Here is some Farmar news to keep an eye on.

JordanFarmarLATimes: The Lakers aren’t planning on offering Jordan Farmar a contract extension this season, which in many ways leaves his future uncertain.

Farmar, in his fourth season, in which he’ll earn $1.947 million, saw the team pick up the options for his third and fourth seasons. But he’s aware that if the Lakers don’t offer him a deal by the deadline of Oct. 31, he’ll become a restricted free agent next summer and the Lakers can match any offer Farmar receives from another team.

  • Whatsa


  • laker fan who hates flukes

    good move by the lakers i think this is the last time we will be over paying bums to play for us good work laker management!!

  • LakersFirst

    The Lakers management also realize that he’s their real only trading chip. At times he’s played well and he has no long term contract – If the Lakers want to make a trade to improve the team, Farmar could be the bait. But if Farmar plays well, then that helps the Lakers and good play could give him the contract he wants.

    • laker_girl85

      i agree with you. Hopefully he continues to play well.

      Honestly he’s looked good out there in the pre-season. Brown is the one who looks a bit inconsistent with his defense, but with the meeting they just held i know they’ll come back strong.


    • Jonathan

      you are an idiot man, his salary is hardly a “trade bait”. Why not lock him in at like a 5 year 10M deal (2M a year), and if he starts playing well, like he did last year before he had that knee injury, then we just got a great deal for 6 years (1+5). Its practically a no risk, high reward situation.

      • LakersFirst

        I’m an idiot??? Do you realize what you just said??? Lock him in for a 5 year, $10M deal?? Are you f’n high or just an f’n retard? Even at $2 per year, long term contracts are the things that GM’s will NOT trade for. No GM wants to take a 5 year deal, unless its for a superstar calibur player like Kobe, Lebron, DWade, etc.

        Committing to long terms deals is f’n stupid. It costs money and takes up a roster spot. Remember retard, in the NBA, there is something called a salary cap and the NBA has been lowering that salary cap, so a GM would quickly get fired for committing $10M across 5 years for a point guard who has not yet proven himself.

        You’re an f’n idiot. Thank God you are not the GM of the Lakers.

        • roscoe

          eh, it’s 2m / year I’m sure they would sign him for that but he would rather test free agency than sign 5yr/10m for sure.

        • Laker Marc

          Calm down LakersFirst By the way you responded….you’re the idiot….show some respect

  • Bshawk

    So long Dumbo. Use those ears to fly over to the D-league.

  • kob24

    Good thing lakers didn’t give his ass an contract or else if we did he wuld just get happy like luke and sasha and not play well cause he knows hes getting a big contract i dont think hes a good fit to be a laker point guard he’ll try to do real good to get a contract but he said he wants to go sumwhere he can run a team and thats not in LA. i think we shuld let him go next year unless hes really good this year and shows he wants to be here and play hard every game. or else we shul;d let him go and sasha we shuld try to get darren williams hes gonan be a free agent next year i think so we shuld realy try to get a good point guard for the future. Anybody if not d williams.

  • kob24

    We have to keep shannon cause he plays harder then the rest of the douchbags like sasha and and luke

  • Megan Fox JJC

    People forget that Farmar is currently on a very cheap contract.

    • http://vinginor laker raja

      cheap is not good.
      Especially if they do not produce.
      Farmar,Luke Sasha.Mobenga ,Bynum all are losers.

      • Megan Fox JJC

        You are going to call DJ a loser? DJ is one of the three lowest paid players on the team. He brings energy and effort whenever he plays (practice or in games).

        Also, Bynum didn’t choose to injure himself. Luke hasn’t played to the amount of money he’s paid but he’s been decent role player. The only one I’d criticize is Sasha.

  • nostradamus

    Hello Laker Lads, as I will remind you all: Metrosexual Jordan Farmar will be traded before the deadline.

    • PauPierceSuksGarnettsBallz

      Nostradamus, I hope you’re right.

    • Laker Marc

      If Jordan Farmer is so metro then why did he wear an ARGYLE sweater on Jimmy Kimmel???? ’nuff said

  • Short Dog

    At least he still on the roster. He has a whole year to try to prove himself. Put it down for THE LAKE SHOW.

  • onlyone laker fan in L.A.

    J farmar your gone dude. As soon as Shannon came it was over. Once that cat learns the triangle
    your bye bye,Phil is diggin shannon he plays d
    nd can shot and goes to the hole.
    You can brick cant pass and shoting is terrible and to small and cocky plus Kobe hates your ass.

  • KevinGarnettGivesPaulPeirceMadCrazyDomeAndScreamsPutItOnMyFace

    Agreed as soon as shannon started bangin on muthafukrz u were outta here …. lates dumbo

  • onlyone laker fan in L.A.

    Any jackass that comes in saying he wants a number change and wants to run a championship teams offense,that hasnt done anything but complain, Hum should we keep you.
    Dude you put the nail in your own coffin.
    Your a d league player and always will be.
    Shannon makes you look like the punk ass you are.
    Plus Kobe hates your ass and likes Shannon.
    So your gone.You can drive the car luke sasha
    and mobenga all get the fuck out of laker town

  • JohnJohn

    Sorry Jordan, Brown be dunking on people and stuff.

  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    Something that I never get, watch videos of Farmar and Kobe playing, Kobe is always open and Farmar never passes to him, he would rather take a risky pass over the defender to the player on the other side of the court.

    • onlyone laker fan in L.A.

      I always noticed that. I think thats why Kobe hates him hes a stubborn little ego punk.
      Dude wants to be something he s not a kpbe clone.
      Like change number wants to lead a team . Only thing he will be leading is his way out the door with sasha

      • http://LakersNation Marwan

        No, no way. Not Sasha. He has improved, missing 2 shots in 3 games. He was 7-9 in 3 games. In limited play too. Farmar can go, but not Sasha.

        • Jackson

          I agree, I think Sasha deserves more credit. He’s proving he’s ready to play again. Farmar is way too cocky, hardly passes the ball and doesn’t look out for the team’s best interest. All he’s worried about right now is trying to outshine other players, but will that hold up in the long run?

  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    If Alston wants out of NJ, why not try to offer Farmar for Alston. Its not bad since he still has the Skip To My Lou handles and can shoot the 3 pretty well. Its just a suggestion and came from my opinion, may be different to yours.