A lot of respect for the Black Mamba from Avery. It’s well deserved.

Pro Basketball Talk: “[Bryant] could arguably be 1. In some polls, he’ll be 2,” the Nets coach said yesterday about the players he has seen since he entered the NBA in 1988. “He could be 1-A and Jordan can be 1-B or Jordan, some polls they’ll be flipped.

“Fortunately I had a chance to play against both of them and now played and coached against Kobe. And boy, sometimes they’re looking like the same player.”

  • John Robertson

    Wow nice statement from Avery Johnson…

  • bbz62

    Ive always liked how avery carried himself. good peeps

  • yash

    As Much i respect kobe and avery. MJ is still the GOAT. Nobody was as efficient with the ball in their hands as him. Back in the days when the defense was actually physical and not weak like nowadays, he shot 50% more than 4 times and shot above 45% for 5 seasons 7 if you count his seasons where he barely played and is nearly a 50% career avg. Kobe cant be like him, he dominated both stats wise and wins wise. but you got to put magic and larry bird above him. IMO kobe is a top 10 player. not number 1

    • le-elbow =)

      wait so mj is better than magic, dr. j, larry, wilt, kareem? I mean magic was pretty efficient with the ball in his hands, you could say the same about the other people i named, but when you talk about his shooting percentage you need to take in account the fact that is was strictly one on one defense, i’m pretty sure kobe could score as efficiently as mj if it was one on one only, but instead kobe is shooting in double and sometimes triple teams, but cmon lets all be real you guys, lebron is the best nba player of all time, i mean come on he has 2 mvps and can dunk cool, who cares if he has 0 rings, left cleveland in douchiest way possible to join his master wade, sorry about that irrelevant rant, but yea i’m sure a johnson knows what he’s talking about since he’s played against both of them

    • yash

      man get outta here dumb lbj fan. If MJ was playing this era hed be shooting atleast 60% on his worst days. Kobe makes it tougher on himself but makes it still. but instead of doin a lil more or lil less can make a huge diff. MVPs dont mean anything anymore unless u dont win. if u say that, oscar robertson is the greatest then. cuz nobody can do what he did. Averys being to nice to the media. Kobe cannot be in the top 5, but in the top 10.

      • Pillzmayn

        Kobe his way better than a top 10 he’s top 5 easly IMO he’s no2 he’s better than magic that has been said since last year

      • G

        Yash, I believe le-elbow is being sarcastic.

  • thienisthebest

    Id take Avery’s opinion over yours any day,

    • It just knows better

      jordan is pretty much a kobe that takes better shots. u have to remember that avery johnson was playing against the lakers and if he had said something to spite kobe. well…u know what would happen.

  • keeponkeepinon18

    Ah… I love it when coaches give Kobe respect…

  • trippleoccho

    I think Kobe is the best SKILLED player ever. There is nothing he cannot do on the court.

    • mr.laker19

      EXACTLY. He is the most skilled player ever to play. Nobody else was as prolific with out dominating athleticly. Dont get me wrong, Kobe in his prime was a hell of a athlete, but he always dominated with an array of skills. As far as comparison to Jordan, even Phil said Kobe is more skilled. And its no question Kobe has alot more range. Jordan is better at choosing shots. But I also think Kobe had to play against better and faster defenders than Jordan in his prime. Kobe also is the best player ever at hitting difficult shots. Basically, Kobe and Jordan share the #1 spot in my eyes

  • Pathetic IS PATHETIC


    • lakerman1

      MJ had bad knees then and should have never returned to BB. He made himself look bad.

  • Gio

    zone was added in the 2001-2002 season, designed specifically to stop kobe and shaq. it was a knee jerk reaction to LA almost going unscathed in the playoffs, thats why a kings team that made no improvements went from getting swept the year before to damn near beating LA in 7 games. if the zone was never implemented kobe and shaq would have won 7 or 8 straight rings most likely