In this edition, someone was gracious enough to put together this gem. I’d like to hear your thoughts on all the antics including a ball fake to Kobe’s face (unnatural basketball act Mr. Stu Jackson?). Sound off on the antics of Matt Barnes (which Barnes wasn’t even ejected).

Bryant had this to say about Barnes in the post-game:

“Um … uh … (long pause, smiling) … He’s entertaining.”

Barnes had this to say on his twitter after the game:

Twitter: Haters I wanna thank all u please keep it cumin. U lucky I can’t cuss no more but I still luv u guys. I told u 2day was gonna b a good day

  • 09champs!

    Unsportsmanlike conduct, number 22 on the magic, 15 yard penalty, LA still defending champs :D

    • davit

      lol this is funny to me because dont they know what happins when u play games with a mamba……………….. it strangles and it smells the hot boiling fear of matt fagget and jr bitch and strikes like a cold blooded assasin

  • Anna Gonda

    I loved how the refs ignored Matt Barnes the whole game, just like they ignore KG when he’s barking at opponents down the court or getting on all fours. Geez…

  • Lil Bro

    Should of got ejected already… Damn refs!

  • Chris Manning

    Imagine if Kobe would’ve ball faked it in Barnes face — or anyone else for that matter. Disrespectful, and won’t be forgotten. Enjoy your regular season win (two of them against us last year did NOTHING for the Magic in the finals).

  • Anna Gonda

    Everyone getting their revenge wins this season, huh? I liked it better when the Lakers were the ones looking for revenge =)

    • Anthony

      It’s much better this way. If we beat these teams during the regular season we’ll not have any kind of vengance to take during the playoffs. We don’t get to see this team again (the Cavs or another Eastern conference team will put them out), and the Nuggets will get a piece in the WCF.

      This team needs to get motivated.

  • mr.laker19

    Ima a big defender of regular season means nothing in the NBA, but these Lakers cant win big games and I dont kno if we have another level we can go to like we could last year. Kobe has that level, Dfish does, but everybody else it is questionable. Im not scared but im concerned for our team. We dont look good enough to win it all…


      I feel you on that mr.laker! I do think that everyone can handle their own, with the exception of 2, D-Fish and Bynum. I know that you mentioned that D-Fish can take it to another level. Look, there’s no question of his mental toughness, it’s his age and lack of quickness that’s called into play now. Every guard is just blowing by D-Fish now! It’s just ridiculous how non-existent he is out there as a defensive threat. He’s still a good team defender, but he can’t handle any 1 on 1 assignments anymore!

      Then there’s Bynum. He and Howard basically played each other to a stalemate on the offensive side. It’s just that the Lakers have Pau and they have the luxury of leaning on Pau when Andrew’s in a slump or not scoring as easily. Orlando on the other hand had to keep Howard in as their center, they can’t afford to hand over the reigns to Gortat and expect to find success against the Lakers in the same situation. And that’s how Howard ended up with more points, he was simply in the game longer. But there’s no excuse for his lack of rebounding though. Rebounding is just effort in establishing position and hustling. He did have a great game in blocks though so, it’s great to see him at least wake up for one aspect of his game!

      The bench I think will be able to maintain the status quo, meaning, if the Lakers have the lead then they’ll be able to sustain that and even move it ahead at times, but if they’re down then it seems like that the bench mob has a hard time staying with the other teams. I think that the bench is only as good as the lead that the starters give them.

      I’m not that worried about the team at this point. It does disappoint me to see them losing their first 3 straight since Pau, and not they just seemed to be not playing very good basketball. I haven’t seen them dominate since the first week of the season. Sure there’s been blow out games, but those are late in the games when the other teams are jacking up quick shots to catch up and miss. And the traveling that they do especially late in the season is hard on them. They go from 1 city to another and not relaxing in the comfort of their own homes, it can take it’s toll.

      Playoffs though, it’ll be hard pressed for anyone to try to take 4 out of 7 from our boys especially on our home floor. With the fans cheering the Lakes on and the big time pressure of big time games, no other team can really keep it together for the whole 48 minutes against us with all that going on.

      GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      GO KOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!
      FCUK YOU MATT BARNES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      (please remember where you came from, not talking about UCLA, but really the D-League)
      … oh and “Do you know how the fcuk I am?”- Kobe Bryant!

  • 09champs!

    Its ok, JR Thug, Matt Barney, now everybody wants a piece of the mamba. Well, you´ll get it come playoff time; Im sure KB will remember this . GOOD LUCK WITH THAT

  • kb24mvp2010


    kobe is just silent,,and barnes keep talking shits..
    kobe is just a smart guy..

    that barnes should have been ejected already.

  • mr.clutch101

    Who gives a bout this dude Barnes? He is a nobody same as JR…these dumbasses just mad cuz kobe ruins their dreams, and will continue to do so, that fake ball to kobes face was the most punkish ive seen in the nba in a long tme, if u wanna punch him do it fool! Dont be half assed about it, go all the way. The reason Kobe didnt flinch? He actually does have balls, and he recognizes those who dont. LMFAO..i love how these players talk now.

  • pricelesst

    what did barnes ever do in his life to think he means something to kobe?! this is insane, he should have gotten ejected

  • jusss

    Barnes is a moron but that ref is even dumber. It was right in front of his face. How dumb can you be? Does anyone who which ref that is? What is his name?

  • Leo

    The guy should have been ejected earlier. These ref’s can go screw.

  • barryc

    there’s a reason a poll of 173 NBA players had kobe as the 5th dirtiest player in the league.

    i think they’d know more about it than the typical lakers fan.

  • http://57.amklac REALITY

    michael jordan never got disrepected like mamba does .ever wonder why??

  • Lakers 24 7

    Barnes was just trying to get under Kobe’s skin just so Kobe reacts and gets ejected, other wise, Kobe shitted on him in the 4th when he kept the Lakers in the game.

    Barnes will just be playing for another NBA team next season. 7 teams in 7 seasons? GTFO Barnes!

  • KING

    Matt Barns is gay, he was us to keep ‘Cuming’… O_o mad suspect

  • Anthony

    Anyone remember what happened to the last dude that played this way with Kobe? I’m sure Raja Bell remembers that he doesn’t have a ring. Matt Barnes will surely follow suit. He’s in the NBA so we can’t deny he’s at least decent, but seriously the dude needs to take 8th grade English class.

  • gugy

    Kobe will have the last laugh with Barnes when it matters most.
    Anybody doubt that?

  • http://57.amklac REALITY

    kobe scares no-one in the NBA,you`de think such a warrior would get a little respect….

  • islandgirl

    They should have thrown him out of the game after pretending to throw the ball into Kobe’s face!!!!

    He is a real jack***!!!

  • willmo

    Who is Matt Barnes again?? Barnes is celebrating because this is as close as he will ever come to winning an important game. Kobe only lit em up for 18 in the 4th, it’s just rough when you are playing 1 on 5. Matt Barnes will go the way of future hall of famers like Ruben ( the kobe stopper) Patterson, Doug Christie, Raja Bell and Dahntay Jones all a part of the scrubs hall of fame. Personally that’s why I have respect for Shane Battier and people like Bowen who were good defenders and didn’t have to try and draw attention to themselves like this retard today. and also to the comment by whoever is “Reality” on this discussion referring to Jordan never getting disrespected, you obviously missed the way the Pistons use to slap him around in the early 90’s and the Knicks and also the way Reggie Miller threw his ass across the floor in the ’98 eastern conference finals when he hit that game winner and not to mention his war with Bryan Russell from the jazz and we all know who prevailed in the end between those two and the same will happen here. No worries Laker fans i prefer they struggle now and not in June when we get to the finals. Kobe does not scare anyone in the NBA and yet you ask Lebron, Melo, D Wade or Pierce who they love to play against and they will all say not Lebron but Kobe and I wonder why…

  • asg

    Who is Matthew Barnes. Jus because he got some tattoos on his body he thinks he is a thug. im surprised he not playing for the Thuggets. him and jr smith proaly tweet to eachother aout KObe. Disrespectful to UCLA.

    All im saying, if Artest did that he would of gotten kicked out, no question. there is a conspiracy its called THE REFS AND NBA HATE THE LAKERS. Not to say that there were bad calls on both ends, but it seems as if lakers are consistantly getting ad calls or calls against them. People say be more aggressive, sh*t why should they do that if it works against them. The lakers had there time and now Stern wants to jump on the LEBRON Train and ride that till the next All-star that comes along.

    Point………..Conspiracy against Mamba/phil/Lakers

  • Jack

    Un-freakin-beleiveable. wow. who does barnes think of himself?? And wouldn’t it help if Mr. artest actually spent time praticing defense instead of writing defense all over his head?? Does he really have to play 38 mins???

  • thanhttrinh

    why is this guy even in the NBA ?

  • Abs

    Who’s the idiot who posted this earlier?

    ‘michael jordan never got disrepected like mamba does .ever wonder why??’

    MJ played in a different era. Not today where we have scrubs and fools with all the physical talents but no brains and sense. JR Smith? Nate Robinson? Smush Parker etc etc.

    I would have liked to see RonRon have a ‘word’ with Barnes. Back in the 80’s Oakley would have squashed him if he did the same to MJ!

    • TheLakerGenera11

      Lol I agree barnes would get washed up if they played in da 80’s a ton of these so called NBA players I can’t stand how they disrespect Kobe, these guys are cowards and then they get fat contracts off of choking tripping pushing or kicking Kobe Bryant I hate it I’m not saying Kobe don’t get his little dirty work in but it’s all in the realm of basketball these chumps just do f’ed up s#*t and nvr get called on it. If Kobe or Ron pulled that move ejection Matt barnes does it they say calm down, I’m starting to raise an eyebrow to the ref’s bc ovr here on da eastcoast I’ve nvr seen LBJ get tossed and rarely called for a foul everything seems to be geared towards protecting LBJ but not kob especially in a leauge where ur stars are supposed to get taken cared of. It’s all BS n that’s my rant for the day.
      Let’s get it Lake show F the refs F the leauge Lakernation will always be behind yall.

  • Jack

    The bottomline…. what a great game it was! I love the fact that Orlando showed up today. The lakers needed this. May be, the NBA needed this too… a physical, sweaty, rivalry game to show that its NBA’s time now.

    Who says Gasol is soft? Did you see the flagrant he had against Howard? wow. Learn Bynum, learn. Gasol volunteered to be the center against Howard today. love it. ehe.. Howard sucks (more than i had thought) in free throws man.

  • bruno

    Barnes is addicted to marijuana

    • hello world

      you cannot be addicted idiot. but he is stupid.

  • Luke makes me Puke

    Matt Barnes becomes a bigger asshole with each passing year. Can anyone imagine how the refs and the league would have handled this situation of Barnes pulled any of this crap against LeBron?

  • WTF

    sad part is the ref was right there when he faked throwing it at Kobe’s face…….i lost all respect for the NBA. Matt Barnes is a nobody they hate Kobe/Lakers so much that everytime Kobe shoot bad ESPN says *so & so locked down Kobe*

  • phileasy

    Matt Barnes needs a dosage of Artest beating his ass

  • Leo

    From watching this again, I praise Kobe. The guy is one cool mother f’er.

  • Josh in Da 310

    Matt Barnes is just trying to get his name out there since his career isn’t shit compared to Kobe’s. He’s screaming for attention with all his damn tattoos and he’s begging for replay time on abc by dunking and getting in Kb’s face. Kobe has ice in his veins and no little punk d-leaguer is going 2 make the mamba flinch. Fu*k you Barnes and I hope orlando sinks into the Atlantic ocean

  • brilliantn

    Matt Barnes Twitter: No such thing as a (Kobe stopper) he’s the badest man n the league. He had 35pts 2day. I jus try 2 make him work 4 every point. Respect!!! about 17 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

  • Butch

    I guess the ref ARE blind!

  • mystified

    how dare you matt barnes getting physical with the best player in the world playing good defense and keeping him to an avg. of one point per shot. i thought that was what ron ron was for to get tough man up and not back down to other teams. oh yeah those damn refs

  • LakersFirst

    Matt Barnes = Typical homo from UCLA

    He was a sh*tty player then and he’s a sh*tty player now.

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