Hopefully he’ll be alright, but bad news for the Celtics’s bench…

ESPN: Tony Allen might not be back from an injury to guard Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant when the NBA Finals begin Thursday night. “It doesn’t look good,” Rivers said after practice on Monday. “He couldn’t get through even the walkthrough portion.”

Allen had some success against Bryant in the regular season, but the Celtics guard injured his Achilles tendon in a post-practice pickup game during the Eastern Conference finals and hasn’t played since.

  • daboss1848

    He played 4.7 minutes/game in 1st rd; 4.0 minutes/game in semis; and 2.0 minutes/game in Con. Finals

    Not a big loss . . .

  • willow

    What a f*@kin moron! You’re in the biggest stage of your NBA career not knowing if you will ever have that opportunity again and you go and play a pick up game?! I can understand if he got injured DURING practice, i.e. Trevor Ariza so I guess that’s a plus for us. Besides, daboss pointed out that he’s been insignificant in the playoffs anyway so no big loss.

  • e-bucher

    was insignificant in the playoffs…but he’s played well a/ us…could of would of…

  • ab4sure

    he had a great game against us in LA so another bullet out of the Boston Roster is good to me. I have no sympathy at all.

  • Young

    given that doc rivers can’t even play a consistent lineup, i dont think it affects them as much as it would other teams to lose a backup. that said, i cant gauge how big a loss (or how little) this will be for them. it does make me think we’ll be seeing more more sam cassell’s corpse, though.

  • Michael_23


    I’ll pay more attention if the title said “Ray Allen” instead of Tony Allen

  • http://www.deluxpro.com LakersPartyJune8th

    Who the …. is Tony Allen? Why is this even a topic LOL?

  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

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    Either way, it’s a player off the bench that could be out. Significant news when it’s the finals.

  • xtro

    even ray allen and tony allen combined will not stop the venom of the black mamba

  • Freshh

    Never like to see anyone get injured.
    But another scrub that won’t go off on us :D

  • thevoiceofreason

    this is great news for Kobe. Tony Allen is a great defender. As a Laker fan I am happy.

  • Sako

    he’s the same guy that injured his leg for the rest of the season because he went for a dunk that didn’t count

  • Sako

    …after the whistle

  • 123KID

    and what did this guy do??!!!!! call me when its someone like kendrick perkins, ray allen, or paul pierce! i would want garnett out there so we can see that fu cry!!!!

  • DingleBerry

    we’ll give them Luke to make up for it LOL

  • JCBiglessworth

    I HAVE NO SYMPATHY WHAT SO EVER!!!!! Our boy Bynum is injured, not many teams can say they made it to the finals without their starting center. SO BOOOO EFFIN HOO BOSTON!!!!

  • daboss1848