Here’s the schedule for the Lakers’ Western Conference Finals matchup with the Denver Nuggets (via…

Game 1 – Tuesday, May 19 | Nuggets at Lakers | 6:00PM | ESPN
Game 2 – Thursday, May 21 | Nuggets at Lakers | 6:00PM | ESPN
Game 3 – Saturday, May 23 | Lakers at Nuggets | 5:30PM | ABC
Game 4 – Monday, May 25 | Lakers at Nuggets | 6:00PM | ESPN
Game 5* – Wednesday, May 27 | Nuggets at Lakers | 6:00PM | ESPN
Game 6* – Friday, May 29 | Lakers at Nuggets | 6:00PM | ESPN
Game 7* – Sunday, May 31 | Nuggets at Lakers | 5:30PM | ABC
* = if necessary.

  • Lakerfanl

    Go Lakers!

  • Lake_Showtime

    YEAHHHHH, lets do it baby!!!


    That’s weird, I thought TNT was doing the western conference finals while ESPN were going to do the eastern matchups. You guys gotta double check that – slap on my wrist if I’m wrong.

  • Dave

    Celtics lose at home! It doesn’t get any better than that!

    Did anyone else notice when Paul “Magic Wheelchair” Pierce left the game — he was rubbing his shoulder and showing dramatic expressions of pain on his face? What a drama queen!

    Looks like he’s got all summer to work on his acting.

  • AllthewayLA

    LAKERS in 6. Rockets are just bad matchup for us. Nuggets shouldnt be a problem. LA all the way baby!

  • matthew

    lets do this lake show. play with pride and a sense of urgency, and btw, paul pierce is a better actor than a basketball player, hahah.

  • FT

    lets get this started already and protect homecourt!!!

  • gugy

    I wish it was TNT instead of ESPN. Oh well, what matters is the W.
    Go Lakers!

  • LakersOwnTheWest

    I wish it was Fox Sports West or Kcal…nobody does it like Joel & Stu

  • cg75

    Thank God, no Doug Collins

  • Rich

    I rather have it on ESPN, because the way Barkley, Webber, and Smith openly rooted against the Lakers is unprofessional to me. Did anybody here the way Charles dogged the Lakers last night?

  • pio2u

    Will some one please tell Kenny Smith to ditch that gross red jacket and get ready to “go FISHIN”!!” Denver will be tough but Lakers in 6.

  • roro

    This would be a great series; people are picking denver to win, and i dont understand why because they played hornet team that was unriveling and they played a dallas team who doesnt have enough offensive power. They said Martin did great job on David West, but all season David West hasn’t played his best. Dirk still scored 30 points on them and Eric Dampier is not even a offensive threat. So its hard to believe the Denver will win this series. But it should be a great series; and the Lakers will be much more focus because people are picking the nuggets to win.