Did you miss last night’s game? Or maybe you just want to see Kobe put a dagger in the Denver Nuggets over and over again?

The Lakers Nation and iTunes have teamed up to bring you instant NBA classics from this years’ run to the NBA title. For only $1.99/ game, can you really afford to not get these games while you still can?

Here’s a current list of the games available right now…

*Just added: Lakers vs Nuggets, WCF Game 6; Team USA vs. Spain, ’08 Gold Medal Game

Lakers vs Nuggets, WCF, Game 6
Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers convincingly book their 30th trip to the NBA Finals.

Team USA vs. Spain, 2008 Gold Medal Game
Kobe Bryant and Dwayne Wade lead Team USA to a Gold Medal victory over Pau Gasol and Spain. Classic game!

Lakers vs Nuggets, WCF, Game 5
Kobe the scorer gives way to Kobe the distributor, as L.O. and Gasol lead the Lakers to a 3-2 series lead in the WCF.

Lakers vs Nuggets, WCF, Game 3
Behind 41-points and some clutch shooting by Mr. Bryant and Pau Gasol; the Lakers take a 2-1 lead over the Denver Nuggets.

Lakers vs Nuggets, WCF, Game 1
Trevor Ariza steals the inbound pass and G1 from the Nuggets; the Lakers take a 1-0 lead over the Denver Nuggets.

Lakers vs Jazz, Round 1, Game 4
Kobe goes for 38-6-6 in a sizzling performance to all but knock out the Utah Jazz; the Lakers take a commanding 3-1 series over the Utah Jazz.

Lakers vs Rockets, Round 2, Game 2
After dropping G1 at home, the Lakers fight back, literally, in a gritty win to knot the series at one game a piece.

WCF, Season Pass
Buy the WCF Season Pass and get each and every game (past, present & future) between the Lakers and the Nuggets as they battle it out for a birth in the NBA Finals.

And, since this was such a classic game, we’ll have to include it:

Celtics vs Bulls, Round 1, Game 6
In a triple OT thriller, the Bulls squeeke out a win to force game 7 in what may have been the greatest first round game of all-time.

Not the games you wanted to see? Go ahead and check out iTunes full list of games from the 2009 NBA Playoffs.

  • Freshh

    someone DL and upload to rapidshare/megaupload


  • Dave

    I’m not sure if I would pay to watch a game where I already know the final score. Isn’t that what DVR’s are for?

  • gugy

    Sorry, that’s why I have a DVR.

  • http://myspace.com/sonicussj Whatsa

    dats y i has yout00b

  • kobelovesjuan

    too bad they dont have this in iTunes Singapore

  • Youtube

    We have me!

  • Cookie Monster

    Yay! I bought Kobe’s 61 game @ MSG the other day!

  • http://www.otrbasketball.com/forums/ Nissan

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=684346052 Zoom Kobe II

    the only part in game 4 vs. Jazz this year worth hearing again was Doris Burke’s commentary as Kobe continued to destroy Brewer. “OH COME ON….This is just not fair. Someone’s needs to help Brewer out!” HAHAHHAHAHA!!!!

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