Congratulations to the Houston Rockets for winning their 22nd game in a row. No matter how biased you are, you can’t deny what the organization is doing is quite an accomplishment. However, for us Lakers fans, we need to keep perspective!

There is a few things I hate to see in reactions…

1. Stop Blaming The Referees: Statistically speaking, the average NBA/Laker fan are more afraid of the Zebra animal than any other animal out there. Yes it’s an easy out, but don’t forget Alston’s career performance today. That being said, once you get past our atrocious on-ball defense today, you can’t help but wonder how the Lakers were a marble ball in a pinball machine today getting bounced around and not getting calls; yet at the end of the day, you have to play through it.

2. No Bynum, Gasol, Ariza: I said it after Gasol went down but going 1-3 in this trip would be a successful trip considering they are still without their emerging and defense-shifting center Andrew Bynum who was involved with six points in their last meeting. Secondly Trevor Ariza who is considered the best perimeter defender behind Kobe Bryant and lastly, Gasol, who suffered the sprain two nights ago and left the Lakers with limited post-presence.

When you lose two “legit” 7 footers to injury and you’re playing some of the top teams in the West, it’s very difficult to overcome the challenges which present themselves, especially when the Lakers have struggled when they get away from their inside-out game. These three players returning, hopefully healthy, before and into the playoffs will shift the power of the entire west back in our hands once again. Be patient.

3. Respect the streak: I’d hate to repeat myself, but give the Rockets credit. No Yao, no problem. Looks like Apollo 13 still remains the only time where Houston had a problem seemingly. This 22 game win streak is pretty damn impressive once again considering the insanity of tightness of the Western conference.

The Rockets went from 10th place to 1st place. Congratulations to them… while it is impressive the Rockets, and McGrady, will have to prove they are better than 1st round slaughter. When this streak ends, and I believe it will by the end of the week, how will they respond?I guess my point of this little piece was not to get frustrated over this loss. It sucks, it hurts, it’s upsetting… but don’t forget: We are the only team in the West who has had battled around the #1 spot without a full team.

As I mentioned before, when this team gets healthy, the Lakers will re-establish themselves as the best team in the Western conference… playoffs will be a formidable challenge, but assuming we are healthy, they’ll be saying it and saying it loud and clear…

“Houston, we have a problem.”

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  • ThE NeXt FaRmAr 5

    that guy in the backround looks like shane battier ahah

    this game was not bad for being without gasol i mean ronny was our center and he didnt do that bad. the lakers just need to learn how to box out a little better and theyll be fine

  • kobe

    wow ld2k did u make that picture or did the guy relly do that.

    well if he did dats really messed up no respect whatsoever. :)

  • Luis

    Well, the Lakers are stuggling without to very good players. Gasol and Binum. They should be ok as long as they win at least one of the next two. I have no doubt that they will easily make the playoffs. Regardless of they drop down to the 7th or 8th spot, they will still do some damage in the playoffs. I want them to finish number one but wouldn’t mind seeing them like 3 or 4.

  • kb24

    Yeah you have to respect a streak that long, the thing that i dont understand is how Tracy McGrady can be an MVP candidate now when he didnt play well enough in the 50 games to make the all-star team.. Kobe’s grasp of the MVP might be slipin.

  • Lakers

    the picture is in the way I cant read

  • Shakobe22

    stinks being in the west
    in the east 4.5 games separate #2 detroit from #1 boston
    in the west 4.5 games separate #8 GS from #1 houston
    we need to win

  • vida24

    [Comment ID #29578 Will Be Quoted Here]
    the picture was from rockets fan forum !

  • http://myspace lakers_depress

    lakers loss because of 3’s and rebound

  • mena

    The problem is they gave weeks for bynum then they changed it to early april…i wont be suprised if he dosent play till real deeeeep in the playoffs and plu Gasol isnt even for sure…but i heard from that he should play friday and they wont rule out playing thursday but i doubt that. hopefully we get it togethere and get gasol back and start winning hopefully end the season with a streak…im praying

  • Jonny

    really good take ld2k, and honestly, unless phoenix dramatically improves, our playoffness should be secure in having the pacific title

  • 24allup inya

    I wish Kobe would have turned around and clocked him in the face, this way there would have been a reason for his retarded face…

  • allan

    i love kobe as much as anyone here, but i gotta say….i really don’t like how he’s constantly barking at the refs. i definitely understand why he does..they never give him the calls he deserves…but it’s been like that for the past 4 years. he’s gotta let it go and get back on defense. so many times, he’s a split second behind on transition defense because of frustration and the opponents get easy baskets.

  • Devean George

    LOL on the pic! GREAT ARTICLE LD2K! My brother is trippin over the losses yesterday and today, but like you said WE ARE MISSING BOTH STAR CENTERS!!

    IF we drop the road trip (im hoping 2-2 now) we can go 6-0 on our games when we get back!

  • Neo-Laker Era

    The Kobe-ref-heckling is a vicious cycle. He complains about a call, pisses off the ref, so the ref starts to make less calls for him. I love Kobe and the Lakers, but god, I wish he would just shut the hell up and play. The ref’s will respect him more for it. I think Kobe knows its true too. It’s just his competative and emotional nature to fight.

  • west213

    F U C K THE ZIBBRA GUYS. they are against Kobe for sure. and f u c k you all for blaming Kobe on the subject of not getting the calls.

    ITS KOBE, thats why the refs are trying to make the game much more harder for him. dahhhh

  • kobe-wankenobi

    all this talking is Bullcrap!
    the real and only problem of the lakers is the horrible defense of our pointguard
    fisher and farmar are just so HORRIBle they gettting owned by anyone, only nash is at the same level!
    against us (or nash) the opponent pg play the game of their career!!!!!!!
    how can we hope to win a title with that kinda defense>?
    that is shameful!
    KOBE erased from the filed TMAC! with kobe defending him he score only once, and was somewthing like 1 for 11!
    that is defending…and now people start talking about TMAC as MVP ! what a shame!
    tmac is nothing

  • David

    It’s frustrating to watch the Lakers because they lose to teams they would normally beat like New Orleans and Houston because of stupid injuries. We should be 2-0 but instead are 0-2 and will probably go 0-4 on the road trip. This is similar to the 2004 season with all the injuries we had but still made it to the finals. Hopefully this time, the end result will be different.

  • Jack

    just luck baby. everytime they play good teams, something wrong happens to their opponent. just luck.

    and for a team that has been hit with the injury bug so many times, i am very happy that they have something to talk about.

    apart from that, eheh… i wish lakers meet houston in first round.

  • china fans

    still Support lakers and KoBe
    that’ all

  • JayC22

    They didn’t have Yao, but look at how they’ve handled losing a “legit” big.

  • PauKobeBynumDynasty

    Don’t worry guys, everything is gonna be fine. So what if we drop to 4th or 5th place? We as a team have the capability to beat any team in the west. We are #5 in the NBA Power Rankings w/o Pau and Bynum.

    If any of u saw the game yesterday, we were very poor in defending the 3, and we fouled them lots of times. Our only problem is at the 5, where we have Turiaf (who gets in foul trouble easily) and Mbenga (whose only skill i think is saying Dacos!!!). At the end of the season, we can trade Mihm and Mbenga for a reasonable on the ball defender, and our team will be complete.

    Also, if any of u saw the game y’day on ABC, did u hear Jeff Van Gundy repeatedly sayin crap about the lakers? he shud be fired!!

  • xtro

    I’d rather win the playoffs than have a hot winning streak in the regular season. Come playoff time, every team is even steven again. Houston’s gonna be one and done in the first round, and their streak will fade into memory.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #29611 Will Be Quoted Here]

    the more kobe whines the more he won’t get the calls. The lakers lead the league in whining and it is not just kobe, but kobe should take the lead and stop it. Refs don’t hate the Lakers, they HATE WHINERS.


    I wish people,like me,would just stop complaining about the loss and move THE F@$& ON and please stop blaming KOBE,WE KNOW WITHOUT AB/PG AND ARIZA IT GOING TO BE DIFFICULT,SO STOP HATIN’OR START PARTICIPATIN(y’all wanna help win games,play in one and NOT THE XBOX OR PLAYSTATION VERSION).



  • Ballin’08

    The thing about the Kobe-ref feud is that Kobe has the ability to draw the foul any time he wants..the refs know this. Although isn’t against the rules…the free throw process slows down the game…and the referee’s DON’T wanna send Kobe to the line 60 times a game…but realistically a foul is foul so why not call it??? Which any time you bring up Kobe nowadays you gotta bring up LeBron…LeBron could be sitting on the bench and the refs will still call a foul for him…GO to Youtube and look up “LeBron Phantom fouls.

    Not hating on LeBron,just saying Kobe has room to get upset if he gets hammered going to the hoop w/ a busted pinky and can’t get a call and other guys get calls just for showing up to the game.

    BTW: On the ABC broadcast they said what I’ve been saying all year….the Lakers can’t or won’t defend the pick and roll. Also notice how our Lakers NEVER box out for rebounds. My little league coach must be cringing watching the Lakers play lately…I wanna start something new.
    after each game everyone chose a player that did the least to get a rebound and end your comments with “…please box out.”

    Example “Oh well, we’ll get them next game. Luke Walton…please box out.”

    Great now u try….

  • xtro

    That is why I have been preaching all along that the Lake Show should if not must get RON ARTEST in the off season. I’d give up Vlade, Luke, or eve Lamar to get that guy. Ron-Ron plays Defense!

  • The Nugget

    [Comment ID #29626 Will Be Quoted Here]
    9 of those wins came from without Yao.

    Unlike other teams, Lakers were at the #1 spot WITH Bynum – and without. Now we have lost 3 key players. No one else in the league has had that happen.

  • Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    Somebody is going to have to teach Fisher and Farmar, on how to consistently utilize the best or optimum way of defending the other teams point guard…Obviously, relying on their own obtained skill and knowledge is VERY WEAK and detrimental to winning games, and such, will not change, if not addressed…This is the Lakers Achilles heel…Trevor Ariza would be a major antidote to this problem…but until he returns something has to be done, about the weakest point guard defense in the league….. Secondly, I hear the criticisms, lobbying and spewing of Mr. (Blah, Blah, Blah) Jeff Van Gundy, jumping on the bandwagon, trying to degrade the Lakers, and make them look like the No.1 cry babies of the league…Nothing can be further from the truth…For example; Nobody complains more about everything than Greg Popovich and The Spurs…not even close…And they are the defending Champs…Just because the Lakers are who they are, there is no denying, the zebras are truly letting many, (not all-but many) hack jobs on Kobe go unnoticed….This is truly very frustrating to any ball player, and even more so, when it seems you are being targeted….It is very difficult to keep tongue in cheek, when it HAPPENS SO OFTEN…I do not blame Kobe for complaining…Try It!…Go out and play, get constantly hacked, with no call, and see if you can smile and say that’s ok.

  • Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    Hey west213, I am with you 110%…I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

  • Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    Hey allan, I gotta agree with you also.


    If someone smacks you in the face,you gonna say ‘thank you’ or you gonna “PULL OUT A CAN OF WHOOP A@#”? I would think most,if not all,would pull out that can.This is what Kobe is trying to tell the refs and the refs just keep turning a blind eye,the refs are responsible also no matter how they may feel about a certain player,CALL THE F@#$IN’ GAME RIGHT!!!

  • T-Dub

    I do agree that weakest PG’s in th top 10 west teams. Neither Fish nor Farmar plays defense…Fish is slow and old Farmar is small and weak. But hey, we cant have the best at every position now can we. 2 of our best 4 players are out and those are the breaks.

  • Brett


  • west213

    2 weeks for gasol!!!!!!! we’re goin down.

  • hibachi

    the celtics will get the job done!!! after beating the spurs in their own place and down by 22 points and still won the game were going out of the triangle 3-0!!! booyah!!!

    so who’s a weaker team now being in east beating the mighty west hahaha…
    against the spurs 2-0
    against the lakers 2-0

    hats off to the rockets reaching 22 wins!!! but sorry to say that cinderella ride is over!!!

  • Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    IN CONTRAST: Did ya’ll notice how Rashard Lewis of the Magic, after the Magic beat the Cavs today…Rashard was interviewed and asked to comment on the task of guarding Lebron, He commented; “That’s why I was probably on the bench, cuz you can’t so much as breath on the guy, without getting whistled for a foul…That’s the second time this week, that Lebron gets dissed by an opposing player after the game…The first being Stevenson of the Wizards, after the Wizards beat the Cavs…I thought this was hilarious and long over due.

  • Devean George

    DAM REFS!! I wish we had bynum, gasol and ariza and screw the dam streak it means nothing until they pass the first round!!