24I am a Lakers fan, and today is the longest day of my life.

Wednesday could have been played out like a season of 24. The day started off like any other. Here I was, studying for finals… not knowing that Kobe Bryant was on ESPN radio with Stephen A. Smith. Then… at 9:48am PST I got the call, it was LD2k. “Are you listening?” he asked, “No, I’m studying for my finals…” I replied. Then it came….

“Kobe just asked to be traded!”

Before it can even sink in, I got another call waiting. I was Shane Bien. Right then and I knew why he was calling. I quickly turned it to ESPN Radio to check for myself. It was true. The rest of the day would be like hell. I had one final coming in 2 hours, I had to study. But how? My world was crumbing. But I am a man of priorities. So right then I decided the right thing to do was go online and see what other Laker fans thought of all this. Just my luck, Lakers sites are down! This is madness! No, this is LAKERLAND.

I arrive in class, it was all I can think about. I looked so bad, so dead. I let a few of my fellow Laker fans know what was going on. They were also unaware. “YOU LIE!” they said, “Kobe was on the radio yesterday and… and… and… said he wants to stay with the Lakers!” So I pulled out my Blackberry, went on ESPN.com, and had them see for themselves. I can see their hearts drop. It was torture for me as a fan, but better they find out now. *4 way split screen comes up*

The rest of the afternoon I felt like Chloe during a CTU operation *dropped another 24 comparison*. On my computer looking for the latest news, looking at the TV which was on ESPN the whole day, and listening to the radio tuned to AM570. Getting calls left and right, trying to fill everyone on the latest while still keeping up with whats going on. He’s leaving! No he’s staying, YES!!! Damnit, he might not stay!!! What is going on?!?! Not even Jack Bauer can fix this!

I don’t know how this will turn out. I do feel much change needs to be made in order to keep Kobe. Like Stephen A. Smith said, get rid of anyone that is holding Kobe Bryant from staying. I do feel that Jim Buss is the “Insider” who triggered most of this. I feel he wants Kobe out. Jim Buss wants to build this team around Andrew Bynum, he’s taking a gamble that can completely cripple this franchise for years to come. I feel Jim Buss would trade Kobe Bryant for any piece to build around Andrew, he wouldn’t hesitate. Luckily, it seems that Daddy dearest knows whats right. But actions speak louder then words Dr. Buss. You keep Kobe Bryant by any means necessary. This is my request as a fan and I know many others feel the same. People in the front office can be replaced, Kobe Bryant cannot. I cringe whenever I think of the future of this team 5-6 years from now. I wonder how the Jim Buss empire will be like. I can only hope that Jeanie some how takes over. At the end of the day, this is all some Kobe Mamba Drama and LA loves it. Thats my take, I’m out.


  • http://twitter.com/nugge7 The Nugget

    hZm felt like a girl. lol

  • http://hzmdesigns.com hZm

    Yes. Yes I did.

  • SILO

    You two girls stop fighting.

  • http://hzmdesigns.com hZm

    Speaking of 24, I haven’t seen the finale yet. I was at a Dodgers game and missed it. I’ve been too busy to watch it with work and school, I gotta check it out sometime within the next few weeks.

  • dorkygreencrayon

    do u think kobe will be traded?

  • http://hzmdesigns.com hZm

    [quote comment=”990″]do u think kobe will be traded?[/quote]

    Haha no clue. You’re guess is as good as mine.

  • Jimmy

    Kobe isn’t going anywhere

    Jim Buss is your “insider”

    If nothing happens this summer, KB will be as good as gone next season.

  • Lakerjones

    Why in the world would Jim Buss be the insider? He has WAAAAAY too much to lose by stating something stupid like that. Unless he is that stupid which is pretty hard to believe. What is everyone basing this asssumption on? He was on the radio just a week or two saying he would never trade Kobe.

    First off, Kobe’s mostly right, but he’s also wrong in some things. Whining about the Lakers lying to him regarding whether they are on a long term mission or short term is ridiculous. Does anyone really buy that the Lakers aren’t trying to get better. I do believe that Kobe and Phil both got on the phone with Radmanovich this summer to convince him to become a Laker. So they are to blame for that bad signing as much as anyone in the FO.

    Second, Kobe finding out that management told Phil they were on a long term plan in his ’04 exit meeting while telling Kobe they would try to build a winner right away is not such a big deal and does not equate to some kind of conspiracy. They were through with Phil and told him something about a direction that did not include him to discourage him. They told Kobe what they really believed and hoped, that they would be back in contention soon. It’s just that they made bad moves.

    Kobe’s on some paranoid rant right now about “trust.” F – it. I like when he said “show me.” Well, in order for the Lakers to show you, Kobe, just keep cool and let’s bring in JO for you! That should go quite some way.

    You guys are putting words into Jim Buss’s mouth about Bynum. He said on the radio that he would be willing to trade BYNUM FOR A SUPERSTAR ala Kevin Garnett (Or JO!!). How do you figure that he’s trying to sabotage his own game plan for the summer? That’s insane. He was out of town this weekend. A Laker “Insider” could mean anyone. It doesn’t have to mean the damn owner, heir apparent or the GM!! It could have been the damn ball boy for all anyone knows. Kobe’s totally paranoid. He said he knew who the insider was and then later contradicted himself saying he had a suspicion but didn’t want to say or confront the person in case he was WRONG. Admission – he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. Why did he just assume that it was someone in charge of the Lakers organization? Me thinks he wanted to do to get even more upset. He was already spinning out of control in frustration and no one in the org was calling him to chill out because Buss was off getting drunk on a holiday weekend and the other two thirds of the three headed beast were out of town.

  • Lakerjones

    And if I’m sounding like a Lakers management apologist I’m not. When I said Kobe was mostly right, I mean that the Lakers have played it too conservative and have generally mad atrocious moves over the past three years. The blame comes down to Mitch and Jim because they are in charge of personnel. But for Kobe to say it’s not incompetence but that they have some master long term plan that he’s not privvy to is just utter and complete paranoia and not justifiable in any shape or form. That’s giving these knuckleheads WAY too much credit. I can’t stand Mitch. One of the worst public speakers I’ve ever heard or seen. Nobody likes his robo GM approach. He’s lousy. And Jim’s decisions other than getting Bynum have been crappy as well. Remember Rudy T? Oh boy. But don’t tell me that it was all for some long term plan. No. It’s just been terrible decision making on the whole. Bad drafting – Cook, Sasha. Bad free agent signings – Vlade, McKie, Williams, Vlade. Bad extensions leading to no cap room – Cook, Sasha, Krummy Brown. Only good moves were Bynum, Turiaf, Farmar (who fell into their laps) and getting Evans. At least Kupchak is starting to draft better I guess. The problem is not some long term plan. It’s that other than hoping a big name guy comes along for the Bynum trade (we will breathe a sigh of relief if they can pull of this trade for JO), they don’t even have a plan.

  • http://www.kb24.com darkice18

    [quote comment=”990″]do u think kobe will be traded?[/quote]
    NEVER EVER EVER…he bleeds purple N Gold….hes too loyal to us and the city…he’s just frustrated and needs the LALAKER ORGANIZATION to calm him down and do somethin NOW i mean changes get JO, KG…someone NOW…plus the buss family and mitch kupcake needs to apologize to kobe for lying and fucking up…and now let the HEALING BEGIN…. KOBE WILL STAAAAY :)

  • http://hzmdesigns.com hZm

    I know that I could be DEAD WRONG about the “insider” being Jim Buss. Its just a gut feeling I have.

    I’m completely lost in all of this.

  • Lakerjones

    HZM –
    You’re not alone in that feeling. 50 % of the pollsters are with you and for all I know, Kobe does too and that’s why he exploded so hard. But I’m just wondering why you or anyone else thinks that he would do something so stupid. Not to trade Kobe. He said he wouldn’t do that on the radio already and I don’t think he’s so savvy as to be playing the Lakers fans one way and Kobe the other. He seems pretty straight ahead. Almost to a fault perhaps. If he wanted Kobe gone I believe he would just do so. I think Kobe might be thinking as you are but I just don’t get why. Can you explain? Or anyone else explain it to me and how this fits their supposed “MASTER PLAN” for the long term? It would be economic suicide to lose Kobe at this juncture. Dan Patrick also intimated that he knew who the insider was, but what the hell? I don’t think anyone but Mark Heisler really knows. Right?


    i also think it was jim buss. AND IF IT IS HIM, HE’S GOING DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kenshi1023

    kobe needs to get laid??? (thus the paranoid)

  • kenar catunao

    im ur biggest fan kobe….pls dont leave lakers.KG and u is gonna get a championship this year..pls.