Welcome to TLN’s “2nd Look” where we will repost the unforgettable plays of the season game by game. This will be for all of us Lakers fans to enjoy the season as it progresses, one highlight at a time. In this edition, Kobe creates a new circus shot with an unreal no look, over the head banker.

  • scoobs

    crazy circus shot but looks like traveling to me

    • pb2000

      Scoobs, crazy circus shot yes! Traveling, NO. He took two steps…I thought he had traveled at first myself because the move was so awkward. After reviewing it real close, I realized that he didn’t. So don’t let that thought spoil this great play for you.

      LA09-10 champs…Back to back to back to back!!!(Kobe retires with 7)

  • http://www.visionofthefans.com Chris Manning
  • pauu

    If you keep these up every game it will be really cool to see a compilation of them at the end of the season

  • http://lakerliker.com/ Eric

    He didn’t travel but he did stumble over his own foot. No whistle no foul. Good no call by the refs. I’m a die hard Lakers fan but Kobe reacts to everything when he penetrates to the paint, even if the hit is caused by his own two feet. Too funny. #24 is THE BEST! KG is guaranteeing back to back championships? LOL…I don’t think so.

  • PP34

    That shot was lame. He only took like 10 steps. Kobe=overrated. Pierce=Underrarted.

    • Short Dog

      You are lame. Read the title lamoe. It reads Laker Nation. The more you hate on someone-the stronger they get. Besides Kobe got fouled and just threw it up and still made it. He wasn’t trying to make that play. Pierce is not underated or overated because he is not on Kobes level.

      • 007

        kobe did not get hit on this play. he tripped on his own foot which also proves he did not travel. and no clipper “impeded his progress”. kobe just knows where the basket is and is just the best in the world. period. the end.

        seriously, who even knew who paul pierce was before KG & ray allen got there? or could he possibly become better known because of his crying while getting carried off the court and using a wheelchair? gimme a break. at least idolize KG as he is the one who MADE the celtics contenders w/ his defensive mindset. KG at least carried(and i use that term loosely) his team before he went to the celtics. what did paul pierce do with the celtics by himself? nothing.

        • Short Dog

          It’s a good thing we did not get one and done kg. gasol is way better than him. I have to give props to the Laker Management. Ever since we got Fish and Gasol we’ve been on top. Laker Dynasty!

  • kisofdeath

    redefines circus shot? bullshit not even close. no way no how does this shot “redefine” what a circus shot is.

    This is the exact same shot jason kidd made 2 years ago in the regular season.

  • kob24

    PP34 wat the fuk are you doing here, you don’t see us at ur gay celdick site talkin shit. get the fuk outta here.