Well we haven’t had one of these in quite a while, but lets get this train rolling again and check out some of whats hot right now across the internet and NBA.

  • kb4sure

    WTF!! NOEFFINGWAY!!! Only one Notorious and that is kb4sure. Bynum doesn’t deserve jacksh&T rightnow. He gotta earn it u no what i mine. YOu get my wind, buddy. Stop and smill the rosas MR.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Kobe’s new nike ad sh!ts on Lebrons season six nike ad. Kobe’s is raw!

  • Paul

    Um. Facebook is not “in.”

    It’s more for college students IMO.

  • joe grande

    notorious diesn’t sound right, lets call him the maybe jr. jabbar or shaq jr. or bynumite, maybe babybshaq, a-train

  • vibe

    OMg wth is up with those jersey’s god have mercy they ugly good thing they only going to wear them for one day.

  • kb4sure

    [Comment ID #60050 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Only here at LakersNation can a petty Poser reach such a zeniathic level of stupidity!

  • ab4sure

    No-No-No, fuch me, fuch me, I gotta have IT!
    The Notorious, Yeeeaahh!

  • lilkobe24

    dude thats the gayest nickname ever…i prefer bynumite