Sporting News: Of course, the Lakers can bounce back. Don’t be silly. The sun, after all, will come up today. Maybe not in L.A. but somewhere. Probably in Boston.

If you don’t want to take my word on the Lakers’ ability to rally, check these reasons. They could be legit.

1. The Celtics are banged up. Three starters are considerably less than 100 percent. Well, that’s what the team says, anyway. The Celtics’ credibility regarding the severity of injuries has to be viewed with a little “Hmm. Really?” skepticism after the Paul Pierce deal in Game 1.

Coach Doc Rivers said Friday that Pierce tweaked both an ankle and his sprained knee Thursday night. A sprained ankle also has slowed point guard Rajon Rondo, and center Kendrick Perkins may have the most serious injury — a strained left shoulder suffered when he fouled Lamar Odom on Thursday night. Perkins underwent testing on the banged-up shoulder Friday, and Rivers was not optimistic. “That could be significant,” he said. Perkins’ chances of playing on Sunday are iffy, at best, although he claimed Saturday that there’s a “strong possibility” he can play in Game 5.

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