Think it might be worth a mention that today is our 3 year anniversary. Yeah, we’re old timers.

The site officially opened days after the Lakers were eliminated by the Suns in 2007. Since then, we’ve been a hub for Lakers fans across the world. We dish out the latest news, we’ve formed a large Lakers Nation community, we’ve provided as much media as we could  — in essence, we’ve tried to bring one of the world’s largest fan bases together, while telling the teams story along the way.

For those that are longtime followers, those who have been with us for 3 years; we greatly thank you. If you know our sites origins, it was primarily based around starting a fan movement to help this team make the right moves in order to win a championship.

This website doesn’t belong to any individual, this website belongs to every Lakers fan. Its our public trust to maintain it for the fanbase.

To celebrate our 3 years, we’re going to give stuff away. Because we know that’s what you like. No, no, don’t thank us. We’re giving out a Only Kings Have Rings or Here’s Ronnie t-shirt, by our friends over at The Forest Lab! How do you win? Simple…

Write a comment below with your favorite Lakers moment in the past 3 years (we’re talking 5/5/07-present) and why. Most compelling story wins one of these ridiculously awesome shirts. If you don’t win one here, don’t worry — we’ll also be giving away another shirt on our Twitter and Facebook later on during the day.

You have until the end of the day to enter, get at it. Thanks again for the great support, looking forward to the next 3 championships… err… years… should all be within the same time frame.

  • desecrator93

    Everybody help me get back on this site!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!

    • lakeb


    • tradesasha

      what happen to u des?

  • Brian Yoo

    I don’t know if this is my most CHERISHED moment, but it is one of my most memorable moments, so i thought I’d share. June 17th, 2008… Yes, it was game 6 of the NBA finals between the Lakeshow and the Beantown. Since we we’re down 3-2 in the series and foolishly let Ray Allen go in game 4, I thought to myself, and reminded myself along with fellow Laker fans, that our Black Mamba won’t let this down, he won’t let this happen. Even though the Celtics might have been playing more tough and more physical, hey, he’s the Black Mamba! HE’s got the killer instinct… He can turn it on whenever and wherever, and he wants a championship without Shaq more than ever…

    1st Quarter we looked good, and towards the end of 3rd, I remember us being down around 25-30pts… Even then when Kobe was in the game, I thought he can go off anytime, something like 81pt game vs toronto or the 62 in 3 against Dallas status.. or that one time when he scored 30 pts in a quarter vs Utah at home, (06-07 season I believe).. but instead he deferred i to his teammates and thought it should be a group effort. My heart started to break apart, just a little. Faith is believing something that you cannot see – and when you see something that is totally the opposite of what you’re hoping for, your heart starts to break just a little… Even in the 4th quarter, 8 minutes to go, I thought it was possible.. why? Becuase the Celtics came back from a 24 pt deficit in game 4. Lakers came back from a 20-24pts ish deficit in game 2 too (even though we lost). But that never happened. Confetti came down as them Celtics started to celebrate. You know I was sooo disgusted and I just wanted to turn off my TV and walk away, and I wanted to cry just a little because I can see how dissapointed our team was. But tears would not come out, because i was just too sad.

    KG screamed that he’s on the top of hte world, and Pierce the faker just wouldn’t stop boasting about himself. Through all this I could not turn off my TV, and I even saw them Celtics celebrating in their locker room. I just would not shut off my TV, and I was a junior in high school back then – my mama thought I was going through some emotional heart break, and asked me if I wanted to eat dinner. I simply declined, because I was just too dumbfounded. I had my share of finals (exams) the next day, and you know how it goes when the Lakers lose… not just a game but they lost the finals!!

    Why is this one of my memorable moments? because of what I went through by myself, haha. and it gave Kobe more hunger and resilience, as we took the O’Brien trophy the next season (08-09). His 4th championship was soooo sweet to our whole Lakernation, and I think it was just that much better just because of what happened in 08 finals against the Celtics. I hope that the Celtics can make it out of the east this year so that we can revenge on them in the finals. They’re getting old, and I think this year is the only chance. Lebron has more years to come, and even then, no ones gonna get a ring till Kobe retires!

  • gugy

    Congrats TLN.
    I remember since the days. I am glad we got Paul instead and you guys changed the site name.

    All the best and keep the good work.

  • baltimoresbest01

    My favorite moment is seeing Kobe chew on his jersey after realizing he was seconds away from winning his 4th title. This is when the happy feeling of winning hit me as well, and I began to celebrate.

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    Congrats TLN! I stumbled upon this site about 2 years ago. I don’t know any other sites that give me my Laker fix like TLN. Keep up the good work!

    Go Lakers!

  • 3 wyshes

    I remember coming from Washington DC and standing in line 8 hours to get into the Coliseum for the Championship celebration. It was all worth it when they ran down those steps onto the Staples Center floor that had been placed on the field. That brought tears to my eyes. It was truely a magical moment that i will never forget to see Kobe claim a ring finally without Shaq and phil get his 10th was the greatest memory of the past 3 years.

  • Rami Safi

    my most memorable moment was when the lakers made the trade for Pau Gasol….i remember i was at school and i was getting call left and right but i didnt believe that the trade : kwame for pau would have been possible ….so i had my mom check the tv and see if there was breaking news and sure enough there was…..i didnt care if i was at school i jumped for joy like a school girl getting her first kiss…this was the first time in my life that i actually cried out of joy, because i knew that this trade would bring all of lakers nation many happy years to come…

    we didnt even have to give up lamar….

  • clo_iam

    congrats TLN! I remember when this started as

    Goodluck to the Lakers and I will see you all in June on Figueroa!

  • Jarrett

    My favorite moment has to be the end of game 5 of last year’s finals.
    The Lakers winning title #15, Kobe winning a ring w/o Shaq. Eight years of frustration ending with an emphatic 4-1 series win over the Magic.
    I was happy for Kobe. As a fan of his from the day he was drafted in 1996, I was glad to see him win one w/o Shaq. We’ve all heard the knocks on him; selfish, can’t win while being alpha dog, only cares about numbers, can’t make his teammates better, etc. We’ve heard them all and he won one as the best player on the best team. I was _so_ happy for him.
    I thought we were going to beat the Celtics ’08, I was very confident, but it didn’t happen. I thought the title count was going to be 15 to 16, instead after ’08 it was 14 to 17. It was great to see them bounce back from that disappointment and win a title the following year. We all heard how difficult it was to get back to the finals after losing, it hadn’t been done since 1984/1985 when the Lakers did it.
    The Lakers won their third in a row in 2002 and I’m not sure I was the only one who didn’t think it was going to end. However, that was the last title of the Shaq/Kobe years. We traded Shaq and went through some very rough years. We traded for Gasol in ’08 and have been contenders since.
    All those things combining made last year’s title the best moment of the last three years. Kobe winning one as the team’s best player, Lakers winning a title after losing in finals in ’08 and the Lakers finally back where they belong as the best team in basketball after an eight year wait.
    Go Lakers!

  • audel del toro

    My most favorite laker moment in past 3 years has to belast year winning our first championship since the shaq era. The exact moment would have to be seeing Kobe jump in the air in Orlando with the joy of winning his 4th ring and finally doing it without Shaq! The feeling I had was amazing I even shed a tear of Joy and in my head and out loud I just remember yelling at the tv and telling Kobe “we did it” after all those years of mediocrity we finally won another championship and brought back the trophy to where it belongs LA! That was my most memorable Laker moment in the past 3 years!…

  • BJ (Yes That BJ)

    Congrats on the 3-year Anniversary TLN. I remember this site when it was

    Props to the whole staff, and thanks for keeping me up to date with the latest Laker news.

    -BJ (Yes That BJ)

  • joshua stern

    congrats TLN! i read your site everyday and it never gets old!

    my favorite laker moment….i remember it like it was yesterday. feburary 1st, 2008. me and my brother were playing nba 2k8, lakers vs raptors. we live in cannada, and the lakers were playing the raptors that night and the whole day psych us we played that game over and over again…..suddenly, maybe 3-4 hours before the game, we read the pau gasol got traded to the lakers for KWAME BROWN!!!! we couldnt believe what we heared, we thought it was a huge joke but when we found out it was true we went nuts (even more nuts than d-fish 0.4.)

    later that night we went to the raptors game, cheered our hearts out for the lakers and watched as kobe anhilated the raptors. kobe lit us up for 30+ points and it was great to not see kwame brown in uniform. my brother and i knew this was a start of a dynasty, we knew that better days were ahead of us……and you tell me

  • Eder Infante

    My favorite laker moment was when we played celtics at their arena last season. I had to take an exam so had to leave during the first half. All I could think of was the game. I had to take bus home and my gf was telling me how the game was going. The bus took so long to come due to traffic. It was about 3 minutes left in the 4th andI felt i was going to miss game. Then they went to overtime and I had hope I would get to watch the rning but nooo bus took longer. I got off bus stop and ran home. I caught the game with about 3.6 seconds left. Celtics ball and we were up. Fisher then fouled rondo. We had a foul to give. They passed the ball to Allen off the inbound and here comes pau with a block on Allen to give us the win!!! I jumped and screamed!!! All I needed to see was there! I felt I had watched the whole game. Great ending!!!

  • Joseph Ngo

    My favorite laker moment must be when I opened the package I just received and saw the dope t-shirt I had won.

    Oops. My bad.. it’s 5/5/07-present not future. Got a bit carried away.

    Do I win?

  • Riot (not THAT riot, the redline riot)

    Congrats on the site’s 3 year anniversary, love the site and appreciate all the work you guys put in.

    Anyway, of course my favorite moment was the 15th title :) but in my second favorite moment would have to be when Kobe hit the game winner in Boston earlier this season. I know it wasn’t a super important game and the shot wasn’t as the clock expired but Kobe sinking the Celtics IN BOSTON while hurt and after his string of clutch finishes was just awesome haha. I remember feeling like I knew he would hit it, just knew we wouldn’t lose that game. Kobe wouldn’t let us. The play was kinda scattered and wasn’t very smooth and I got a little nervous when when Kobe was forced to pass it to Josh Powell but when he got it back I was like YESSSS!! hahah and kobe brought it back to the center of the key and just buried a perfectly contested shot by Allen. I went crazy and I was with friends so we all were screamin and yellin, pumping our shirts/jersey etc. hahaha.

    yeah…. i loved that day :)

  • awesomerob24

    The best Lakers moment has to be when Kobe Bryant scored 61 points in Madison Square Garden.
    That is the most points scored by anyone in the history of sports in that building. 61 points! That was just an amazing game because it was right after Andrew Bynum got injured and that game was just letting the rest of the league know that the Lakers will continue to move forward. With or without Bynum.

  • DaBlackMamba

    Damn. Congrats TLN for three years. I still remember the days when the first thing you would see when you visited the site would be the infamous Kobe ‘Do something and do it now’ rant after getting bounced by the Suns in the playoffs that year.

    But anyways, my most memorable Laker moment of the past three years would be the day the Lakers swung the deal to get Pau Gasol. I remember it vividly like it was yesterday.

    I had just come back from class to my apartment(I go to UCSD and was living on campus at the time) and hit up TLN to see any new Laker news. First thing I saw was ‘BREAKING NEWS: Lakers trade for Pau Gasol’ I couldn’t believe my eyes and initially thought to myself, ‘Damn, they must’ve gotten rid of Odom’ or something like that. To my delight, I then went on to read that all they gave up was Kwame, Crittenton, McKie, the younger Gasol, and a draft pick. I was overflowing with joy at the coup the Lakers were able to pull off.

    At the time, my roommates went out to eat at the nearby dining hall and so I literally ran over to tell them the good news. Once I got there, I couldn’t speak straight due to my happiness but I eventually told them what went down. Just as I suspected, they were in awe just like me. And as they say, the rest is history.

    So yeah, that was my most memorable Laker moment of the past three years. In my opinion it set off the domino effect of all the great things that were on the horizon for the Laker organization and it’s fans.

  • lakerville213

    my most favorite laker moment of recent memory is actually a string of laker moments. kobe’s buzzer beater wins over miami, milwaukee, and sacramento of this season were special to me. that period of time was very difficult for my family and i. the sudden death of my aunt in the philippines was a real blow since she took care of my 93-year old grandmother. as a big family, we weren’t sure what we would do next. but through those tough times, number 24 showed me that no matter how close to defeat you are, you can emerge victorious. the lakers once again gave me reason to smile and cheer in the face of tragedy and hardship.

  • Plagiarists

    you should thank the writers that you steal work from for your website, not the fans . . .

  • LC09

    congrats on the 3 yr anniversary TLN awesome time…
    fave laker moment was wen we won da ship been waitin 7 yr for that n we finally got it i was partyin all nite

  • 242LakerFan

    Congratulations TLN. I have been loving this site for going on two years now. I live in The Bahamas, which is in East Coast Time, and the internet helps me keep up in real time with the Lakers. I was getting fed up with the official MBA Laker site and I knew there must be something out there with a more fan oriented outlook. I quickly settled on TLN and through all the changes it’s been my Laker home base.
    My favourite Laker moment since then was the Christmas Day Celtics Game last season, because I had the opportunity of watching it at the home of the biggest Celtics fan I ever met. She bleeds green I swear. As I sat there watching the game unfold, I kept thinking back to when I was just a teenager, sitting in that very house enduring the Memorial Day Massacre, how humiliated I was that in the midst of all these cheering, jeering, diehard CFans, having to watch the biggest beatdown in Lakers Finals history. Throw in the Game 6 beating the year before, and it was sooo sweeeet to watch Kobe and the guys get that win, in her house, eating her food, drinking her beer and watching her squirm.
    I wish we had the opportunity to beat them in the Finals last ear, but fate is fickle. This year, we just might get the chance.
    Keep up the great work, Chris, Kam, Jaime and crew. Love from the islands!
    LWO, Stand UP!!

  • 3Peat

    You’ve undoubtably read about the Gasol trade, Phil’s 10th ring, Kobe’s MVP & Finals MVP award, all gratifying in their own right. However, what was equally gratifying was how Kobe, once again, proved ESPN’s writers wrong. Earlier this season, writers such as Bill Simmons & John Hollinger wrote Kobe off, more or less saying that Kobe is over rated. The one article that stuck with me was how Kobe was not as clutch as everybody thought he was; and how LeBron, Carmelo, Drik and even Gasol were the best clutch players according to Hollingers bogus numerical scale.

    Kobe went on to hit 7 game winning shots – most ever made in a single season in the NBA. Not even MJ, who most would consider the GOAT, was able to achieve this. Towards the end of the season, Simmons and Hollinger ate their words (to some extent) when Kobe’s clutch factor was out on public display once again.

  • lakeb

    CONGRATULATIONS TLN. this site is such a beast. i must say ive been the best debater in the shoutbox.

  • KobeDiem

    My favorite Laker moment of the past three years was on June 28, 2007. This was the day of the NBA draft and with the 48th pick in the 2nd round of that draft, the Lakers selected Marc Gasol. The reason I picked this moment is because along with Kwame Brown, guard Javaris Crittenton, guard Aaron McKie (who the Lakers signed earlier that day), and first round picks in 2008 and 2010, Marc Gasol was also dealt to Memphis in exchange for Pau Gasol. This essentially helped put the deal over the top. So without drafting Marc Gasol, there is a chance we might not have Pau Gasol. ANd that could have meant no title in 2009. Choices in years past make for a winning future. GO LAKERS!!!!

  • trippleocho


    Well my cherished moment is when I heard the news “PAU GASOL IS NOW A LAKER”. I mean it dosen’t get any better than that as far as I’m concerned. And also the game that followed against Phoenix when Kobe said, “I got guns now, I’m not going to war with butter knives anymore”.

  • Ninju32

    My favorite Lakers moment of the past 3 years? Well I’ve got a few. But here’s one in particular that sticks out:

    One day as a lowly freshman going to college in Boston, I got back to my computer after class and did what I normally do: Check thelakersnation/ But this day was particularly special. Still soar about losing KG to the green scum of the East, I came home to see this headline, “BREAKING NEWS! Gasol Officially Traded to Lakers for Kwame!”

    As a devoted Laker fan my entire life, what did I do? The only thing I could do at that glorious moment. Laugh. Laugh hysterically all over my room, jumping up and down after learning that my 2nd most hated Laker of all time (1st goes to Smush) was leaving in a swap for one of the savviest big men currently in the game. I was so tired of living in Boston and hearing about the “Big 3″ and seeing Ray Allen’s smug face plastered all around my city. I hate Ray Allen! And KG? Who needed KG? We had the answer. It was Pau.

    I ran to my roommates, who didn’t care, and asked if they heard the news. I ran to my neighbor’s door, who is a diehard Celtics fan, and rubbed it in his face that we had just traded a brick-handed no.1 BUST and virtually nothing else for the King of Spain. Honestly, I would have been happy had Kwame been traded for anyone who could catch a pass from Kobe in the paint. But getting Pau? Well, that was a ring in the making.

    Today, we look at Pau, a man who makes 25 and 12 in the playoffs look like child’s play, and we look at Kwame, someone who’s lucky to get 4 points a game coming off the bench for a team that can’t make the playoffs.

    So did I approve of the trade after it happened? I guess you could say that. Shirt, please! I could use it to wear in front of all these bandwagon Celtics fans during the latest playoff run.

  • blu1234

    When the Lakers won the 2009 NBA Finals in game 5 at Orlando, and Kobe got his 4th ring without Shaq.

  • Taylor Gipple

    A very underrated top Laker moment happened on July 19, 2007, when Derek Fisher officially rejoined the Lakers. If Fish wasn’t on this team, we would simply have no championship. He hit those clutch 3’s in the Finals last year and his experience and leadership will be greatly needed if the Lakers are going to win another championship this year.

  • KING

    i hate contests like this because somebody can just come in here and make up some random inspirational story that didnt really happen and win, this should be random… but whatever i’ll participate.

    my most cherished Laker moment or the last couple years, happened two years ago, when i saw Kobe Bean Bryant receive his first MVP award, being there with the crowd going crazy, i had no doubt in my mind we were going to win the championship that year, unfortunately that didnt happen. but i still got a super dope “Our MVP, Our Team, Our Time” shirt, and some cool MVP nike posters… Good Times

  • Kobeef

    Congrats TLN on 3 years! To pick one moment out of all the countless laker moments to cherish, from the acquisition of pau (which I was the first to find out among my friends, since I worked that morning) to going to the finals right after, and although we lost to the stupid celts, redeeming and winning the next year..
    My personal favorite moment would be the moment I FOUND OUT the lakers won. I had just witnessed Fillet-O-Fisher’s usual playoff cluthness when he made two CRUCIAL 3’s against jameer, and was pumped up and ready for the larry o’brien trophy..that is, until I remembered that the next game, quite possibly the last game until the ring, was on Sunday, the day I had to leave for Korea. I was devastated, but like all other great fans would, and any fan that has kobe on his team would, trusted my team.
    It was quite possibly the longest plane ride in the world. 14 hours felt like two days, and I was constantly teased by the recordings of sportscenter from the night before. After the flight, when we got off, the first thing me and my brother did was try to find some internet. And then the moment came…thousands and thousands of miles awway in korea, in an airport at 2 in the morning. Lakers had done it. It was the most ecstatic feeling, as me and my brotther celebrated, jumping up and down in our laker shirts and jackets. I informed the fellow passengers that boarded with us at LAX, and held our own parade. I missed the parade, the coliseum, but definitely was there for support. This year, I also witnessed my first kobe-bryant game winner, agsint the raptors at home. Chris bosh had made a 3 right before, but all of staples center knew the shot was going in before kobe even shot it :)
    So pleassse, let me rep the black mamba, the REAl king! You can see I had a post abt the shirt even b4 the giveaway on my site, !
    Here’s to the lakers repeat, and another parade !

  • Jewel

    One of my favorite Lakers [related] moments is more of a Kobe moment that I will cherish FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE !! So here’s how it began… it was a nice sunny day in the month of April (April 16, 2008, to be exact) and I was sitting in class. Halfway through, I get a text from my friend saying that Kobe was out our school’s gym (he works out there every so often)…contemplating for about a total of 10 seconds, I texted her back saying, “OKAY I’M GONNA LEAVE RIGHT NOW” and I got up and left.

    I get to the part of the gym where he’s working out, (mind you, I’m in jeans and a t-shirt) and I stand there and stare. He’s on the thigh machine and his back is to me. Soon after, the most amazing thing happens. He turns around, sees me, MAKES EYE CONTACT, WAVES ANDDDDDD WINKS AT ME. Yes, Kobe just winked at me. And I just died.

    After I raise up from the dead, I wave back with a HUGE smile on my face. Long story short, when he takes a break from working out, I go up to him with this whole convo planned out in my head about how I want to ask him to jump over my car (this was during the time the Aston Martin commercial was popular)… but all I manage to get out is a wimpy “Hi Kobe, I’m a HUGE fan” and “Good luck in the playoffs.” Freakin weaksauce. But oh well, that wink was worth more than gold. =)

  • blackmamba24

    Congrats and Happy 3 Year Anniversary TLN, I’ve been a member of this site since the days. Anyway my favorite moment from TLN was during my Junior year in High School. I was in Ceramics class and our whole class had a project to make a sculpture of our favorite animal and mine was of course the black mamba representing Kobe “Bean” Bryant. I had a classmate who is a die-hard celtics fan who sat next time and kept bragging about how they were going to win it all ( which they did that year) and because Bynum was expected to miss 8 weeks due to his first tragic injury. Feeling depressed I checked TLN on my iPhone on the latest news on Bynum and thats when i came across the big bold words capitalized…”BREAKING NEWS! Gasol officially traded to the Lakers for Kwame!”…you have no idea how happy and stoked i was, literally i jumped out of my seat and yelled out to the whole class ” WE JUST GOT GASOL”, which this got me trash pick-up but well worth it. February 1, 2008 will be date to remember for me. This is my favorite TLN Moment. Thank you guys for everything!

  • Lakers 24 7

    That shirt is BAD ASS! I will definitely purchase one sometime soon..soon as I get some more dough in my bank account. lol

  • daboss1848

    Ironically, my favorite moment through the years happens to be the announcement that the Celtics Got Garnett.
    To get Garnett would have cost us LO, Kwame, Bynum and picks. This may (underline, italicize, bold) have resulted in one ship with the rebuilding process in sight.
    As it turns out, we kept LO, Bynum, while getting Pau for Kwame and picks. This did (underline, italicize, bold) result in one ship with the rebuilding process completely out of sight. Instead, we have a nice nucleus with multiple assets – securing a solid foundation for our future.
    Great job guys – let’s revisit at the 5 yr anniversary (3 is just so random)!

    • lakeb

      best moment- when we ALL-STAR PAU GASOL, that changed everything and made us a contender again. the MINUTE we got him i said “we are winning the title this year”. we made it to the finals and were 2 wins away from getting the ring but lost mainly thanks to STUPID FUCKING VLADMIR RADMONOVIC WHO SHOULD BE SENT STRAIGHT TO THE D-LEAGUE OR THE WNBA…….anyways we got the ring in 2009 and now going strong for 2010

  • fredo

    My favorite laker moment of the past few years has to be the memorable 6 game road trip during last years title run. It was an amazing effort the team put just after receiving new that they would be without Andrew Bynum for an extended period of time. It wasnt only memorable because they went undefeated, rather it was because they beat Boston and Cleavland’s 23 home game winning streak during that trip. That trip gave the league a taste of what was to come during the playoff, where they saw the Lakers march toward their 16 championship.

  • lakeb

    best moment- when we ALL-STAR PAU GASOL, that changed everything and made us a contender again. the MINUTE we got him i said “we are winning the title this year”. we made it to the finals and were 2 wins away from getting the ring but lost mainly thanks to STUPID FUCKING VLADMIR RADMONOVIC WHO SHOULD BE SENT STRAIGHT TO THE D-LEAGUE OR THE WNBA…….anyways we got the ring in 2009 and now going strong for 2010.

  • tybo212

    Lakers 130 – Suns 124 , Feb 20th, 2008

    Lakers first big game against western conference top seeded Pheonix Suns. We were still establishing ourselves as legitimate threat in the NBA with newly acquired Gasol. This win proved that we were now a true powerhouse in the NBA and would be a contender. It was a feeling I didn’t have since Shaq – Kobe days.


    There are way too many Laker moments to name so I’m just gonna say congratulations to the TLN staff for maintaning and up keeping this site since it’s inception during the GetGarnett days. I find myself on here 3 or 4 times a day just to see if there are any “breaking news” in Lakerland. I find it difficult to go through a day without visiting TLN. This is my one-and-only source for anyting Laker related. So here’s to the next 10 years of success to the best damn site that’s Lakers related! And even if I don’t win the contest, I’m still gonna support TLN by buying those dope ass t-shirts! Btw, you guys really need to sell more TLN designed items because of the creativity and the thought process that goes into them is one of a kind. It kind of mimics what the fans are “thinking” only you guys put it in print. (Kobe-Gasol sticker). So keep up the excellent work and the professionalism that I’ve come to expect from THE BEST DAMN LAKER SITE, PERIOD!

    • 808ty

      I gotta agree I can’t go a day without visiting this site. I also agree that TLN should start selling there own laker merchandise.

  • LakersAllDay89

    Hmm- I just wrote a story but I’ll give it another shot because not only is that shirt awesome, I just love to write about the Lakers. I can name any one of a number of moments that made me jump out of my seat. The D-Fish clutch shot with 4.6 seconds left to tie the game in the Finals and then the Go ahead Clutch shot to win the game. The Bryant to Gasol Dunk and 1 that showed Pau wasn’t going to accept that soft label anymore- nor should it be mentioned with his name again. Or the war that was the Lakers vs. Houston in the playoffs, the devastating defeat to the Celtics that every real fan had to go through or my very first playoff game vs. Oklahoma at the Staples Center this year. All very, very memorable moments, but I think the thing most memorable to me about the Lakers team these last 3 years would have to be the sense of dedication, teamwork and the ability to overcome even the worst of defeats only to be crowned Champions. I lost my Dad in 2009 and being young it was a pretty devastating blow for me – I found the ability to let go of everything when I watched the Lakers. The chemistry they have, there ability and their talent but most of all their dedication and ability to overcome things. I found something really great in those abilities, watching the Lakers not only help me overcome one of the hardest times in my life, it helped me find that if I set my mind to anything it can be accomplished. I love the city, the team and just about everything to do with Los Angeles but it was the Lakers and their drive to be Champions that was the most memorable for me. You got to see them come from the agony of defeat to the glory of being crowned world Champions. It was that inspiration that helped me get past my own defeat and when I fell upon hard times, it was a reminder why I spend 82+ days and nights watching this team. There is a message to be taken from them and that is what I believe is the most memorable of these past 3 years and that’s why I believe only real kings have rings.

    • LakersAllDay89

      Congratulations as well TLN, you guys are an amazing source of information and I love the write ups. I’m looking forward to another Finals victory to celebrate on here!

  • Lakers_Singh

    My favorite Laker moment is, witnessing the greatest performance in Madison Square Garden history, as Kobe dropped 61 points on the New York Knicks. It was the first Laker game I saw, since I live on the east coast I could never see the Lake Show live. Also, it was my first time in attendance at the world’s most famous arena and experiencing 61 was simply amazing. I arrived at my seat with die-hard Knick fans, but left my seat with the entire stadium chanting MVP! It was one of the greatest moments of my life, one of the greatest moments in Lakers history, and by far my best Laker memory!

  • KOBE THA MVP 10′

    When we got rid of Kwame Brown and added Gasol was the starting of a new Lakers Dynasty

  • Imadogg

    I just wanna say those shirts are awesome

  • xxPeacexx

    So last year’s playoff run was special for a lot of reasons, but i remember the 08-09′ playoffs because of where I worked. At the time, i was working at a homeless shelter for 18-22 year olds in Hollywood. Most days, the staff and the residents would bump heads over a wide variety of reasons. But when the Lakers were on TV, the shelter was quiet…except in the TV room where the majority of the residents, Lakers Fans and Lakers Haters, sat around the big screen and cheered or booed every shot, every foul, every block and every stare down. The two games I remember the most were Game 6 of the Conference Finals and Game 5 of the Finals. Game 6 of the WCF was so intense, Kobe working hard to give the Lakers a dominating win. One of the residents was a die-hard Nuggets fan so he was getting a hard time from the Lakers fan but he handled the loss very graciously which surprised most of the staff since he was quiet the hot head. Game 5, wow…what can I say that already has been said. That was just amazing. The energy in the room was unbelievable, people were jumping off walls the whole game. And when Fisher hit his first 3-pointer, the place went nuts the walls were shaking and everyone was high fiving and hugging each other. When he hit the 2nd 3-pointer, I thought the building was going to collapse there was so much jumping up and down going on. It was so much fun, I would not have chosen to have been anywhere else that night. I’ll always remember the energy and emotion in that shelter that night. Every one was happy, even the haters were impressed by the clutch shots and let the fans enjoy the victory in peace. What a night.

    Thanks for all your hard work and dedication Lakers Nation.

  • Sulaiman Dadabhoy

    Congrats LakersNation on a terrific 3 years. I hope you guys continue to grow and wish you the best!!!

    My most memorable Laker moment was game 7 against the Portland Trailblazers in 2000. The Lakers were down by 15 in the 4th quarter and made a miraculous comeback. i was literally on the verge of crying cuz i thought that the Championship was going to the Lakers for sure.

    When they made the come back and won and I ended up crying anyways. I literally had tears of joy for the first time in my life.

  • justdogm1

    my moment would be last week when mamba finally came out of the closet with his SUPER-GAY photos……….ANY ONE MENTION THAT MOMENT?

  • daddytyme

    Has to be when I found out on the radio that we finally got a legitimate big man in Pau. The topper…we give up Kwame…unbelievable!!!

  • gnapye

    Easy.. welcome to LA, Pau.

  • lakerfan2010

    One of my favorite moments was when lamar odom drove in and passed the ball to the corner 3 spot where Sasha was standing. Except, Sasha caught the ball in his warm ups.. rofl i laughed my ass off classic Odom moment.

  • haroon24

    My favorite moment has got to be Febuary 1 2008. I was standing in a hotel room of Las Vegas watching ESPNews when “Breaking News: Pau Gasol traded to the Lakers,” ran across the ticker. From that moment we went from a team fighting for a spot in the playoffs to a Championship contender. Being a Laker fan we have had the luxury of watching some of the best basketball players of all-time. Thanks to that trade for Pau, it has cemented Kobe’s legacy as the greatest Laker. I know those people in Cleveland think they have something special, but as Laker fans, WE ARE ALL THE (REAL) WITNESS of history. Congrats on your 3 years. Much success to you.

  • TheLakerGenera11

    I’m on the east coast so I’m still in the time limit Happy Anniversary TLN we all love the site and I want to contribute on another level but neway there are many Laker moments that resonate in me and all of us here but aside from the adulation we all felt when LA won last year, a Laker related moment or rather a Kobe moment was when I got up VERY early to watch the Olympics in Beijing and USA played SPAIN for the gold medal and although USA was in control the game still contained tension so when I hear mike breen and Doug Collins call out the play of “Wade out to Bryant Bryant back up top to Wade penetrates kicks it to Bryant.. puts it up AND a foul!… Kobe Bryant ” and seeing Kobe with the finger over his mouth to silence the crowd, I tell u man it gave me a chill and a grin like no other and left me saying wow how great is this guy, watching USA win filled me with pride but knowing it was KOBE who lead that team back to the top after a beat-down in bean town was phenomenal. I really want to write about Derick Fisher’s Grin after he hit that 3 in OT or the origin of Kobe’s scowl when he hit that shot over J. R. Smith in Denver knowing how chills ran through me as if I was there but the Olympics and the importance of Kobe Bryant and how it was a USA team of Alpha males n super stars and to know when the game got tight there was only One TRUE TOP DoG ALPHA MALE of them all and that’s Kobe Bean Bryant of OUR Los Angeles Lakers makes me smile I DwnLoaded the game off of ITunes and I watch it religiously to see that shot. As G small would say “Lakers World Order stand up!” congrats TLN may many more years and success for the site.  

  • believeindalakers

    REDEMPTION – If you look back at the 2009-2010 Lakers Championship DVD and Kobe is asked how he feels and he starts talking the sacrifices his family made and he chocked up…..that has been my favorite moment. As fans we don’t get to experience the ring ceremony like the rest of the Lakers organization does. But as fans there is a different feeling that only we know of. Since 1996 I have heard nothing but trash talking about Kobe and how selfish he is and on and on. But seeing that moment of him getting emotional about such a great moment is something that I can relate to. After all those years of hearing so much trash talking about Kobe as a fan you feel that redemption was finally here. I really felt as if I was defending him this whole time to finally be rewarded with the most meaningful title of Kobe’s career. He rewarded us for sticking by him and for that one split second that he got chocked up he made me feel that he understood why we root for him. Deep down he isn’t selfish and he truly does care about the important things in life and that is sacrifice and loyalty which is what we do as fans when we defend him till no end. Seeing that human side of Kobe meant so much to me as a fan.

  • Peter Sark

    Game 5 Vs the Utah Jazz in the Playoffs was very important to me as the series was tied 2-2 and my friend and I felt that we NEEDED to be at that game to remind the Lakers to FOCUS! We needed to win that game so bad. We both dropped $600 each for tickets right behind Lamar Odom’s Dad. We got there 2 hours before the game. I wore my Kobe Is Good shirt with one of the O’s crossed out. The things i was yelling to the Utah Bench and players shouldn’t be heard by children, from “encouraging” words to Okur in Turkish, from Boozer Loozer Chants, to calling Kyle Korver Ashton Kutcher, Anything and everything I said was heard and reacted to by the Utah Bench. My voice was done for a week. But it was worth every penny.


    Congrats THELAKERSNATION! I have been a fan since the beginning and I cannot believe it has been three years!

    I would have to say my favorite Lakers moment in the past three years was the press conference for when Kobe won the mvp in 07′-08′. After such a horrible summer with the trade request, I felt like the press conference pretty much solidified an amazing turn of events, not only for the organization, but for Kobe as a person. I just happened to watch the press conference yesterday and it almost seemed as if Kobe was a completely different person. He was sitting on top of the world and seemed happy for the first time in a very long time. He kept on saying how thankful he was for his teammates and how the MVP trophy was a “team award.” I remember Bill Plaschke asking him if he wanted to be a Laker for the rest of his career, and Kobe responded “Absolutely” with a huge smile. They say a team’s chemistry and attitude often resonates to its fans, and in such a illustrious moment, a sense of happiness and relief spread throughout Laker land knowing that the Mamba wanted to be nowhere else than LA.

    Someone of Kobe’s caliber only comes around once in a lifetime, and to have had the pleasure to watch him play for the Lakers has certainly been special. During the press conference, I could remember feeling at ease for the first time in a long time and from that point on, something just told me that Kobe would forever be a Laker.

  • bostonSUCKS88

    favorite moment? how can it be anything else but the raising of banner #15. that ring ceremony was the best. u could see the look in Kobe’s eyes, he looked very proud of what his team had accomplished.

  • http://Twitter/ifeeldzy ifeeldzy24

    as it was mentioned b4, the site was started following the lakers exit out of the playoffs by the suns. This was not a pleasant time in the lakers nation and there was a lot of buzz surrounding Kevin Garnett & the possibility of him becoming a laker &, along side Kobe Bryant, rescuing us from the slump of 04-08. In the midst of this very exciting and very very suspensful time period I stumbled across this site called that kept up with all the latest news and rumors surrounding KG & his possible casting to the Lake show which ultimately kept me glued to the the pc monitor waiting for any updates. this is when I fell in love with the site. It didn’t take long for to replace the lakers official website as my #1 source for KG watch07. I mean you had to love those photoshopped pics of KG in a lakers uniform & besides, Mitch and the rest of the front office weren’t giving up too much info over there at Anyway, as we all know KG became a leperchaun and the site was renamed to Rather than be laid to rest along side the idea of KG wearing purple & gold, the site evolved into what it is today, another reason why I love this site. It embodies the same fighting spirit of the pro basketball team it represents as well as the many many laker fans across the world. This is why the very begining of these past three years is my favorite moment. It is what lead up to where we, the lakers nation, are today.

  • LifeLongLakerFan

    Happy Birthday TLN! This is the No.1 site fan or otherwise for interesting, thought provoking, entertaining Laker coverage! Great Work guys! Great Podcasts like Basketball Taboo and the VOTN! Keep it going!

    Give yourself a hand clap you’ve all earned it!

  • LifeLongLakerFan

    I also cannot forget about the forums and my fellow Laker Fans! Always entertaining to talk to, with, or read and great game day/night threads! Hats off to the forum crew too.

  • Randy

    My favorite Lakers moment was watching last years Championship Parade from the Coliseum on the big screen. Then watching the coliseum fill up with purple n gold explode when the Lakers took the walk down the stairs. With Randy Newman’s I love LA playing in the background. I will never forget that, it was one of the most memorable experiences in my life.

  • gus26

    i have too many moments to count… my favorite is one of the few games i went to… i went to game 4 of the 06 series vs the suns… kobe hit 2 buzzer beaters what a game… and the other thing i remember was the 07 off season… we had just got eliminated from the playoffs our team was falling apart… i thought garnett was the answer to all our problems… googled “garnett to lakers” and this little website that felt like a living room full of a bunch of fans with one goal… “to make the lakers the best again”… popped up and i registered and started posting… i used to post as gus1984 and guszo… and i think its been gus26 for a little over a year now… i seriously remember the day the we aggreed to change the name to the lakersnation… people wanted laker nation… some wanted to keep it as getgarnett as in “lets get garnett” to mess him up… when this website went up… i was real happy… and i feel proud of what its become… :)

  • lakers2000

    Congratulations to The Laker Nation. I stumbled upon this site during the off season a couple of years ago and loved having Laker basketball news and comments. Even though we seem to get a few trolls in here, I actually love it! There are several clever, basketball savvy people that visit this site. I look forward to logging in every day to get Laker information.
    My favorite moment would have to be when we got Derek Fisher back. He has been an important part of all our recent championships. I can understand some of what he and his wife have been through as my wife is a cancer survivor. I am proud that we have someone with his character representing our proud championship team.
    Keep up the good work Laker Nation!

  • Lakers_Singh

    When will the winner be picked?

    • Kam Pashai

      Tomorrow — want to make sure everyone gets a chance to enter.

  • gu3szwhoo

    Honestly my favorite moment as a reader of TheLakersNation/GetGarnett has got to be when we landed Pau Gasol. I remember first reading about the trade acquisition from this site in the afternoon after getting home early from school.

    “BREAKING NEWS! Gasol officially traded to Lakers for Kwame!”

    I remember seeing this in February 2008. I never expected us to actually get Pau Gasol. In fact i remember laughing at the other mock sites that wanted to be like, like and But wow this was a huge surprise to me and made me especially ecstatic to see him play in a Lakers uniform. This is my favorite moment as a LakersNation/GetGarnett reader because he is a big reason why we got to the finals that year and won the championship the year after and again top contenders from the championship this year. Woo Go Lakers!

  • Harrison

    My favorite Lakers moment in the last three years was when my older brother gave me his Lakers ticket to go see the Lakers take on Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder on December 22. I haven’t been to a Laker game in years and when i did go I always had nosebleed seats so I could never actually see the game. This time though, the seats were in row 7 on the Lakers side of the court right next to the tunnel. I got there really early to try to meet some of the Lakers before the game started and try to get their autographs. So i waited and after warmups, Sasha Vujacic, Josh Powell, Adam Morrison, DJ Mbenga, Derek Fisher, Jordan Farmar, and PAU GASOL came over and signed autographs and talked with me and other fans. The Lakers went on to win that game 111-108 with 40 from the Black Mamba himself, Mr. Kobe Bryant. At the same time I got to see the Kevin Durant ball it up with 30 points. This game was truly the best day of my life thus far and I owe it to my brother.

  • Jackson

    My favorite laker moment was when Derek Fisher hit that game winning shot against the spurs with 0.04 left on the clock.

  • DanielS

    Congratulations on the three year anniversary TLN!! The day I heard this site existed three years ago, it became number one on my favorites list :)

    My favorite Laker moment is a special one I shared with my dad and little brother. The three of us decided to go on a trip to Cleveland to see the Lakers play the Cavaliers earlier this year around mid January at the Quicken Loans Arena. Not only do I experience something special everytime I witness the Lakers play in LA, but I’ve always dreamed of seeing them on the road, cheering on with the handful of other Laker fans scattered around, especially in a hostile environment like Cleveland. What really made this trip special, however, was something my brother and I made for our hero and role model, Kobe Bryant. I’ve really taken a liking to Kobe and admired him ever since he missed those three crunch-time shots against Utah in the playoffs. Not because he missed the shots, but because of his demeanor afterwards, especially in the interviews. He seemed to be without a care in the world, saying he doesn’t mind taking big shots and he’ll just work on it next season. At that point I knew that guy was gonna be special.
    Anyway, my brother and I decided to design a calendar for Kobe. We decorated it with purple & gold images all around and put pictures of big moments for kobe that corresponded to the months that they occurred (ex: Kobe scoring 81 in January, all star mvp in february, anniversary with his wife in May, etc.) We really thought it was a masterpiece and we were extremely excited to give it to him. A couple of days after our arrival in Cleveland, with the game only one day away, we drove to the arena which was used by the Lakers as a practice facility and waited outside for the players to board the bus to return to their hotel after practice. My brother and I got to greet almost all the Laker players and guess who walks out of the tunnel? Kobe! We were extremely excited to see him and immediately handed him the calendar, asking him to accept it as a gift. He seemed genuinely happy about it and thanked us right after. A day passes, and we’re at the game. We arrive early to watch the Laker players warm up and see Kobe doing his usual shoot around. We yell over at him and asked him if he got a chance to look at the calendar and he said: Not yet, but Ill look at it tonight you can count on it.
    After a long, hard fought game in which we unfortunately lost, my brother, father, and I return home in LA. A week goes by and my uncle gives me a call saying: DANIEL! KOBE BRYANT IS ON THE LINE FOR YOU! I take it as a prank and tell him okay okay funny joke. Then I hear someone clear his throat and say Yo is this Daniel and Ethan (my brother). I couldn’t believe my ears. I replied: yeah this is Daniel, who’s this? Kobe said: Hey little guy, its kobe. I took a look at the calendar you gave me and I wanted to let you know how much this thing means to me. I love it, my wife loves it, and my kids love it especially. I wanted to thank you again for giving this to me and I wanted to let you know that I put it up on top of the fireplace in our den.
    I was in shock, but I was able to stammer a its no problem Kobe. You’re my idol and I hope you stay in LA forever and just keep doing what you do. He laughed and said “Thanks again” and hung up. To this day I’m still not sure how he contacted my uncle, but we think he looked up the last name or something because my brother and I put our names in the back of the calendar. But I definitely can’t complain. That was easily my most cherished moment as a Lakers fan for my 18 years of living :)

    • gus26

      that deserves a shirt right there… awesome story bro…

      • DanielS

        Thanks, it was easily one of the biggest highlights as not only a laker fan but my entire life.

  • Adam

    Favorite lakers moment is the Derek Fisher 0.4 shot. I was talking to my dad on the phone who was in San Antonio and giving him a play by play of the last 5 minutes. When Tim Duncan made that fall away shot over shaq’s outstretched hand i slumped back in my chair in shock. i thought “this game is over, no one can make a shot with 0.4 seconds”
    when fisher made that shot, i ran outside to see almost my entire street celebrating. cars were honking, flags waving, a joyous celebration even though that year didn’t end up with the championship

  • Ayman Bahta

    my most memorable moment was waiting over 12 hours outside the colliseum to see the lakers come and celebrate. It was a long wait but great being surrounded by so many laker fans. Rushing through the stands and getting the best seat was exhilirating and finally seeing the lakers was definatly the best moment.

  • Lakers_Singh

    My favorite Laker moment is, witnessing the greatest performance in Madison Square Garden history, as Kobe dropped 61 points on the New York Knicks. It was the first Laker game I saw, since I live on the east coast I could never see the Lake Show live. Also, it was my first time in attendance at the world’s most famous arena and experiencing 61 was simply amazing. I arrived at my seat with die-hard Knick fans, but left my seat with the entire stadium chanting MVP! It was one of the greatest moments of my life, one of the greatest moments in Lakers history, and by far my best Laker memory!

  • Lakers_Singh

    My favorite Laker moment is, witnessing the greatest performance in Madison Square Garden history, as Kobe dropped 61 points on the New York Knicks. It was the first Laker game I saw, since I live on the east coast I could never see the Lake Show live. Also, it was my first time in attendance at the world’s most famous arena and experiencing 61 was simply amazing. I arrived at my seat with die-hard Knick fans, but left my seat with the entire stadium chanting MVP! It was one of the greatest moments of my life, one of the greatest moments in Lakers history, and by far my best Laker memory!

    And after the game I waited outside the gates and met all the Laker players, including an autograph by Kobe Bryant. The greatest event was that Jordan Farmar gave me a personal meeting, after seeing my Laker jersey! He avoided every fan except for me!! I also saw the greatest coach of all time, 3 feet in front of me!! I was a die-hard Lakers fan from day 1, and meeting them all was a dream come true!!