Breaking news from John Ireland — the 2011 NBA All-Star Game will be held at STAPLES Center, for the second time.

nbalogoPLOG: I’ve learned that the NBA will announce tomorrow (Sunday) that the 2011 NBA All Star game will be played at Staples Center.

This is a major acquisition for the Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), who will have their billion dollar hotel complex–half Ritz-Carlton and half Marriott–open for business long before the game. It will be the second All Star game played at Staples, which last hosted the game in 2004. But this time around, the entire LA Live complex (which had not been built in ’04), is expected to host a variety of events surrounding All Star weekend.

Staples Center officials had no comment today, but AEG President Tim Leiweke, mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, and NBA Commisioner David Stern will make the announcement at 4:15 PST Sunday.

  • Cheryle

    Us TLN’ers should go to this then TLN meet-up after @ ESPN ZONE. =)

  • meleco

    To the Publisher….you need to switch 2002 to 2004…it was updated in his blog

  • Dwight Howard

    Get ready…Orlando will be the home of 2012 NBA All Star Game. Go Magics!

  • Lakerfanl

    This is AWESOME!

  • Lake4Life

    You are right..this is awesome!

    This means another All-Star MVP Trophy for Kobe the Man.

  • LAKing

    YAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!! I’m totally going this time, I couldn’t afford it last time. This time, I’m definitely going, no excuses. I’m there. All Star Game coming back to my hometown.

  • Young Im

    [Comment ID #74882 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I wonder if the real dwight howard comes on TLN.

  • KG

    yay. celtics big three will all make it to the game!!!!!!!

  • west213

    im going fo sho, i would be 20 yrs old in 2011. =]

  • Salty

    Hopefully Bynum will be playing in the big game by then.

  • Eidraq

    4th mvp for mr bryant i believe?

  • Toobz20

    time to start saving up baby

  • kwame4mvp

    how much are tickets to this? anyone know?

  • G-Small

    David Stern is a genius.

    2011 right?

    He anticipates that SHAQ would have re-signed with the Lakers to end his career, and wouldn’t it be just fitting that he get’s once more All-Star appearance at Staples?

    Not to mention the Lakers will be working on becoming 3 time Champions, AGAIN….

    Stern is the GOAT…

  • kevin

    Thats odd, less then 10 years ago it was at staples and now its coming back? Im glad it is and Im excited but shouldnt it go to the other 29 arenas before it comes back to staples? although I dont think places like memphis would be a good market so maybe thats why.


    starting line up for the east…D.rose, joe johnson, LBJ, Bosh and D.howard vs. the west A.K.A the lakers starters except with cp3 at the point lol..and ofcourse we will win 120-95

  • Russ A

    yeah, im definitely going…

    this will probably be Kobe’s last all-star game in Staples just because it took 7 years for it to come back, so im just guessing…

    but yeah, it’ll be a great all star game with Kobe being the big man that everyone will be talking about.

    it’ll also be an interesting all star game because Lebron, Wade, Bosh, and Shaq might be on completely different teams (maybe some on the West, maybe some on the East)

    Interesting though that they went back to LA so quick. But, if you think about it, there’s only a handful of places that it could go. I say it should come back to Bay Area and have Vince do the slam dunk contest again.

  • ROB

    I think this is so Blake Griffin can get his ALL-STAR GAME MVP!!!!!!

  • Dwight Howard

    Blake who?

  • shaq’s sloppy seconds

    the nba knows the real city of champions!!!

  • Isaiah

    Young Im, if the real Howard was on TLN, he’d know that it was “Magic” and not “Magics” hehehe..

  • modenadude

    Sounds great, can’t wait.

    BUT, and this is just a pet peeve of mine… it’s PDT!! PST is only during winter when it’s standard time at -8 UTC! Summer = PDT, Winter = PST. Proceed, haha :)

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