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In the waning days of this off-season of inactivity, I have come to the realization that the Lakers’ Front Office probably knew all along that they wouldn’t continue to try to make vast roster improvements if they didn’t land Kevin Garnett.

The sad truth is, the Laker management’s main concern is making money. They know that as long as they have the world’s best player on the floor they will sell out games. Since this is the case, from management’s perspective, the status quo is completely acceptable. Who cares if the Lakers lose in the first round?

Season ticket holder renewal rates are still in the nineties. I believe that their plan is to ride Kobe untill he retires or opts out, at which point Andrew Bynum, whom they feel will undoubtedly become an all-star, will be the team’s focal point. Jim Buss and his underlings are so convinced of Bynum’s future dominance, that they are willing to sacrifice Kobe’s prime years to give Bynum time to develop.

In the meantime, they are content with the current roster and expect a frustrated Kobe to lead a mediocre team to another first round playoff exit. It’s alright. At least we’re filling up Staples Center every night. As sad as this is to accept from a fan’s point of view, keep in mind that the NBA is first and foremost a business.

Some may say that with our current team healthy, we can go pretty deep into the playoffs. This may be true, but personally, I am not truly satisfied with anything less than a championship. I’m sure Kobe feels the same way. Of course, the Front Office should only be concerned with winning. Unfortunatley this can’t the case.

If it was, Jason Kidd would be in Purple and Gold at this very moment. What is most startling to me is that the Front Office is willing to put seemingly all its eggs in one basket. They are counting on Bynum to lead the future. They foolishly assume he will suddenly develop into a Dwight Howard-type player. I don’t know if I’m the only one to notice, but Andrew Bynum is no Dwight Howard. Yes, Bynum is younger than Dwight. Yes, Bynum’s potential is sky high, but I have my doubts.

Where’s his passion and work ethic? And let us not forget whose Bynum’s mentor is. While Kareem could be considered to be the best player ever, his style of play was effective in a different era. It’s this style of play that he is passing down to Andrew. The big man era of grace and evading the defense dominated by Kareem and Hakeem is over. It has been replaced with the scrappy, aggressive, dunk-in-your-face mentality of today.

I worry that Bynum won’t be effective against big men like Greg Oden, Amare Stoudemire, and Dwight Howard. As strange as it is to say, I hope that I’m wrong. I hope that as soon as I submit this article that Mitch pulls off a huge deal. I hope Bynum comes to camp with fire in his eyes and Dwight Howard’s shoulders. I hope he goes on to be the next Shaq.

The truth is I just don’t see it happening.

  • MacBSlick

    Ive never been one to get into trade senarios when it comes to the Lakers Because thier track record has been flawless up until these last few seasons. Ive always trusted the brain trust running the organization and have never had to second guess what moves they have made in the past.
    But seeing Kobe age in front of my own eyes, having watched just about every game hes played the last 12 years has really got me scratching my head these last couple of seasons.
    If this team had say 3 allstars Bynum wouldnt even be a question mark in my mind. But when it has only 1 true allstar, and that allstar isnt getting any younger Then I have to question what the hell is management thinking?
    Bynum hasnt even turned 20 yet and all this expectation that he’ll one day be an allstar is just plain STUPID. When the Lakers picked him at number 10, Everyone in the Sports world was asking the same question WHY! When was the last time you can remember anyone asking that question when it comes to this organization? Kwame…Why? Cook… Why? Sasha..Why? Smush….WHY WHY WHY?
    Im beginning to really doubt the Busses. Ive never ever had to say that in the past. But its there. Now what? Its gotten to where people want Magic to buy the team. Thats doubt setting in. Maybe Jerry is to old and doesnt care anymore as Luke stated above. Its all about the money now. I would hope thats not true. But I have some serious doubts. Either go young and trade Kobe or build around the best player in the league. Not a hard choice Jerry.

  • Faith

    “Andrew Bynum is no Dwight Howard”

    Well said. Thank you for that. It is indeed a dismal, depressing and disillusioning truth. Mediocrity is what this front office stands for, and neither Kobe or us fans are for that.

    Down with the Front Office, hail the revolution! lol.

    P.S. I miss the old Jerry Buss, who was about winning (I know he said that lately, but really with who he leaves in charge, I can’t help but think his idea of winning and what it used to be has changed drastically).

  • gugy

    I agree with this article.

    Sometimes I wish Kobe just leave and let the Lakers go downhill so a lesson can be learned by the FO. I love the Lakers but at this point in time I am cheering for Kobe more than the Lakers organization. Sad but true.

    I hope to see Kobe greatness in purple and gold but I don’t mind in any other uniform. I like his desire for winning and his focus. He deserves to be the best. The dude is working out this summer, lost 20 pounds and he strives to be the best, that’s an example for any athlete and specially this Lakers FO.

    Where’s JO?

  • Nikko

    Starting to get sick o this Laker BS and drama. Lakers and the news around them have become the nagging girlfriend or wife sort of speak.. Also, NBA has a major problem with match-fixing, not sure if my heart will be into the sport 100% this next couple of years. Media quietly silenced critics, but doesn’t mean the product got better.
    BTW Bynum is no super star or will be

  • MILO


  • MILO

    Nothing, wow he does’nt even amount to trash that is depresing!!!

  • JordanT

    Bynum will be good. This article is well spoken though regarding his need for some confident physical dominance. Dwight Howard is I think, 21? and Bynum 19? Howard in his first year averaged 12 points and about 10 rebounds during 30 minutes or so of playtime per game.

    Bynum averaged last season I believe 6 rebounds and 8 points in 20 minutes. If given Howard’s same playing time that would be 8 rebounds and 10.5 points or so….

    Now factor in age…and you get…

    If Bynum averages 7 rebounds and 9 points in 20 minutes…this year… 10 rebounds and 12 points or so would be the 30 minute total… putting him dead even statistically with Dwight Howard during his first year..Bynum now being the same age as Howard his first year. That statistically dead even concept would become a reality…or atleast as far as my memory and feeble math skills can muster.

    Not that Bynum is on Howard’s level. There are afterall all the wonderful attributes of a physical nightmare that statistics cannot understand. Though if you want to try to use them to figure it out, Bynum had 1.5 or so blocks per game last season, about the exact same as Howard had in his first season. The only difference is Bynum did it in 20 minutes as opposed to Howard’s 30.

    Now again, I do love what the writer of this article is saying in style of play. Bynum needs to be a big mean junkyard dog out there, and not so much a finesse pirouette ballet fairy. Yet if he can get that hook shot down and the physical dominance with it we are looking at the next Shaq. If he can do it and get his freethrow % up to 67-75%…..he would be nearly unstoppable.

    We will see what happens, but even though I think that entire Lakers FO is completely insane I believe in Andrew Bynum becoming a phenom and a franchise player just as much as they do. I feel so icky relating to them…

    Even Dwight Howard has not finished growing completely…by 25 he will have barley filled out his shoulders to their fullest, and that is a scary scary concept. How far along will Bynum be by that age; god only knows. But thats 5 or 6 years from now… 6 years ago bynum was 13 =P

    How Bynum’s physical chemistry plays into things and how he develops a hunger and drive….that remains to be seen, but you don’t get 7 feet tall by the time you are 17 having poor gene growth chemistry.

    Now to just get the work ethic out of him to be in the gym constantly…

  • BEC

    Well written but I disagree, heavily with this quote from your article…..

    “…And let us not forget whose Bynum’s mentor is. While Kareem could be considered to be the best player ever, his style of play was effective in a different era. It’s this style of play that he is passing down to Andrew. The big man era of grace and evading the defense dominated by Kareem and Hakeem is over. It has been replaced with the scrappy, aggressive, dunk-in-your-face mentality of today.”

    Basketball is basketball in any era. Same concepts, you put the ball through the hoop and stop the other team from putting the ball through the hoop. Its that simple. Yes the big man era is over and thats because there are no good big men, other than Duncan and Shaq, true big men. Just because everyone is picking up a new style of play doesnt mean a team cant enforce there own style of play. Look at the Spurs 4 time NBA champions, what kind of style of play do they play? Thats right, a half court set, with a true big man, none of that fancy run and gun stuff, just fundamental basketball. How about new style of play of Suns and the rest? Yup, ZERO titles. The last EIGHT of nine (couldve been the last nine but LA lost to Det) NBA titles were won with half court sets, with a big man, shaq and duncan. Why wouldnt you want Kareems skill set passed down to Bynum? His skills made him a SIX TIME NBA CHAMPION and a SIX TIME NBA MVP. Who wouldnt want the skill set of Kareem passed down, they dont just win games, THEY WON TITLES. HIS SKILL SET WILL DESTROY ANY ONE IN THIS ERA, IN ANY ERA. Basketball is basketball, dont forget that.

    This is why they are so high on Bynum because he has the physical aspects of being a great big man. A big man that can possibly win titles. Its been proven IN ANY ERA that a good big man wins titles, you can look at the present or way back to the beginning of basketball when George Mikan of the Lakers won 4 titles in the 1950’s or today where shaq and duncan have a combined 8 titles.This is a proven method of winning. Of course there are exception of Jordan, but other than that there isnt much.

  • cyrus

    “Basketball is basketball in any era.”

    Well said BEC

  • JordanT

    I just wanted to add that Dwight Howard is my favorite center and my favorite dunker hehe.

  • lakrfan4life

    damn luke, yet another deep thought by you

    keep up the good work

  • Guoballs

    I dunno where else to post this, but does anyone else find it weird in the Video with Garnett that one Admin made they use the song and it goes something like

    “i think im going to boston” “Ill get outta California”

    i just thought that was kinda ironic…

  • Fan of the Mamba

    I’m in total agreement with this article.

    First, foremost and I always reiterate that a former horse trainer with no basketball history or knowledge is the last person who should be making player personnel decisions.

    There were better players than Bynum to take in the draft but because the horse trainer fell in love with him, that makes the draft pick legitimate. Bynum is no Tyrus Thomas, Dwight Howard, Greg Oden or O.J. Mayo but yet because the horse trainer and his employees have thrown all their eggs into the Bynum basket, we’re just suppose to ignore what we see with our own eyes.

    Bottom line Bynum hasn’t shown any true fire to be the next great center or even an allstar, he’s not as good now as guys younger than he is. I don’t want to bash Bynum because this wasn’t his doing it was Jim Buss’s doing.

    The difference between the Lakers then and now is Jim Buss. If someone doesn’t stop him from making player personnel decisions the Lakers are in for years of decline. We’re already heading that way fast.

    And for people who talk about his age, that just doesn’t cut it. Kobe was a young airball shooting fool but you knew at 17 he had the fire to be great. Tyrus Thomas is the measuring stick I use for Andrew Bynum in terms of performance. With no special tutoring from Kareem or any other hall of famer, this kid is light years ahead of Andrew already.

    I love the Lakers organization but they are currently being managed very badly. Someone needs to step up and make the right decisions for the future. The first right decision would be to remove Jim Buss from making player personnel decisions.

  • lakerfan81

    People need to realize a couple of things when they are talking about Bynum. The kid is only 19 years old. He was drafted at 17 with very little basketball experience. He was in the draft because he was an athletic physical specimen. Tall, soft hands, big, strong etc etc. This doesn’t always equate to a good basketball player (Kwame Brown minus the soft hands), but it is often used to draft players, but what else to do you go by.

    Because of his limited basketball experience, from not playing in College, he not only needs to learn the NBA game (like all rookies), but he also needs to learn the fundamentals of the game; when and where to set a pick, how to set a proper pick, defensive rotations, footwork, how to properly box someone out, how to defend the pick and roll etc etc. On top of that he needs to learn a complicated offensive system that requires a good grasp on the fundamentals of the game. You can question his work ethic, many people have (but if you were a 17 and all of a sudden you were making 2 Mil a year how much would you want to work) but it is too early to tell whether he will live up to his potential.

  • foxxy


  • Fan of the Mamba


    “this doesn’t always equate to a good basketball player (Kwame Brown minus the soft hands), but it is often used to draft players, but what else to do you go by”

    If Jim Buss was truly good at having an eye for basketball talent he would know what else you go by. That’s why the Spurs are so successful, they see talent in players no one else hardly gives a second thought too. The Spurs model is one that can be used by many teams including the Lakers. Look for skilled players but also players who naturally have the fire and passion to play the game hard at both ends of the floor.

    That’s actually the point. Jim Buss picked Bynum for the very reasons you stated because he was tall, soft hands, but I beg to differ on the strong because Bynum was/is not strong.

    The very reasons he shouldn’t have chosen him you listed in detail.

    He needed to learn: the fundamentals of the game; when and where to set a pick, how to set a proper pick, defensive rotations, footwork, how to properly box someone out, how to defend the pick and roll. One of the problems with Bynum last year is he thought too much about what he should be doing and how he should be doing it instead of just doing it.

    Buss picked a project built on nothing else other than the kid was tall, big and had soft hands. When you have a top 10 draft pick you should do one of two things, you trade it for immediate veteran help or you get the best player available on the board. Bynum was not the best player left on the board. He was the tallest, the most inexperienced and not the best.

    Basically what’s missing in Bynum can’t be taught, it’s either there or not. I’m not talking about his stats or his age or his lack of basketball experience, I’m talking about passion for the game. You either have that or you don’t. Bynum doesn’t.

    Honestly, I think he’ll be a serviceable big man. He will not be an allstar. I see him bringing to a team the same skills as Adonal Foyle, Benoit Benjamin, Chris Kaman etc., not Shaq, Hakeem, Moses Malone, Kareem, Dwight Howard, etc..

  • daboss1848

    Wow . . . negativity and melodrama receives praise?

    Hindsight is 20/20. As much as this article is riddled with grammatical and spelling errors, it is also riddled with speculation and factual inaccuracies.
    (I will leave the DHoward comparison and Kareem comments as self-detructive)

    Jason Kidd is unable to do anything with a much better overall squad in NJ (not to mention his previous stops in PHX and DAL) – yet, somehow, he would have been the savior on a depleted LAL squad?

    Not to take anything away from JKidd, but he is 35 yrs old, and an offensive liability. He is an incredible playmaker but he is no threat. Best case scenario is that he gets us to the 2nd round . . .is that good enough?

    (By the way, almost a decade ago a Lakers superstar, fans and radio personalities were screaming for another young kid to be traded for JKidd)

    I am not making a judgment on whether or not we would have been better with JKidd in the short run (had we made the trade) vs. long run (not making the trade) . . .but, I can still see both sides!

    C’mon guys . . .enough of the Buss and Mitch bashing based on hindsight. Last time I checked, it took 2 teams to make a trade; which NBA team in their right mind wants to help the Lakers?

    Our problem has been (even with [some of] your idol, Jerry West) and still is with the scouting department. We have lagged the international scouting for over a decade now and there does not appear to be any relief in sight.

    GET THIS – no trade puts us in contention (except for the pipe trade machine trades some of you put up), no matter how simple some of you think it is to make a trade, it isn’t – you are not familiar with the intricacies of the backdoor deal and we are not privy to actual terms (except through media speculation and someone’s uncle’s father’s hairdresser’s dogwalker’s friend who works with the Lakers who puts a blog some website)

  • MILO

    Cyrus, who won the GM challenge???I dont think it was ever anounced was it???

  • MILO

    24allup inya, where are you??? you have’nt posted in a while PUL

  • Fan of the Mamba


    I can only speak for me. It’s not about negativity for me. It’s about reality. I have nothing to say about Mitch because I believe Mitch does what he’s told to do. You are correct that there are intricacies involved in trades that most fans have no clue about. The Jason Kidd deal was no such problem. It simply came down to the Lakers not wanting to give up Bynum which of course is their right. Was it a good decision, judging by most opinion inside and outside of basketball no.

    And in actuality you are correct, no one move is going to make us champions but it’s take at least one to get you started in the right direction. Jason Kidd even at 34 is one of the top point guards in the league, and though his team hasn’t won it all they’ve been to the finals twice during his tenure and the conference semi-finals several times.

    As Boston has proved once you get the right players on board other players will follow because they want a championship. Jason Kidd has demonstrated that he is just that kind of player. The things he could have taught our young point guards would be invaluable for the future success of the organization.

    And I will again reiterate that the guys that are in charge of making player personnel decision aren’t doing a great or good job. That’s not negativity that’s reality. If someone told me I was a lousy brain surgeon that’s not negativity that’s truth. I don’t know a thing about brain surgery. My point only is Jim Buss is not a good judge of player personnel and shouldn’t be in that position, he’s not there because he’s qualified to do the job, he’s there because his father is majority owner of the club. Again I don’t have any problem with nepotism, I think a father or a mother has the right to do as they choose with their business, it’s just that sometimes those decisions are made with the heart and not the head. If you always do what’s best for the organization you can take care of your children and have a thriving business.

    I hate negativity and I love the truth. I don’t perceive this as negative just truthful.

    I hate Jim Buss is negative. Jim Buss is not doing a great job is truth.

  • http://theworldvoice.com LUUUUKE

    sorry if there are spelling errors. i wrote this really fast during halftime of the fiba championship game. next time i’ll take my time and proof read.


    jason kidd not a threat? he nearly averaged a triple double in the playoffs last year. he is a floor general that the lakers lacked and while his skills have diminished with age he would have been a HUGE improvement over what we had. he would have been able to contribute immediatley a lot more than bynum.

    Maybe trading for bynum for kidd would have been bad in the long run but we have to worry about the present before we worry about the future. Kobe won’t be this good for much longer. we need to win now while we still have kobe.

    perhaps last year we would have only made it to the 2nd round but how about this year when everyone is coming back healthy? everyone loves to speculate how good we would have been had we stayed healthy the whole season. add jason kidd to that and it is a huge improvement.

    yes now its hard to make trades but its management that got us in this mess.

    they have made it so we’re not a lottery team but not an elite team either meaning we cant get anyone too good in the draft and cant make any trades b/c we have no valuable pieces to trade except for bynum.

    i dont know about you but i dont want to wait 5 years for bynum to MAYBE turn into an all star. we should trade him now while his stock is high. but management will never do it.

  • daboss1848

    Jason Kidd salary = 20 mil
    AB = 2 mil

    In that trade – and again, I reiterate – we have no idea what the parts were outside the media reports. But we did have to come up with at least 17 mil more. So, you are not just adding Kidd and subtracting AB – there’s alot more to it.

    JKidd would have been a great addition (no doubt) but at what cost? (Plz, inclusion of Vlad is not legit conversation).

    Never say never – he was offered for KG and JO…per reports.

    I also have to take issue with “management that got us in this mess”. There is also the KB factor – now I know that Jerry wanted Shaq out. Is it coincidence that KB signed the day after Shaq was traded? I dont know the answer, but it is curious to say the least. Had KB signed and allowed mgmt to have a bidding war for Shaq, we, obviously would have received better assets in return. I also know that had KB wanted Shaq here – a simple statement would have kept him here.

    Mamba – truth is our scouting department has failed us for over 15 years. There is definite confusion in the FO – between Jerry, Jim, Jeanie, PJ, Mitch . . . this chaos is not healthy and certainly not productive.

    Having said that, engaging in what could have been gets us nowhere. We have an egocentric superstar – whose talents are second to none -but whose business acumen seems to lag far behind. He has single-handedly destroyed any leverage the FO had this summer and probably next.

    It took Boston 10 years to gather the necessary assets to acquire KG. They were in the bottom of the league for over a decade. Our biggest issue is we are always top/middle tier – we cannot generate solid assets with such low picks (unless, scouting improves – – eg., SA sitting on Parker, Manu, Scola, etc.).

  • Fan of the Mamba


    the deal for J- Kidd would have included bynum, kwame and yes Vlad because bynum was the piece New Jersey wanted Vlad would have just been filler, or Odom and Bynum.

    I agree that Kobe acted irrationally and shot himself in the foot. But I’m not worried about Kobe. He can play anywhere. I am however very concerned for the lack of direction in the FO, because whether Kobe is traded or opts out or retires as a Laker, the organization isn’t being guided into a successful future.

    I agree that our scouting team has sucked for along time, how many years is up for debate. But whose responsibility is it to make sure we have a competent scouting staff? President of Player Personnel, Mr. Jim Buss.

    Just a simple question. In a successful business how many people would still be employed if they continued to make bad decisions. Almost none.

    The issue with the current Lakers team for me is not the youth, but the lack of a winning attitude. I want to see them all leave it out on the court every night win or lose. That competitive fire is missing from almost the entire team with two or three exceptions besides Kobe. I don’t care how old Jason Kidd is, he’s a competitor.

    I understand that there were injuries but you still have to play hard every night and be professional about it. You shouldn’t pout, yell at the coach or throw your clothes at him because he’s ripping you a new one based on your on court production.

  • BEC

    If you look at the Lakers from the front offices perspective our future is in perfect shape, thats why things are not changing much, first and foremost this is a business. If Kobe stays they fill the seats (if they get a trade that makes them contendors then thats just another plus, double the ticket price because we are winning), if Kobe leaves we still have a good prospect in Bynum and we can get young talent for the future with Kobe. I feel thats the biggest reason why we are so hesistant to just make any move. Its the perfect situation for the Lakers, from a business point of view.

    Daboss, scouting department has failed us lasat 15 years? I beg to differ. Last fifteen years weve acquired some pretty good players, Crittenton, Bynum, Turiaf, Farmar, Walton, Fisher, Jones, Divac, and the one and only Kobe Bryant. Scouting department has done a fairly good job. Theres always going to be bad picks Sasha and the rest but thats the way it is, you take a chance and see what happens. Could we do better? Of course, but i wouldnt go as far as saying they have failed us.

  • daboss1848

    Don’t isolate the comment – scouting department failed last 15 years not only in US, but more specifically in global basketball recruitment. A team like Dallas or San Antonio should not have been in the forefront of international scouting – it should have been the Lakers – with all the resources available to us, including money, recognition, and representation.

    BEC your list of characters coincidentally does not include:
    Devean George over AK47
    John Celestand over Manu Ginobili
    Lakers international scouts resulted in Slava and Sasha.

    The list from the US is endless (but, again, hindsight is 20/20):
    Chris Jefferies over Boozer
    Madsen over Michael Redd

    Scouting is locating a diamond in the rough or planning for the future. Recruiting the best HS basketball talent in the nation (i.e. KB) is not a scouting accomplishment. Take SA as an example – they are winning championships and collecting assets, because they have scouts who recruit players to play overseas for professional seasoning. So, even though they dont have roster spots today, they are, nonetheless, building for the future.

  • Fan of the Mamba


    good post, I don’t know about the number of years but I agree with your assessment of the Lakers lack of ability in the scouting department.


    If the Lakers are truly trading Kobe you will quickly see how not perfect our future is. I’d be the first to say I was wrong. But I see a team full of role players who would not start for 27 out of 30 NBA teams. Atlanta is a great example of what we have on the Lakers minus Kobe. They are perinnal doormats. In fact I believe the Hawks have several players that are better than most of the Lakers. And they play in the East.

    Again I’m sure the FO is thinking the same thing and if they trade Kobe they’ll soon find out how not right that thinking is.

  • BEC

    “Scouting is locating a diamond in the rough or planning for the future.”
    Scouting is locating a diamond in the rough or simply put Scouting is just getting lucky. You have to get lucky. Those teams got lucky in there picks. You also forgot Arenas 29 other teams passed on him too. Its luck. Picks can turn out horrible, Kwame at #1 over anyone with Wizards, Darko over Melo and Wade, and Sam Bowie(portland) (heavily recuirted out of high school)over the greatest player of all time, Michael Jordan. Or picks can turn great by drafting Magic, Hakeem, or Duncan.
    A team takes a shot at a young talent and you see what happens. The Lakers have international scouts, I know Divac is one and i think Tomjanovic is one too. Scouting is a game of luck, how can you say a team fails you at a game of luck? There are a lot of cases were talents are over looked all the time, thats the way it is. Why isolate the Lakers, were looking at international player, drafting Gasol and Yue proves that? You cant tell if a talent is going to be a hall of famer or a bust. Im not saying the lakers are doing a great job in scouting here in the US or oversees, but to say they failed us would be pushing it i think. Scouting is done as a whole in the US and overseas, just because we pick US players over international ones, doesnt mean we arent scouting the international players well, we just feel US players have more upside, you pick a talent you like and go from there.

    So Fan of the Mamba, our current young talent in Bynum, Crittenton, Farmar, Turiaf, plus the addition of what we can get for Kobe (cap space, expiring contracts, good young prospects, and draft picks) We wont be good for the future? and im not even including trading LO for young talent and draft picks too. Come on now, thats a promising future. This is LA players will want to player here, with the cap space we can free up from a Kobe deal. Will it be better than a Kobe team winning titles? No, but its a bright future nonetheless.

  • daboss1848

    well . . . “scouting is luck” is not even worth responding to.

    Picks can turn great – like Magic, Hakeem, and Duncan? Wow!!!

    Those players weren’t expected to be great?!

    As an aside, I do not refer to star players – I refer to serviceable players. Another example would be Tayshaun Prince – whom we bypassed for Kareem Rush (even though we never evaluated him) when he fell to our spot. Is that proper scouting (picking someone you never evaluated)? Oh, that’s right, its just unlucky.

    By the way I isolated the Lakers because we are/were the premier franchise . . .When you are on top of something, whether it be sport or business unless you adapt to the changing landscape of the environment, you will find yourself clawing to get back to the top a little too late. That is why I “isolate” the Lakers and use SA as an example.

    Some teams make their own luck and others rely on luck blindly – which do you want to be a part of? I know where I fall.

  • Fan of the Mamba


    Yes eventually we would be good in the future, but the future would be about 10 years from the present. And if that’s what the organization is planning for then that’s fine. What we can’t do or should I say what Kobe won’t stand for, and I don’t blame him, is the organization tying his present and immediate future to their long term plans. He’ll be retired before 10 years. His time to compete at a high level is coming to an end quickly.

    It’s fine that the Lakers want to build a team for the future and if Kobe was content to just make the playoffs and get paid, everything would be great. But he wants more than that and that’s his right too. Unless the Lakers trade him he will have to play for the next two seasons but if his goal is to win championships he’ll be opting out of his Lakers contract in ’09.

    In my opinion there’s nothing wrong with him asking for a trade if the Lakers’ vision is building for the future. How he asked was wrong but asking wasn’t wrong. We all know that the current Laker squad isn’t championship caliber.

    So yes our young talent might be ready to compete for a ship in about 10 years but until then, we’ll be bottom dwellers. But I’m a fan. Win or lose Lakers for life baby!

  • nate

    this article is g.ay. wtf? ‘that was a different era. now there’s D-HO.’ last time i checked, it was Duncan and his old-era style that won the NBA finals. ‘Bynum has no fire or determination.’ are you f’in blind? Bynum’s game improved so much since his rookie year last season and he’s come up big against other high-level competition such as Camby, B.Wallace, and KG. ‘i just don’t see it.’ i think you’re blind or just plain retarted. i see 20-14-3 games, 12-16-7 games, and 12-13-4 games from a 19 yo C that’s got every other GM in the league drooling over him, yet you’re too ignorant and biased to recognize his talent no matter how great he does. ‘i want a championship now.’ stupid yet again. crazy how some people think that only after 4 years of trading away the most dominant player in the NBA that we’d still be winning titles. and as for our FO ‘content with filling the seats,’ our FO has done a great job in addressing our biggest weakness in the PG spot. contrary to popular belief, they tried to land KG, they negotiated for JO, and tried to trade up in the draft. get your facts straight before you write up another little crap article just to b!tch and complain like a 6 year old girl.