paradeartLakers: The parade to salute the 2009 NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers will take place this Wednesday, June 17th. The parade will begin at STAPLES Center and travel south on Figueroa Street  to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum where a victory celebration will take place in front of an expected capacity crowd of 95,000 Lakers fans.

Beginning at 11:00 AM, double-decker busses carrying the players, coaching staff, Lakers executives and City officials will depart from STAPLES Center at Figueroa and Chick Hearn Ct. and travel a nearly two mile parade route along Figueroa to the Coliseum where the “official” championship ceremony will take place beginning at noon.

All Lakers fans are invited to stand along Figueroa to cheer the Lakers players having just won the fifteenth NBA Championship in the franchise’s history. The first 95,000 fans to arrive at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum will be invited inside to attend a ceremony during which City and team officials, Coach Phil Jackson and several players will address the crowd. Coliseum gates will open beginning at 9:30 AM for early arriving fans who will be able to watch the parade on giant video screens in addition to being entertained by the Laker Girls and other special guests.

Please be aware of the following street closures planned for Wednesday, June 17th.  Figueroa will be closed from Olympic to Exposition Park from 8am-12pm. Chick Hearn Court will be closed from 9am-4pm.  Cherry will be closed from Pico to Olympic from 9am-2pm.  In addition the Exposition Blvd, Martin Luther King Blvd, Adams and Olympic exits from the 110 freeway will be closed from 10am until the end of the parade.

Parade route map after the jump!

  • G-Small

    I will be there representing Voice Of The Nation.

    If anybody is interested in hooking up holla at me

  • Chad

    Wish we could set up a lakers nation section.

  • ParadeNoWay!

    I would love to go to the parade, but it is a bit scary to be in that area.
    Even though the security will be high. I am not sure I want to mingle with folks from Inglewood and South Central.
    Don’t hate me. I am just a white boy and I want to preserve my security and not be in the middle of a possible riot.

    Go Lakers!

  • G-Small

    [Comment ID #76352 Will Be Quoted Here]

    What’s funny is White kids actually go to the Coliseum/Sports Arena a lot because they have RAVES there.

    I’ve seen packs of teen-age White girls in panties and butter fly wings on the corner of King & Figueroa at 12 AM.

    Not to mention that USC is right down the street, and White folks are EVERYWHERE as a result, the laundry mats, the Taco Bells.

    Figueroa Blvd between King and Jefferson is without a doubt more of a White college kid area.

  • ECJ

    I’d give anything to be able to go to the parade. Unfortunately, I live in Boston and it’s just not feasible right now. Thos eof you who will be there, make sure to represent for the worldwide fans.

  • Kristie

    anybody know where to park? I want to go but I’ll be all alone waiting in line with 95, 000 close friends, wheres parking going to be?

  • G-Small

    [Comment ID #76358 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Email me, I can set something up

  • The Dynasty

    Kristie, we are getting a group together of a bunch of Lakers fans to hit up the parade tomorrow. shoot me an email if you want to join us!

  • Kam Pashai

    Apparently TLN forums members are setting up a meeting. We’ll get details up sometime soon, hopefully.

  • ft

    Cant wait to go.

    Me and a couple friends are driving from vegas but we have NO CLUE WHERE TO EVEN TRY TO PARK! anyone know if there’s parking garages or diff places to park by the coliseum????

    anyone got any tips or advice?

  • trevorariza3

    im takin the metro and just posting up at the colliseum… where are all the laker nation heads gonna meet up?? lets do it big.
    look for me in my black kobe 24 jersey

  • Jay from AZ




  • Gus

    Does anyone know what channel its on?

  • Laker_girl

    yeah what channel will it be on g-small??

  • ATLakers

    What’s a good time to get to the coliseum?


    [Comment ID #76366 Will Be Quoted Here]

    WTF! You’re starting to sound like you belong “To Catch a Predator”. LOL! Don’t go Kristie, don’t go! Sh!!!!!!!!t, actually, come to think of it, it’s you G-Small that better not go through with it! Kristie is just settin your @$$ up! You go to her pad to pick her up, the camera crew will pop out along with the cops to nab your pedophilia @$$! LOL!

    HAVE FUN AT THE PARADE!!!!! HELL YEAHS LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dom1020

    i hope its on tv…

  • Toooobz

    dumb-a$$ school finalls

  • Mena

    where to park???

  • Jetliner

    I’m thinking of taking the Metro as parking will be a freaken nightmare.

  • spliff562

    Hey, JUAN, JOSE, JUILO, HECTOR, ETC…TELL YOUR PEEPS NOT TO TRASH THE CITY AND START A RIOT. That’s our damn tax dollars your destroying…LOL!!!!!

  • Matt

    [Comment ID #76392 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yeah does anyone know if this will be televised on the west coast? (like on KCAL or FSN)

  • tony

    where can i watch it in t.v what channel and time

  • magicfan4lifesuckers!!!lulz

    Hey, we are getting a group together of a bunch of Magic fans to hit up the parade tomorrow. shoot me if you want to join us!


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    [Comment ID #76374 Will Be Quoted Here]

    look for me in my white kobe jersey, im sure i wont be hard to find

  • LakerFan#24

    Hey how early do you think we will have to get there to get into the colloseum because im thinking about getting there at like 5 in the morning…. too late or what?

  • willow

    [Comment ID #76380 Will Be Quoted Here]

    If you live in LA then it’s in any of the local channels like ABC, KCAL, and NBC. Those of you out of state if you have FSN West they’ll be broadcasting it live as well. Enjoy the parade guys!

  • willow

    [Comment ID #76432 Will Be Quoted Here]

    That sounds about right…maybe 6am but be prepared to walk far coz parking will be very limited. There are plenty of parking structures in the area if you get there early enough around staples center and the coliseum. Out of towners I hope you’re here now and staying at the local motel coz tomorrow…don’t even

  • Jay D

    [Comment ID #76374 Will Be Quoted Here]

    where do you get off at the blueline to be at the coliseum?

  • KB24

    I am a Lakers fan in China, to see that you can watch the parade at the scene, I am very envious of, or to congratulate the Lakers, Bryant blessing

  • willow

    [Comment ID #76454 Will Be Quoted Here]

    The blue line stops on 7th street and you can just walk several blocks from there.

  • willow

    [Comment ID #76454 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Here are more detailed info on public transportation if it helps.

  • willow

    They will be streaming it live on starting at 10am pacific so if you can’t make it or can’t find it on TV then check it out here.

  • willow

    This might be useful to some of you who are planning to attend the parade tomorrow.

  • lakers boy 09

    is it me or does this picture of the lakers with the trophy look like the cover of a star wars movie were luke skywalker is holding up the light saber and princs lea is at his feet, kobes wife is princes lea lol