There’s really nothing else to say. Sorry, Grizzly fans.

  • bduong

    that play was set up perfectly. welcome back kobe!

  • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

    he’s the man among boy’s. just a notch or two above everyone’s level.

  • slimehead

    look at the griz bench.. hahah sucks to watch kobe beat your team

  • drive-for-16th

    Just give him the ball and watch what happens, lol

  • berkyberks

    that is what you called M. V. P. three 3’s to beat the griz! Lebron who?

    • Ruin818

      Everyone and there mother on this site knows that every time Kobe or Lebron do something, it is automatic that a comparison, comment, or a negative comment to or about the other one will follow, and everyone blames the media for loving Lebron so much and hating on Kobe.. BUT I, myself cant help but notice and point out that most of the fans on this site and in the world are to blame as well for empowering it… case in point.. Kobe does something.. and it is right away followed by Lebron.

      • berkyberks

        just follow it with stat….not with the same game winning shot!

  • 242LakerFan

    Watching NBATV and McHale and CWebb were killing themselves laughing at the guys on the Memphis bench! The shot went up and their hands went right up to their heads like, “Oh shit, Kobe just shot the game winner! We’re screwed!”

  • Ruin818

    Really fun and amazing to watch, we’re spoiled to see that on such a regular basis and to have the confidence that if it comes down to a last shot, its almost a sure win if # 24 takes the shot… but lets be honest, as fun and great as that is to watch. It shouldnt be that close. We blow out Utah on THEIR home court without Kobe but we can only beat memphis by 1 with Kobe… Seriously?

  • WifelovesLuke

    Chris……get this Marwan guy out of here. He keeps posting everyday and gets 1 or 2 comments. It’s very clear that your TLN readers don’t respect this guy. Before you lose any more readers, politely ask Marwan to back off. He’s a little clingy!

    • bostonSUCKS88

      agree, limit him to 3 posts per week

  • KAOS – Kobe Jordan

    That was a “Kobe Jordan” moment.

  • islandgirl024

    Like Soku Smith’s blog title says: “It’s Kobe’s World and we’re just in it.”

    With 8.8 seconds on the clock left in the game, it’s definitely KOBE TIME!!!!!

    GREAT GAME LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • person man

    Is it just me, or did Kobe LOOK a lot like Jordan? After the shot goes in, the way he walks to the bench and high fives guys and aggressively chews his gum and all, I thought he just looked a lot like Jordan.

    • daboss1848

      thats always been KB’s M.O. – he was always accused of mimicing MJ – there are youtube vids on their similarities.

      • pauer

        I understand the point but you could make a youtube video comparing any two nba players and you could have good results.

        Great game last night.

        • berkyberks

          I notice that too when he walks towards the bench limping I see jordan…it means he clearly the second coming since then!

  • Lakerfanl

    Video is not working anymore. Great shot though!