It was a special day, even for him, who has won everything, or does he? Because for Kobe Bryant, who has three NBA championship rings with the Lakers, there is one debt still pending: a gold medal with his country’s national team which he is representing for the first time in this FIBA Americas Championship 2007 in Las Vegas.

People even sang you “Happy Birthday” during one of your free throws, what did you feel?

It was sweet. This is the first time in my life that I have to play on my birthday.

Is it special, even for someone your age, to represent Team USA for the first time?

It’s very special. It’s a great honor to represent your country, wherever you are from.

After three rings in the NBA with the Lakers, what Beijing would mean to you?

It’ll mean everything. Playing for your country; winning a gold medal in a World Championship should be great, but nothing compares to winning one in the Olympics.

Did you watch last year’s World Championship in Japan?


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    bring home the gold baby!!!!!!