It has been one of the most wild trade seasons that I can remember. Here is a breakdown of what has went down throughout the league (we’ll update it in this final half hour as well).

February 13, 2010- Wizards/Mavs:
To Washington Wizards: Quinton Ross, Josh Howard, James Singleton, Drew Gooden
To Dallas Mavericks: DeShawn Stevenson, Caron Butler, Brendan Haywood, Cash

February 16, 2010 – Blazers/Clippers
To Portland Trail Blazers:, Marcus Camby
To Los Angeles Clippers: Travis Outlaw, Steve Blake, Cash

February 17, 2010 – Cavs/Wizards/Clippers (3-Team Trade)
To Cleveland Cavs: Antawn Jamison, Sebastian Telfair
To Washington Wizards: Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Al Thornton, 2010 first-round draft pick from Cleveland, Rights to Emir Preldžič, 57th pick in 2009 NBA Draft
To Los Angeles Clippers: Drew Gooden

February 17 ,2010 – Knicks/Wolves
To New York Knicks: Brian Cardinal
To Minnesota Timberwolves: Darko Milicic, Cash considerations

February 17 ,2010 – Knicks/Rockets/Kings
To New York Knicks: Tracy McGrady, Sergio Rodriguez
To Houston Rockets: Kevin Martin, Hilton Armstrong, Jordan Hill, Jared Jeffries
To Sacramento Kings: Carl Landry, Joey Dorsey, Larry Hughes

February 17 ,2010 – Bulls/Bucks
To Chicago Bulls: Hakeem Warrik, Joe Alaxander
To Milwaukee Bucks: John Salmons

February 17 ,2010 – Bulls/Bobcats
To Chicago Bulls: Flip Murray, Acie Law
To Charlotte Bobcats: Tyrus Thomas

February 17 ,2010 – Bucks/76ers
To Milwaukee Bucks: Primoz Brezec, Royal Ivey
To Philadelphia 76ers: Joedie Meeks, Francisco Elson

February 17 ,2010 – Grizzlies/Jazz
To Utah Jazz: Protected 1st Round Pick
To Memphis Grizzlies: Ronnie Brewer

February 17 ,2010 – Knicks/Celtics
To Boston Celtics: Nate Robinson, 2nd player (unnamed at moment)
To New York Knicks: Eddie House, J.R. Giddens, Bill Walker

  • Chris Manning

    Created this list for an easy look at all the trades. If there is anything missing/any mistakes, let me know on here. I think I got most of ‘em. 30 minutes ’til deadline…

  • kisofdeath

    tyrus thomas for acie law, and flip murray

  • Geloman

    Cleveland and Celtics got better. They’re gonna battle it out for the a place in the Finals.

  • http://yahoo jaydubb415

    Wow other then grabbing pau i’m starting 2 feel weve been extremely lucky in some of are picks i know i’m being a little pissed because we didn’t make any moves but look at this sasha ,kwame smush, even george carl’s son somebody PLEASEprove wrong i’m needing that phil gets the job done but on the other hand he’s stuck with this prototype players from that jordan era and please these gaurds are fast and can get 2 the hole you can’t think paxon,steve kerr ,and even hinrich 2 a point you need some speed.

    • 242LakerFan

      My mind is fuzzy, but I believe we just won a championship with those “prototype, Jordan era players”, beating a couple of those speedy, cutting guard along the way. But I might be wrong.

      • lakerman1

        No you are correct sir.

  • BJ (Yes that BJ)

    To Grizzlies: Ronnie Brewer
    To Jazz: Protected 1st Round Pick

  • Lakers 24 7

    The Celtics are wracking up every all star they can get. lol They have five and possibly six all stars on their team. Rondo, Pierce, Allen, Garnett, Wallace…and now Nate Rob, whose not an all star, but is capable of putting up big numbers.

  • keepon_keepinon18

    Yeah the Ronnie Brewer trade is missing.

    Anyway, I’m interested in how the Big- Z-buyout-and-return-to-Cavs thing is going to work out. Lakers made no trades and I still believe they are the best in the league. The losses to Cavs did happen but those losses were losses that Lakers could have won. No one better get the idea that the Cavs are the best team in the league solely based off those two games and record.

  • 808ty

    Am I the only one that laughed when the C’s traded for nate?

    • LakersFirst

      I laughed too! the Suckdics were known as a defensive team, Nate Robinson is NOOOO defensive stopper. He is an offensive player, thats it, and he is a major defensive liability (someone you want to post up for 48 minutes).

  • poop

    theo ratliff to charlotte for cash

  • Robert

    Yes, hopefully Z doesn’t return to the Cavs. Also, we have to figure out how to stop Shaq’s post up move. He played that on the Nuggets tonight (who thankfully won, even though I don’t like the Thuggets either, but we need home court against Cavs). What we should do is have Josh Powell double up Shaq when he’s ready to make his hook shot, foul him BAD, and then let Shaq shoot free throws. Of course Phil will rarely if ever play Hack-a-Shaq.
    So, let’s hope Z doesn’t get waived. What would be the purpose for the Wiz to do that? Would they have to do it before the end of the season, to recover cap space? Or could they keep Z from going back during the playoffs?
    Well, I shouldn’t worry about this. Whatever happens happens. My hope is that too many bigs will clog the lane for LeChoke.