10 more days, eh. We don’t really have a choice, do we?

Pres Enterprise: DJ Mbenga’s 10-day contract expires today.

Jackson said Mbenga, averaging 1.7 points and 1.3 rebounds, will travel with the Lakers, indicating they’re going to give him another 10-day contract.

  • Lamar 4 MVP

    wtf??? why???

  • sepehr

    another 10 day contract is good for the lakers, at least he can be used when our 2 bigs (kwame and Turiaf) get in foul trouble.Mbenga is not a smart player and would never fit in the triangle. The lakers are seriously one good Power forward from a solid contender. The last game I watched was the Cavs game and I was getting so frustrated when Kobe of all people had to crash the boards. The lakers play pretty good team defense and one on one when Andrew is in the lineup but get killed on the boards. We need an Ac green type of player who solely goes after boards.


    Kind of like a Rodman without the baggage or makeup.

  • KONG!

    ^I wouldn’t even mind that right now either

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    artest or ben wallace

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #24149 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Please change you’re name! or at least let us know if you’re beeing sarcastic???

  • RoWyN

    I agree, we need someone like Ronnie Turiaf.

    Oh wait….we do have him!

  • leo

    how much does he get per 10 day contract?

  • True Lakers Fan

    30,000 I THINK

  • BEC

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    From what ive been told its about 20K-25K. Seems about right nba min salary is like 450k and in ten games you play about 3-4 games or so, so its sounds about right. Not quite sure though.

  • Al

    I’d rather see Mbenga on the floor instead of Kwame.

  • osm0nd

    Why is everybody talking about signing Kidd when ARTEST is unhappy in SacTown. SIGN ARTEST IN THE OFF SEASON OR MAKE A MOVE FOR HIM RIGHT NOW!

  • MILO

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    thank you!!!

  • MILO

    please Lakers! please Mitch! please Buss! please!!!



    We need chris wilcoxxxxxx

    if an artest deal doesn’t go this summer, we need a pf to keep lamar from banging on the inside and keep him healthy.

    better yet, we should get the mail man again (haha)

  • Lamar 4 MVP

    we are NOT getting artesr. period. even if we can offer a better deal for artest, the kings will never trade with us, their former rivals and plus we are in the same division. its not going to happen!