Great article from Kevin Ding.

O.C. Register: It was two days before the Lakers’ regular-season opener that Sasha Vujacic (and Maria Sharapova) enjoyed the U2 concert at the Rose Bowl.

It’s now six months later, and the Lakers – sing along with Bono, if you know the lyrics – still haven’t found what they’re looking for.

For such a complacent, skilled, defending-champion team, the Lakers still haven’t found that elusive quality that drives greatness much further than talent does.


The reason that the Oklahoma City Thunder has seemed so overwhelming is not because they’ve been winning more. This series is very much tied, 2-2. But the eighth-seeded Thunder has what the top-seeded Lakers want.

Oklahoma City has been fearless. Refreshingly, spectacularly, charmingly fearless.

And in so being, the Thunder has revealed just how much fear the Lakers are toting around as they try not to lose the championship they still hold.

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  • justdogm1

    how about THE BIGGEST TANK-JOB in NBA history…..not enough motivation?

  • Scott Forrest

    The Lakers are a different team this year.I still say once Trevor left for Houston the heart went with’em.I say The Lakers will win the series…even though this series is kinda suspect…remember this past week was the Anniversary of The Oklahoma City Bombing and Stern was at the game on Thursday.Kinda makes ya’ go mmmm…but anyway…wait a minute…and Stern hates Kobe…he does.Go back and watch how Stern presented The Lakers with The O’Brien Trophy and Mvp Award to Kobe…no enthusiasm what so ever….mmmm.I kinda hoped we would lose so we can get some BETTER bench players for LO (Lamar is Lamar..too versatile to give up) and the fact we have 3 more years with Kobe,sorry LakerNation but Bynum may be out if we don’t get this ‘Chip…HELLO CHRIS BOSH!! So for Bynum sake…STEP THE HELL UP AND DUNK ON SOMEBODY.Laker 109 – OKC 97.

  • gugy

    Lakers needs to man up and step up the game.
    While I still think they will make it to the finals, I hope they will not repeat the Boston and Detroit fiasco.

    Kobe is not the same this season due so many injuries. Time for his teammates to show the NBA they are worth it.

  • Scott Forrest

    Wow! Kobe’s legacy huh.Nah,if you were watching the game he did pass to his teammates and nothin’ fell through the nets…so that means Kobe is not the problem like alot of people are tryin’ to say. Kobe’s in LA for another 3 yrs. so don’t expect this team to be the same next year,trust dat. If we win the ‘Chip minor changes (so long Farmar,Sasha…hello,Felton,CJ Watson,Hinrich,tec.) but we don’t win…OH MY GOODNESS! Chris Bosh or some other surprise will be in a Laker uniform in 2011…as for our bench…everybody except LO (you don’t give up a versatile player like matter how bad he’s playing..just imagine a team of KB/LO/RA/CB4/Pau on the same team..that’s 3 in a row right there)maybe Luke stays,maybe DJ.This game is an evaluation for “this” version of the LakeShow.

  • gugy

    And you call yourself a Laker fan.
    Sorry bro, Kobe legacy doesn’t hang on this game or this season.
    While it will be bad if the Lakers get eliminate, Kobe has done so much that one game or one season will not tarnish his legacy.

  • Marwan Deletes My Comments

    Above all, the thing the Lakers need is…
    for Marwan to stop deleting my comments.
    If KB8/24 were 100%, OKC would be “gone fishin'” by now.
    I’m still taking the Cavs in 6.

    • Marwan Marzina

      I’m not deleting your comments…
      Why do you say I am?