40 before 20 gets you the Gold

    This is something that was really impressive to me. This year, the West is insane. And more surprisingly, despite all the drama leading up to this season, the Lakers stand on top when it matters; down the stretch run. Now, a couple things to note…

    • The Lakers are the first team in the West to 40 wins.
    • EVERY Phil Jackson coached team which hit 40 wins prior to its 61st game (40 wins before 20 losses), went on to win the NBA title.
    • Considering we’ve played the most road games (31) of any team in the conference, that’s even more impressive!
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    • daboss1848

      cautious optimism . . .

      understand: every record/stat/streak gets broken.

      cautious optimism . . .

    • http://ld2k.com LD2k

      daboss – consistency in championship level teams.

      I for one look foward to this year’s run.

    • ab4sure

      Biggest enemies of the Lakers… Complacency and Injuries..

      They still need to increase their toughness on D… to match other teams such as spurs and celtics.

    • gugy

      i agreed. the lakers are doing great.
      but being cautious is very important.

      remember, we are a young team without too much playoff experience.

      let’s believe but let’s not chant champion before its time.

    • David

      Forget 40 before 20, I think we can get 50 before 20.

    • http://swishtheball.net KOPAU BYDOM

      [Comment ID #27867 Will Be Quoted Here]

      true, but i also think the lakers can get 60 wins this year

    • David

      “true, but i also think the lakers can get 60 wins this year”

      As do I. While we’re at it we might as well win out and finish the season on a 34 game winning streak :-)