20 Second Timeout has put together a fantastic read on the matchup between Kobe vs. LeBron. It’s simply a must read. Here is a small excerpt from it…

20SecondTimeout: Kobe Bryant dislocated the ring finger on his right (shooting) hand less than two minutes into the game but persevered to produce 20 points, 12 assists and six rebounds as his L.A. Lakers defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 105-88. Bryant shot 9-22 from the field and had five turnovers but down the stretch he made big plays, scoring nine points and dishing three assists in the fourth quarter. Bryant had led the Lakers in scoring, rebounds and assists for three straight games but this time he received some much needed help from Pau Gasol, who paced the Lakers with 22 points and 12 rebounds while shooting 11-13 from the field. Bryant assisted on four of Gasol’s field goals–and all of those assists were strictly by the book, none of this business where the recipient of the pass goes through the Kevin McHale low post thesaurus of moves before shooting the ball: Bryant drew double teams and created scoring opportunities that would not otherwise have existed for Gasol and other Lakers.


  • sketch

    Kobe DETHRONED the supposedly “king”, lebron this past monday. kobe showed every critic and hater and all his loyal fans that even with a dislocated ring digit, he is still better than LEHYPE!

    Kobe wins the matchup hands down and basically knocked bron bron off of the MVP candidate list with that performance!


    This is a great read

  • chaunceyp

    yo i got a broken link, you accidently put a ] on your page. great read though. finally someone talking about jordan, kobe, and lebron, and have it make sense to me.

  • brandon

    Its a tough decision. Lebron can guard all 5 positions and is a lot younger than Kobe right now. So today I would take Lebron to start my team but if I could have them both at 25 then im not sure. I found a list of their achievements and its quite impressive. Check it out. Who would you take?