We know you’ve been on the edge of your seats for the details, Nation. No, we’re not talking about Kobe’s revolutionary German knee procedure that creates knee cartilage and may add extra years to his career, we’re talking about Shannon Brown and Monica’s wedding.

The Laker guard (probably not for long) and R&B artist tied the knot on Saturday in Downtown Los Angeles. And if I’ve ever felt like a Hollywood reporter, it was with that previous sentence. Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher were among those who attended.

We are in the midst of a lockout during the off-season, ladies and gentleman.

We’ve got a video after the jump, courtesy of The Insider

Extra points if you can name a Monica single without searching Google.

  • MiiMii


  • LizzakeShizzow

    Thanks for the jaw dropping dunks, lackluster defense and jacked shots during your tenure as a Laker. Now you opted out of the team. Why are we still covering this dude?

  • AppreciateNotHate

    LizzakeShizzow, you’re probably some bandwagon Laker fan esp w/ a name like that. You do realize he won 2 Championships as a Laker right? What have you done for the Lakers?

    • LizzakeShizzow

      LOL your assumptions are way off, but thanks for trying boy. I’ve been to a handful of games at the GW Forum and am a former suite level season ticket holder if that means anything… I haven’t done shit for the Lakers because I have never been employed by the organization. I’m just a fan. What have you done? I assume you’re in the front office or gave birth to Lew Alcindor?

    • LizzakeShizzow

      With your logic, I guess you want to see what Ammo and Dacos Mbenga are up to as well right? Send your request to all the Laker blogs and make sure they keep you up to date on all these former champions. They deserve it (according to you)…

  • Lakerg22

    No Google Monica is one of my fave singers since I ws little so just one of them days, before you walk out my life, for you I will, like that, the boy is mine wit brandy, angel of mine, first night, so gone, dozen roses…still standing there are so many good ones

  • http://twitter.com/blackmistress LeeAnn Taylor

    The Boy is Mine is a great song. Show some respect, homie.

  • Crtnyevans

    The boy is mine, Angel of mine, should’ve known better

  • Pio2u2

    Congrats SB & resign w/ the Lakers while you are at it.

  • laffsatu

    so shes more famous than Vanessa?this will get messy!

  • Cottoncandi1217

    Congratulations, Black Love Is Always Beautiful! Keep GOD in yours lives, your marriage will sustain all haters.

    • Jonathan

      yep yep  if  God is no1 in your lives and is the foundation to which the marriage is built on it will not fail !!!! -___- 

  • Vonne1014

    to laffsatu.  Why did Vanessa get into this? The comments here should be about Monica and Shannon. Jealousy is a bad thing.  Think about it. 

  • Stevieb0024

    angel of mine