The champs will be joining Kimmel tonight! Make sure to tune in!

N.Y. Times: Jimmy Kimmel and ABC will get an unexpected gift Friday night: A new show when a repeat had been scheduled — and one that will include about the most prominent guests a talk show could land this week: Kobe Bryant and other members of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Mr. Kimmel has been producing special shows for ABC during its coverage of the NBA Finals, preceding the games in prime time. But Friday was the show’s regular day off until Mr. Kimmel got word late Thursday night as the Lakers celebrated their seventh game win over the Boston Celtics to capture the NBA title.

“We have a great relationship with Kobe,” Mr. Kimmel said in an email message. The show’s booker, John Carlin, attended the game and spoke to a representative of Mr. Bryant. He then asked the Laker star if he would commit to appearing with Mr. Kimmel. He agreed and promised to bring along several other members of the team.

Mr. Kimmel, who has gotten a big ratings boost from the huge audiences that have tuned in to ABC during the basketball coverage. sprang into action and contacted the network with a request to add an original show Friday. He also called his staff who expected the show to be dark on Friday to tell them to gear up the machine.

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  • Leo

    Can’t wait to see Ammo there.

    • ZKV

      The question is, will he be high again

  • Betto

    Actually ABC will be showing a repeat tonight, since Lakers are back-2-back champs that’s considered a repeat.. lol

  • 09champs!

    hey , here in LA starts at midnight right?

  • L.Alaker_show

    i cant wait to see wat artest is goin to say in jimmy kimmel u thought last year was sweet just wait and see this one