Add another crazy shot to D-Fish’s resume – and we have it on tape thanks to our man, Elie Seckbach.

hedoesitagainBlogdowntown: Laker guard Derek Fisher proved his clutch talents again on Tuesday, as he nailed a 33-foot shot from a 3rd floor balcony atop L.A. Live’s Nokia Plaza while Sportscenter’s cameras rolled.

Fisher, actor David Arquette, and spokesclown Ronald McDonald were at the complex to film a promo for the Lakers 3 on 3 basketball tournament, coming to L.A. Live in August.

The Laker guard was the only one of the three to make the long-range shot. He made one of his warm-up shots, but then missed a half-dozen or so before finally putting one in during the competition.

After Fisher and Arquette had filmed a commercial for the tournament and a pair of Sportscenter promos, they each took one more shot from the balcony as ESPN’s cameras rolled. Fisher nailed his, prompting Arquette to exclaim that of course the guard made the one shot that really counted.

Here is the video, provided by Elie Seckbach…


    And in the 09-010 seasaon we will be seeing much more clutch shots like this from DEREK!!


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    I guess everybody still mesmerize by that shot and unable to comment speechless :D