Tonight, we’re looking at a 6 game close out of the Phoenix Suns. We did this during the last two rounds, and we’ll do it again — for all of you who are superstitious, you’re welcome. It’s become a tradition of ours
, and in typical Phil Jackson fashion, the team will be watching the following clip from 1992’s Glengarry Glen Ross, as they do before every close out game. Lets finish this off and go onto the next one. Warning: Explicit Language

Do we eclipse the Suns tonight?

  • Lakers 24 7

    Good call, Steve Nash! The Suns won game 6!…NOT! Kobe basically nutted on the Suns organization in this series.

  • Lakerman1

    Next time Steve won’t write a check his A$$ can’t cash. You have to play the game not talk the talk. If he had not made that prediction i may have felt some compassion for him. I guess he did not learn from Amar’e. He just gave the Lakers especially Kobe a reason to close this series out for a well needed rest. Sorry Nash this isn’t the playground this is the NBA where the Black Mamba happens.