every night. It’s like having a third arm, but only using it occassionally to scratch your back.

  • 242LakerFan

    Jive Talking Turkey…most appropriate user name I’ve seen in a long time.
    First, never belittle Lamar’s contribution to the success of this team. Inconsistent? Perhaps. He had some stretches where he wasn’t scoring, but he was still rebounding through most of those and the mere presence of a dangerous near 7-footer who can rebound, handle and dish takes major stress of Kobe’s back. Boozer never even heard of the word “pass”. And when was the last time Boozer even played a whole season? At least LO is out on the court, not gracing the sidelines with the latest from Armani, Gucci and D&G or whatever.
    LO is the perfect fit for this team and this system. His versatility makes him valuable to the way this team works. His chances of winning here are better than anywhere else he may end up and he knows all that.
    I believe he wants to be a Laker more than anything and he would have taken his deal, but, as he said, he separates himself from the business side. Well he needs to engage on the business side, because his agent is gonna land him on a dead-end street somewhere that leads to a bit more money and no more rings.
    At least he’ll be able to afford more candy so he can get fat and dumpy when he retires to kick back and think of what he could have had.

  • Kobe8

    i dont think its the money Lamar wants. i think he wants a 5 year contract coz this is definitely his last big contract. If he goes to Miami, he would probably get a 5 year contract $5.8 mill a year. I’m just hoping that he at least takes the 4 year contract he was offered.

    But i can see Buss saying f that we don’t want you anymore.

  • Ruin323

    Lamar is the perfect player to come off the bench but its clear that he is unsure if thats the path and the player he wants to be.. He is now looking a a Marion deal which now sounds more reasonable to “other” teams when we offerd him the 10 mil he was asking for.. I like Odom and hopes he comes back but I myself want players on the Lakers who want to be Lakers and I am not gonna sit here and praise the guy for what he did as an overpaid 14 mil a year (not even 6th) man.. Yes he was valuable but so were many other Lakers and he did what he was getting paid to do which is play basketball.. I wish I could only work 1 day out of the week and only get my work for that one day done and still get a full paycheck… As I said.. I hope and want him to come back only if he wants to come back and wants to play for the Lakers. if he only comes back cause he cant get a better offer, I say that welcome is not longer extended.

  • eddio49

    I am just really confused, I am no genius but can handle basic math and somebody is just throwing rumors, they are not really business people or I am really, really dumb.
    If there is ‘an offer’ or posibilty from the Heat for 5Y at 36 mil is not better the one from the lakers @ 4y at 36 mil?
    I am really dumbfounded by this scenario.
    I like LO and hope he comes back but ………..
    Are these athletes really that greedy?
    They make in one game (LO’s case) more than most americans make in one year earning a very decent salary!
    Is it really life changing for the agent to get an extra 2, 3 4 hundred thousand extra.
    It is just entertainment, not brain surgery or rocket science.
    Poeple is loosing their houses and having difficult times to put food on the table.
    For God’s sake LO, just look at the real world and think about what you see,
    If you do not want to be laker so be it but do not BS us fans, we might seem stupid and blinded but not all of us are!

  • LakersFirst

    For vets minimum, looking at Chris Wilcox, Ben Wallace and Drew Gooden, Stromile Swift, Tim Thomas, Joe Smith – not bad for the vets minimum. These guys can play some minutes as a backup power forward, giving Gasol some rest.

    Yes yes, LO is the player that we want back, but if he doesn’t want to take the offer, the Lakers have to look elsewhere. It’s just business.

  • Nabil

    Gee, our options might be a little better if we still had the MLE. Although we’re all lovin’ Cupcake right now, you gotta admit he kind of screwed up by not doing the Ariza/Artest thing as a trade to save the MLE. I mean, just in case, you know? Wonder what he was thinking.

  • JohnJohn

    With Bynum back healthy and Artest starting Lamar would be the highest paid bench player with the fewest minutes in the league. I nominate C. Wilcox to be his replacement.

  • Gary

    The Lakers need you Lamar Odom. You were the key to their championship year.

  • Toon

    [Comment ID #79899 Will Be Quoted Here]

    If he had the option, why wouldn’t he (Mitch) take it? The thing is Ariza was playing greedy. Houston and LA did not have that kind of interest in trading the 2 mentioned players straight up. This option (resign & trade) was nowhere near consideration.

  • servo-motor

    Rumors about Lamar are so many now. I hope thing will become clear in the near future.