O.C. Register: From the desk of Philip D. Jackson, coach of nine NBA champions:

I’ve got to use up this old “From the desk of” stationary, because by the time this season ends, that clause about “nine NBA champions” is probably going to need amending to “10.”

I’m not one for putting the future ahead of the present, but my 2008-09 Lakers will have much more than Kobe Bryant: As Mitch Kupchak put it recently, this long and deep roster has me “challenged to get really creative.”

That makes this a big training camp for me, which is why I’m staying organized by writing this little memo to myself. I already feel as fresh as my four newborn and toddling grandkids after a summer without any hip-replacement surgeries.

Now we get to work Tuesday, meaning four full weeks before the regular season starts Oct. 28 vs. Portland (very young team, but an NBA Finals darkhorse in my book, by the way!) to figure some things out about our situation.

Summing up the key issues for camp: the Andrew Bynum situation, the small-forward situation, the rotation situation, the power situation and the “Aha!” situation. (“Situation” is my favorite bail-out word when I speak, and I can’t help but even overuse it here while in this writing sit- … hmm, this writing position.)

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