Here’s a new addition to TLN where we’ll highlight some of the things that are going on, in or around our Lakers and NBA world.

That’s all I have for you guys today. If you have anything intresting tidbits to send over, feel free to e-mail it to me.

  • Freshh

    Let’s not stood down to “REdsarmy” level


  • Freshh


  • KOBE2K9

    hahaha kobe was pretty funny lol

  • hZm

    [Comment ID #50893 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Its all in fun!

  • Rowyn

    Considering how it’s been in Knickerbockers town for as long as I can remember now, I’d be excited about a Kwame Brown sighting as well! Ohh wait, he’s in Detroit! Wahaha Knicks still gonna suck!

    M happy for butterfingers then!

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    I still don’t think Kwame Brown SUCK. If he was the last first round pick back then, everyone would be happy about his performance now.


    That picture above is HILARIOUS!

    … and who the HELL wants to meet Dick and Bush (where’s Mrs.Bush,hahahaha),apparently The Smell-#ics do.



    Doesn’t Pierce look like a gay french black painter?

  • kobegreatest

    hahahahah thats funny


    Garnett looks like his Pimp….Hurry B&$#@ and C’mon,ya’know we gotta get that scrilla.

    Perkins looks like he wants to the signed to DEATH ROW…for the day.

    Rondo is just down right disgusted at having to go to the White House…he hates Dick-n-Bush…he goes both ways, hahaha…ok,it just Pierce’s breath.

  • Butch

    Aren’t the Pistons “exCited” not “exited” about Kwame?

  • mr.laker19

    Kendrick Perkins is so ugly you dont have to mess up his face to laugh!

  • Freshh

    I know HZM.

    I was J/K