We all hope its true!

Yahoo! Sports: A source close to Derek Fisher said he’s confident the free-agent guard will re-sign with the Los Angeles Lakers instead of going to the Miami Heat. Fisher reportedly received a $2.5 million offer for next season from the Lakers. He has been seeking a two-year contract with a starting salary closer to the $5 million he made last season.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    fucking about time
    now go get them bell or tmac

  • TheLakerGenera11

    i can’t believe all of those comments ovr on “heat make compelling offer 2 fisher” C’mon nation it’s business Fish has got to see what are the offers out there…he’s too loyal to just up and leave he wants to be a Laker the Lakers want him to be a Laker but the ink has to be right b4 it happens…Fish doesn’t want to go 2 the Heat that would be crazy…he’s a Laker 4 Life, we’ll see him suiting up shortly.

    • 24allup inya

      people just tend to forget that Fisher eats too.His dauther has gone through numerous treatments for her condition wich have probably driven the Fishers to almost b n bankrupt! i think fisher is worth the 5 mill forsure! every damn penny of it!!!

  • Xtro

    Let’s go get more rings!

  • http://lakernation lakers 09-10 champs

    derek isn’t going anywhere!

  • http://www.twitter.com/TLN24 Marwan Marzina

    An update on his talks with the Heat.
    The “compelling” offer the Heat gave Fish was the Veteran’s Minimum, at $1.8 million.

    • iiTzDanny

      wow real compelling pat riley

  • jaydubb415

    ”WHEW”DOUBLE WHEW”i’m not going 2 lie ive ”cursed”at fisher about this ”free-agency”shit but ”hell yea”i’m happy he’s ”coming back”i think eventually ”Kobe”picked up the phone while he was eating his cereal ( wheaties,lol ) and said ”Get it Done”,the longer we ”procastinate”on fish it slows us up on other ”potentiall”moves we could probably make.If not this could be the first year in a ”while”where i can see ”both”are ”draft picks”getting playing time if not ”ebanks”i think thats how u spell it could be wrong,but both those dudes can ball i know ”phil”’is 1 of those coaches that really don’t give rookies ”playing time”bu these dudes ”are special”n we have 2 ”re-tool”t his bench.

    • poop

      this is the strangest use of quotation marks i’ve ever seen

      • http://thetruthrenaissance.wordpress.com/ BE_A_LakerFan

        lmao I agree.

        • TheLakerGenera11

          Roflmao ^_^ I 2nd that post n reply wow…hehe

  • Pastorius

    This is very good news.

  • GO247

    get him signed ASAP, so we can go after T-Mac or Raja

  • rondo

    Fisher has nothing to gain playing with Miami only one gaining anything is Lebron and Bosh. They are the two ringless ones


    Hurry up and sign him. No more time to waste

  • Lakersince84

    Pay him the same amount he got when he first came back, DONE!

  • bogoyme

    At last DFish did not join the Dark Side and Darth Sidius(Riley). He stayed w/ the Jedi Lakers and Master Phil Yoda :P

  • JenFD

    I truly hope it is what it is… I definitely don’t see Fisher leaving the Lakers..

  • Schism

    There’s no relaxing just yet! It seems that the amount of money that the Heat are able to pay is dependant on if they sign either M.Miller or U.Haslem or both. Haslem has a big offer from Dallas, and Miller may take only partial MLE. That may leave the Heat plenty to pay Fisher if those deals aren’t done. If both Miller and Haslem sign w/Heat, then Fisher would be a lock for the Lakers. If not, then the Lakers would need to bust their budget, or say “adios” to the Fish!

    • Schism

      Follow up:
      It announced that Haslem accepted the Heat’s offer at about half pay from what he would have gotten from the Mav’s. It was probably still to much for the Heat to give for both Fish and Udonis, and thats probably when Fisher saw the writing on the wall, and took the Lakers offer.

  • Ludichris

    The title of this post is misleading. Being confident that Fish will return to LA and actually rejecting Miami are two different things.

    This is not new news and got me all excited until I actually read the article… =(

  • Nikko72

    good news


    FISH ain’t gonna say yes to that “ONE RING CIRCUS”! Those guys need FISH, he don’t need them! FISH provides stability, experience, big shots, and RINGS baby RINGS! Those 3 toddlers over in South Beach only has 1 ring amongst them, and it’ll stay that way for a while!

    FISH is a Laker and will be one FOR LIFE! He’s not gonna legitimize that little mob by gracing them with his presence.

    Those 3 douche bags had planned this Sh!t out since the last Olympics in 2004 and that’s why they signed similar contracts. Then they pulled a rouse over everyone by interviewing with all these other teams and even asking for a second interview in Wad’s case… that’s right Wad! Wasting everybody’s time and money, especially with the economy in disarray! Used to respect Wade, but not any more, not after that move!

    They couldn’t win individually and so they had to try to team up to beat Kobe and Fish! They’re gonna find out that their little experiment will not work… Kobe and Fish will continue to add to their ring collection. After all, they do have 2 hands!

    Wad’s comment about how everyone had another superstar to play with them to win… he did have Snaq and only won once. And LeRun had him last year and couldn’t do it, so are they claiming that Snaq is NOT A SUPERSTAR NOW? Hahaha! I love it. Snaq is NOT gonna like the implications, unless he’s so far removed from reality and is driven by the motivation to catch Kobe more than anything else, and will NOT be a part of that Creep Show in America’s Slum Lands!

    FCUK WAD, B!TCH, AND LeBurn! FCUK RAT Reilly, and the BEAT organization, and their backward fans!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Drake Ramoray

    The lakersnation is really starting to suck. They keep reporting the same s hit about Fisher. Their also slow on their reports. Where’s the video where Michale Jordan said at his camp that Kobe is better than lebron? Where’s the updates about other free agents? They keep telling us about Fisher when we all know Fisher isn’t going any where. Jerry Buss already said so. This site was so much better when it was getgarnett.com. It was simple and kept it real. Now they don’t have any articles to post about. There’s better sources out there.

    • onouddntgf

      Like the “evil four letter network” right? ZING

  • Keith
  • http://www.jackyang.info Jack Y.
  • JenFD

    and its official – he re-signed for 3 yrs :D

  • Schism

    Fisher’s Statement:

    “I have decided to continue with Kobe, continue with our teammates and the fans of Los Angeles,” Fisher said in a statement. “While this may not be the most lucrative contract I’ve been offered this offseason, it is the most valuable. I am confident I will continue to lead this team on and off the court. Let the hunt for six begin.”

    I took time to consider all my options, many not reported in the media,” Fisher said. “I listened to every coach, every general manager, even potential teammates in order to make the right decision and I thank every one of them. At the end of the day, there’s one person I could not turn away from.

    “Kobe Bryant asked me to stay but supported whatever decision I made. He and I have played together for 11 seasons, came into the league together as kids, and has been loyal to me even when others had doubts. We have won five championships together.”


    • 151rummer

      not the best point guard some might consider in the league….but the classiest by far. glad to c hes back

  • Patrick Bateman

    We have our starting five back!

    Blake is an upgrade over farmar.
    Now if we can get Shannon Brown back
    Our PG issues will be addressed!

    Anyone have updates with Raja Bell and Matt Barnes?

    Hedo Turkolu is going to PHX…its pending.

  • Drake Ramoray

    Good job guys. Dont worry The lakersnation will report breaking news in an hour that Fisher has resigned!

    • Lakers Reloaded

      What happen to the passion this site had when it was GETGARNETT.COM. C’Mon were going for the 3-peat.

  • Lakers Reloaded

    GOOD JOB! Many of you feel that D-Fishs skills have diminished but he brings the intangibles to the team.
    Most important leadership. Now lets sign a slasher/scorer/ athletic/ lengthy player with a chip on his shoulder. ummm TMAC – Just sayin


      Now lets sign a slasher/scorer/ athletic/ lengthy player with a chip on his shoulder…. THAT CAN STAY HEALTHY.

      Not T-Mac. sorry.

      • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

        no i think we need a tough/ defensive stopper/ with a good 3 point shot when set, small forward, HIGH IQ!!!

  • justdogm1

    touching retard, please ease up on the ebonics…or is that just how empty you are?