Noah Graham | NBAE | Getty Images

For everyone out there already calling them the Fakers, let’s get one thing perfectly clear, this edition of the 2012-2013 Lakers is still very much a lump of clay. It is up to Mike Brown to be the potter, & to take what doesn’t look like much right now, & turn it into a beautiful collectors piece by seasons end.

How exactly he does that is yet to be seen, but clearly, he has time on his side. I mean, he has Howard, Bryant, Nash, MWP, & Gasol as his starting point. It’s not as if he has nothing to work with. The way I see it, the key to making the Lakers into beautiful artwork, worthy of championship rings in June, starts with those 5 players. They either chart a course that will deliver them to the promised land, or they will end up ship wrecked on dry land.

Oh by the way, the guys sitting on the bench aren’t off the hook either. They must be the ingredients sprinkled in that help shape & mold the rest of the finished product. Ebanks, Jamison, Blake, & the rest of the crew, have got to step up & be able to blend in, as well as stand out & shine at times.

Keep the faith Laker Nation! It’s 2 games. This art project is going to be worth the wait.