We find it easy to muster up tons of appreciation for Trevor Ariza and his ability to play some game changing defense but one thing that has been quite a surprise this season is Trevor’s ability to hit the trey. The 6’ 8” 210lb forward from UCLA is hitting an impressive 80% of his three-point shots adding a whole new dimension to the Lakers lineup.

Of course, it’s still early in the NBA season but if Trevor can continue to knock down shots from beyond the arc, the Lakers’ opponents are going to have one heck of a time trying to match up.

Ariza brings such a dynamic aspect to the team and seems to make an impact every time he steps on the court. His relentless energy and playmaking ability have been key to the Lakers early season success.

When healthy, Trevor Ariza has made a significant impact reminding us of one Ron Harper, who played a key role on the Lakers back-to-back title runs of 2000 and 2001 and Rick Fox, another great role player. Both Fox and Harper made an enormous contribution to the Lakers title runs.

The headliners fill the seats but it’s the role players that make a world of difference and teams are going to have to take notice of #3 or pay the consequences.

Trying to stop the 2008 Los Angeles Lakers is no easy task as opponents will have to pick their poison with the likes of Andrew Bynum, Derek Fisher, Lamar Odom, and the Mamba himself, Kobe Bryant. A few long range bombs from downtown will only make things miserable for defenders who play off Ariza, completely opening up the middle for Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum. As would be defenders struggle between double teams or allowing the rain to pour down. This adds an important dimension to the Purple and Gold.

Suffocating defense is one thing but an athletic playmaker that can shoot the rock from three-point range brings a whole new level of depth to an already stacked Lakers bench. Hopefully, Trevor Ariza can maintain his shooting touch giving Coach Phil Jackson plenty of reason to keep him out on the floor and opposing coaches stuck in a tail spin.

  • Jason

    Has anyone mentioned what happened to Ariza changing jersey numbers from #3 to #1?

  • Anonymous.

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    Well, he wore #1 when he was with Orlando because he admired Penny Hardaway.

  • domz

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    No. When he exercised his option for this season. He said that he woukd change his number to 1. But it didnt happened. Maybe, it was because he remembered Smush also weared No.1, so he changed his mind.

  • Anonymous.

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    lolk? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDbD2LQCnmY

    Proof at :45

    Know your shiit

  • Diehardfan

    With Ariza hitting threes and Odom improving this is defenitely the best bench in the NBA!

  • kobe24_1overjordan


  • xtro

    the new robert horry!!

  • domz

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    Well..yeah..You are a bright guy. So what now? We are just wondering here why he didnt change his number. Not why he wore number 1.

  • laker-nate

    lol dont hate on smush hes the only reason we won game 4 against the suns with his great foul/steal and ariza will never be a Robert Horry because simply Horry wasnt a defender 1st he was shooter/then defense Airza is defense/shooting.


    Magnum T.A.,The Postermaker…and one half of “THE HEADBANGERZ”!!!

    That would be something if Kobe/AB/Pau and Ariza go to the All Star game,whoa…not unlikely this could happen.

  • gugy

    Ariza is the man.

    I feel that he is hungry to win. Sure sometimes he make mistakes because he still young and inexperience, but at least he put his heart.
    Very different than Luke and Vlad.

    Hopefully they will learn from Ariza.
    Go Lakers

  • LakersNo1

    He is the young Eddie Jones who we used to love his slashy play, 3 pts shooting. Now all he needs is gain some muscles so he can bang with PP and Artest.

  • xtro

    Ariza the X-factor!


    He even made LO believe in his self..again.I still say we would’ve at least went to game 7 if he played more,PJ should’ve never took him out of game 4.


  • Geloman

    Ariza reminds me of a former Laker who was a fan favorite, Eddie Jones. He was a slasher, a great defender, and had a nice shooting touch. I personally was really disappointed when the Lakers traded him for Glen Rice. If Ariza continues to improve his shot, it’ll be like the reincarnation of EDDIEEE!


    LA4LIFE,thanx my brotha for that article.I’ve been tryin’ to tell those same comments to my brother for years (he’s a laker hater..can’t stand’em but he’s my bro,wat’cha goin’ to do?).

  • aggressive expansion

    this dude adds a couple of pounds in muscle, he could almost be as good as scottie pippen, not better, but close, keep in mind that pippen was one of the 50 best players to ever lace em up. but ariza reminds me of him in terms of defense, oh plus ariza throws ‘em down harder, look up some of his posters on youtube.

  • Vaporize

    Haha, forget the rest. How’s the picture? lol

    I just like the effort of Ariza especially on the defensive end. His jumpshot is getting there and is getting closer to a lockdown defender.

  • yellowpurplefever

    Amen. Ariza is the MAN. Alot of us on here Really believe in Ariza will take over at the SF spot and four games into the season and he did NOT prove us wrong. I love his DEFENSE and continue to rain those treys.
    Dont forget to drink MILK or take your Centrum A-Z !!

  • p a

    I thought I was a homie but, holey moley, to say Ariza’s defense is exceptional is stretching it a bit. Team defense, he’ ok, man to man, good not great. He’s not even in Rick Fox’s class yet. He looks better than he really is because of the team’s new defensive scheme. Hell, the defense is even making VladRad look competent. Contrasting him to Luke, then he looks like the second coming of Michael Cooper.

    When an opposing gets in the zone, who do you want guarding him, Ariza or Sasha? If you hesitate, then he’s really not that good after all.

  • iskerfan567

    WHAT I TELL YA!!!!!!!!!
    THE NEXT RON ARTEST, all he needs is a post up game