Sweet. Bring on the Spurs, I say!

L.A. Times: An unusual scene, to be sure.

All 15 Lakers were on the practice court, healthy, Sunday at the team training facility.

Kwame Brown didn’t sit out because of his heel, Maurice Evans wasn’t bothered by his back, and Lamar Odom felt no ill effects in his shoulder, just in case his 18-point, 10-rebound effort Friday against Minnesota didn’t already prove the point.

Fifteen players, none of them watching from the sidelines while bouncing a ball absent-mindedly between their legs. For once, it was a quiet practice for trainer Gary Vitti.

“It’s the first time in a long time,” Brown said. “It feels good to have everybody out there — you’ve got three teams of five. It was cool, a good little run out there today.”

Brown came off the court briefly after the bursitis in his right heel flared up, but he returned within a few minutes. Jumping still remains a bit of a problem for him, but he is able to run relatively well, which brings up a good point — who starts at center the next couple of games for the Lakers?

San Antonio will obviously have Tim Duncan in the post Tuesday, and Houston a day later means more Yao Ming, who had 25 points, 12 rebounds and three blocked shots in the Rockets’ 95-93 victory over the Lakers in the season opener.

In a break from past tendencies, Coach Phil Jackson might choose his starting center on a game-by-game basis, be it Brown, Chris Mihm or, less likely, Andrew Bynum.

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  • gugy

    If we stay healthy all the way. We have a good chance to pass the first round of the playoffs.
    Let’s hope so. Specially if we can get the Suns on the first round. Sweet.

  • ricky

    stay healthy and this lakers team may surprise many down the stretch and into the playoffs. i actually hope that we face the suns again because this time around, we have a three headed monster inside with kwame, mihm, and bynum and all the suns really have is amare and brian skinner. thats a huge advantage for the lakers and it would be nice to get some sweet revenge on them.

    since the trade of shaq, this team seems to be the most capable of actually making some noise in the post season and pass the first round. we are a young team, but with the best superstar in kobe and two really good veteran leaders in fisher and odom. im excited about this season for sure and hopefully, they will click together as a team and do some serious ass beating throughout the season.

  • two0one7

    Is that nice to hear or what? Knowing us though, lets see how long it lasts.

  • aibarra03
  • lakerfan81

    ailbarra03. Boozer and Duncan are not Centers so that would put him at 3. He has been playing much better this year. He is rebounding exceptionally well and shooting a high percentage. He is still having some lapses on the defensive end, but he has improved in that area as well. I hope he can keep it up all season. If the Lakers stay healthy then he should be able to stay at about 20-25 minutes per game making it less likely that he will tire out like last year.

  • 123KID