All 60 picks were graded and the Lakers’ picks were graded not too good and not too bad.

Bleacher Report: The Lakers lost their first-rounder as a part of the infamous Pau Gasol deal, and nabbed two big college names with their pair of second-rounders.

Devin Ebanks:

Ebanks was a guy projected to potentially go in the first round in several mock drafts, but slipped all the way to No. 43. He’s seen as a point-forward type with nice ball-handling skills and an effective transition game. He’s 6’9″, but weighs just 205 pounds, meaning he could struggle to stay with some of the bigger forwards on defense. Ebanks isn’t a great shooter either, and has no three-point range to speak of. He seems like a less talented version of Lamar Odom.

Derrick Caracter:

Caracter is huge at 6’9″, 280 pounds, but his size means he lacks explosion and isn’t a great athlete. He’s a fairly offensively-polished big man, and uses his great strength to his advantage. Ironically, a knock on him is the reported prevalence of character issues. Not a bad pick for No. 58 overall.

Grade: C

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  • Junya10

    That’s a fairly accurate assumption! If we can make Trevor Ariza into a 5 million dollar man then we can sculpt these guys if they make the team!

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    I like our picks. Only time will tell if they make the squad or not though.

  • Jack Y.

    lol. The analysis is nuts. We had only 2nd round picks. What were we supposed to select in order to get an A?

  • rb24

    I don’t get your ratings. You gave the Lakers a “C” for their 43 and 58 pick. Why? Do you think there were better picks that could be had at 43 and 58. Who do you think the Lakers should have picked to get an “A” in your scale.

  • drbob512

    Bad analysis of the Lakers’ picks:

    When you pick as low as 43 and 58, you have lost out on the best picks in the first round and early 2nd,

    so you want to pick players who have upside potential but obviously aren’t sure things,

    Ebanks has decent perimeter skills and is pretty good in the paint and mid-range area, will have a good chance to make the team, projected to be a SF eventually, and a good role player, given 2-3 years of playing time,

    Caracter is a longer shot to make the team, but if he shows rebounding and defensive skills in SL, he might make the team as a PF,

    if both make the team, it will be partly because of the team’s salary limitations,

    sure hope they do well in SL and make the team,

    could turn out to be good picks,


    • drbob512

      Lakers deserve a A- for their picks in 2nd round, not a “C” as the writer gives them.

      i can’t think of any better players to pick at 43 and 58…