This is a pretty funny edition. Ron Artest threw Ariza’s shoe off the court when it came off of Trevor; that’s a first.

Worth a laugh in lue of the loss…

  • 09champs!

    hahahah now that was funny, i dont think i had ever seen something similar to that :A.. gotta love it though..

    Even greater was the fact that ron made the 3 on the next possession.

  • Mitch4Pres


  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    Hahahaha, I love this guy man (no homo). It was sad to see Trevor go, but it was even better to see Ron Ron come in. I guess that is karma to Ariza, in a way saying “your things aren’t welcome here in Staples”

    Go Ron Ron.

  • http://uknwo lakeron 09

    He’s a idiot lol too bad the lakers got beat down after that

  • KD

    LoL……. That is too funny!!

  • Short Dog

    He’s an enemy now. He is not getting no love from the Lakers.

  • lakerfan4real4ever

    LMAO…big time,that was so funny….get u stinky shoe out of my way!!….

  • Saleenboy818

    That is just smart of artest for doing that, no body saw and he came back and hit a 3. Its just being smart. This is also ron artest being smart but pierce nailed the 3.
    At the 25 second mark. Pretty good idea i guess.

  • Gravy

    lol…. That’s almost better than when he pulled paul pierce’s pants down!

  • pauu

    poor sportsmanship.

  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    I hate how the announcers hype it up and make it worse than it is by saying “tosses it into the stands”.

    They are trying to make him look bad, but he isnt like that.

    First, there was no one around the shoe so its not in the stands it was under the basket.

    Second, it was off the court, just a yard off the baseline.

    Stupid announcers trying to get Ron Ron in trouble and make him look bad.

  • tradekwame11

    Then Ariza just looks at him for a second like, “WTF? did you do that for?”

  • atomicpunk

    he also probably saved someone from getting injured stepping on it. Its not like he tossed it where he couldnt get to it.It ended up just off the court

  • OaklandLakers

    You know all of these poeple commenting on this would be pissed had Artest been in a HOU Uni and did that to Ariza. But yeah this is hilarious but at the same time a bitch move. But it’s a good point that it could have saved some one from gettin hurt but you know that wasn’t his intentions.

  • ShannonSparta

    Hilarious, probably not a class-act move, but come on now, we all know that Ron Artest is literally crazy. Just sit back, enjoy, laugh, and watch.

  • deemac1

    Ron was like “oh you to good to wear Kobe Zoom iv now!” Well get this garbage outta here……

  • 007

    gotta agree that this was a little UNclassy from someone in a laker uni. maybe cuz im still hangin’ on to trevor. come back……

  • Eric

    What a jerk. He’s just trying to win the game any way he can, which DIDNT HAPPEN!!!!