You know how they say “nothing is really free?” That is a LIE!

L.A. Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant gives TIME’s Sean Gregory some tips for a pickup game.


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  • darkice18

    dude! Kobe is amazingly smart. He definitely be a great coach after he retires from the Lakers he should take phil’s spot!

  • BattleTested20

    This is great, I have seen some videos like the Nike signature move videos on youtube. but this video covers a lot more and actually shows a bit of everything. Thanks Chris for posting this!

  • bassti

    Great movie. And you know that’s only a little bit of his skills. Amazing

  • purple’n’gold

    where Kobe “the teacher” happens!!!

    i think thats gotta be the first teach video i seen from kobe ,good clip.

  • lakerschamps09

    ok so if kobe knows HOW to play D as he shows in the video..
    Y does he NOT do it in the actual games????

  • BattleTested20

    ^^^ I hope that’s mostly sarcasm, because even though he has been gambling on D a lot this year, Kobe can flat out D it up when he has to. Also you can know how to play D, but that doesn’t mean you always play it in a game, even though you should.

  • Lakers 24 7

    I’ma most definitely use that defensive strategy Kobe talked about next time I play ball, by taking away the opponents strong hand.